Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi everybody, Dutch here. You know I don't usually have much to say, but after what Pug wrote about our "sleeping arrangements", I feel like I need to defend myself.

First, let me make one thing clear: I love the little guy, I do. Pug is the best little brother on Earth. But he can be a bit of a... tyrant? And so Pug won't have to run off to ask Google, the word tyrant derives from the Latin tyrannus, meaning "illegitimate ruler". In classical politics, a tyrant is someone who has taken power by his or her own means as opposed to hereditary or constitutional power.

I was here first. I am bigger, stronger and smart enough to know the Latin origins of a word without running to Google. But who's in charge around here? Puglet.

And usually, this is fine with me. Pug can have the good spot on the couch. He can hog the camera and the internet all he wants. He can even play with my toys (except maybe my Henrietta rubber chicken). But when he starts talking smack and calling me a spotted-bed-hog? That's when I have to put my paw down and remind the little shrimp that *I* was here first and could squash him like a bug if I really wanted to.

Not that I ever would. But I could.

So, while it may be true that I take up slightly more bed than Pug, it is only because I am not shaped like a loaf of bread. When you have long legs, and an actual neck, snout and a tail, they have to go somewhere.


allijag said...

L.O.L - 'shaped like a loaf of bread' seriously cracked me up! My husband called our puggle a "fat vacuum" the other day and that put me over the edge as well! :P

Dutch - very eloquent ;)

Stubby said...

Hi Dutch! Wow! Talk about talking smack!

Pug may be shaped like a loaf of bread but I bet you wouldn't know what to do without him. He's a great dude and he's lucky to have a big spotted brother like you.

Us pugs cannot help it that we lack some very obvious body parts. It's just the way we're made and because of that we tend to um, overcompensate just a little.

I'm a bed hog and proud of it!

Stubby xoxo

Lafayette Lola said...

Puglet DOES always preface his comments with 'he's the best big brother a pug could have', so I know he thinks you're great! If you read all the comments from yesterday, you'll see that ALL pugs are bed hogs! I think it's a dog thing, not a pug or dal thing.
You rock, Dutch!

pugsmom said...

To Puglet and Dutch's mom. As always, amazing pictures!! How fun does that look?

Ollie said...

You're so right about the tail and legs, Dutch. What's a dog to do? A good night's sleep means streching out and doing some midnight pilates.
I like to run in my sleep and my human unfortunately, tends to get poked a lot. And sometimes I sleep howl (I'm a beagle, sort of comes with the territory) which is supposedly worse than the stretching and running and poking.
Oh, and the final insult: complaining of having to wake up to "smelly paws" under her nose. This I totally don't get; I love my stink and I'm proud of it.

Corrine said...

Very valid points, Dutch. Those pictures of you and your "loaf of bread" brother playing are simply amazing. I just love the reflection in the second one.

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

Isn't it funny how the smaller dogs that come after have the biggest egos....My sister is small but in charge here too.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo
& Uncle Puppy

Anonymous said...

Too funny!! I missed yesterday's post (sick belly). Frodo took the bed over from Cleo & Monkey. Since he moved in on the bed, big sis dog & cat moved out! Frodo is a hog and will step on any body part if it's in his way of getting comfy! LOVE the action shot of Dutch running off w/Henrietta Chicken!!

PS: we know you picked out the pink sheets Pug!

Ann & Frodo

Anonymous said...

hey dutch, cali here...i commented yesterday on your sleeping long and tall and i agree, i have all those body parts that do take up room, but i gotta share something interesting that happened last night and i don't know, but yesterday's post was timely...last night little frenchie miles, which i do have a sorta symbiotic (mom's word) relationship with...decided he wanted to sleep with upstairs with us, there's 2 dog beds by the bed. one larger than the other...i actually like to curl up in a donut in the small one...and so little miles got the bigger bed. but he wanted to pile up on me and there's no room. i took it for a couple minutes but those little dogs do like to push in their attempt to get i left that bed and went to the bigger bed, he followed me, there was enough room, but still... after about 5 rounds of that, i looked at mom with my "help me" face...she laughed, but i don't think it was funny...finally she told miles to get up in bed with her...but when he's in bed, he snores...and he and i play tug like that too...i like to shake him around, but he still hangs on...are all little flat-nosed dogs so pushy and persistent?


3pugs2luv said...

We get it Dutch; it's a volume thing. To save Pug time; Volume is defined as space occupied by matter. Dutch you simply have more matter, therefor your dog-to-bed ratio is greater. However, math & science hasn't worked out a formula that factors in egos. Don't feel bad, Pug probably just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He might of slept funny & woke up sore. We know there is a lot of love in your family. Ours too. Our human says that we could sleep on a bed the size of a 2x4 or the size of an entire room & it wouldn't matter; we would be right next to her. We can't help it, we just want to be close, we love her.
Zoey & Phoebe

Wilma said...

Oh Dutch,
You have my humans laughing so hard, there is water coming out of Moms orbs. I guess you set Puglet straight.I think he'll think twice about dissing you again. Good looking out Dutch. I'm proud of you.

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Mama calls us her sack of taters. I think he looks more like a sack of taters than a loaf of bread...our loaves of bread our long and skinny...he looks short and us'ums.
-The Slimmer Pugs

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Puglet in the background trying to catch up, while Dutch is looking like he's the man! Way to go, Dutch!

THE PUGLET said...


Volume is defined as space occupied by matter.... However, math & science hasn't worked out a formula that factors in egos.

Pug's ego is *totally* out of whack with his volume :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hey everybody, Puglet's human here. Think I ought to set the record straight about the Pug/Dutch sleeping arrangement debate.

Puglet wasn't lying about Dutch's bed-hogging ways. He sleeps in the shape of a capital E, smack in the middle of the bed. Of course he doesn't start out that way, but come morning, he has 80% of the bed to himself. Covers and all.


In Dutch's defense, Puglet does rule the world during waking hours. And he *can* be a bit of a tyrant. He's a complete black hole when it comes to attention (I call him the "love sponge") and is lightning-quick when it comes to inhaling food. Dutch's included.


Aaron Steffen said...


I am a pug and sleep in the direct center of the bed too. I have NEVER and I say NEVER had to sleep on the floor in my life, although it has been threatened a few times. I do tend to spread, sprawl and make my own comfort around my humans, but a pug has got to get his beauty sleep right!?!!??! Power to the dogs who sleep in cozy! :) I'm proud of your defense Dutch! :)

LOVE your post!
Edward the pug.

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hey Puglet!!

Grandma told my Mommy 'dat when Anakin feels better he needs a rubber chicken to play with!
Way more safer!!
Dutch and yous looks cute playing!
Loves, Josie

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hey Dutch!!
Hee hees,
You thinks we are shaped likes loaves of bread?? Mommy thinks I look like a watermelon!

I gets a little offended, but I guess it's funny to hear you tell Puglet he looks like a loaf of bread!

Anonymous said...

yeah the volume/matter/ego comment was hilarious!! thought the sleeping issue was a great topic...and wanted to comment, to say hi, and that we enjoy your blog...

pugsx4 said...

at least you don't have to share with 3 pugs like me!
Tia the boxer

Puggyspice said...

Dutch, you cracked me up!!! Love your gentle nature, in spite of the fact that you could squash your brother and you realize this, you treat him with respect. If I were a dog, would totally want you as my bro. You rock!