Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The other day I heard my human laughing hysterically at something on the computer. This happens sometimes so I didn't think much of it. Until she looked at me and said (still laughing) Pugs in Spaaaaaaace!!!

Uh, OK.

I thought maybe all the recent Flattie making had made her a bit nutso. But then she pointed at the computer and there it was: a pug. in space. Well maybe not really in space? But definitely dressed up like a spaceman. And totally up in the sky. With stars and stuff. And a giant floating dog biscuit.

I don't know why the space pug made my human laugh so hard - I think it's the coolest thing I've ever seen. And seeing it made me want to go to space too. It said right on the picture that pugs will be in space on May 15, 1-4pm. That's THIS weekend!! I told my human that we absolutely have to go. We MUST.

But she explained that Pugs in Space isn't really pugs going to space. It's the "theme" for this year's Pugagpalooza in Virginia.

ME: Pugapawhatta??

MY HUMAN: Pugapalooza. It's a fund raiser. For pug rescue. Your flat self will be there!

ME: Oh. Why can't I go too?

MY HUMAN: Because it's in Virginia and we live in California - about 3,000 miles too far away.

When I asked why we don't we have Pugapawhattas here, she didn't have an answer. I mean, we have a pug rescue and lots of pugs in need. Shouldn't we have something like that too? I asked Google about it and found out that LOTS of places have Pug Fests and Pug Parties and Pug-o-Ramas. But not us.

Do you have a Pugapawhatta-type thingy where you live?? And is anyone here going to be a pug in space this weekend???


SpencerBartholomew said...

Yes! I agree... WE NEED PARTIES! Bellatrix and I went to a Black & Fawn Gala... food, wine tasting for the humans and pug play for us. Auctions raised $$ for the rescue pugs and we had a great time. It was sponsored by the Sacramento Pug Rescue - PugSavers. They also host a Pugoween that is absolutely fantastic! We will be attending that one and we will go to as many of these benefits as we can find. Thanks for voicing our needs - pug play and money raising!

Shannon said...

Pudge here...I'm new to visiting the daily blog, but I came from a Pug Rescue Network in the suburbs of Detroit. They also have a Pug Picnic each Mother's Day weekend. I didn't get to go this year (since we moved to Ohio), but I used to go each year and there are usually around 300-400 pugs there! It's pug-tastic!

Sabrina said...

Hi Puglet!

We have a Pugstock in Ottawa to raise money for the Under My Wing Pug Rescue (www.undermywingpugrescue.com). They have lots of treats for people and pugs, puggie clothes, baths, massages, nail trimming, and a fashion show! I usually make homemade cookies to sell and Beulah and Barney come along as they have to make sure all the cookies are fit for a pug!

The next one is in June...if your flat self is still here, I'll bring him along. Unfortunately, there are no pugs or pigs in space

Mia said...

We're going to KPR's Pugpalooza Next month!!!! It's lots of fun!! We have 4 Pugapawhattas a year to raise money for foster puggies!!! Your flat self was at the one we had in March!!! Maybe you should start at Pugapawhatta in your area!!!!



Wilbur said...

We do have a Pugapalooza here in Dallas, TX, it's an annual event, in March or April, before it gets too hot down here for all the pugs to spend the day outside.

You should definitely start one where you live. They are great fun and good events for local pug rescues, too.


agent99 said...

PugFest Milwaukee this Sunday! No theme, and no we wont let the Momma dress us up.

Gen & the Foo

Harry Pugalicious said...

We has Pugfest for Southeastern Pug Rescue & Adoption. It's in Georgia and we're in Alabama, but it's a lot closer than you are to Virginia! We go every year!

This weekend we has the Do Dah Day. It's for more than just pugs and it raises money for Birmingham-area animal shelters. Your flat pugself is gonna be there too! He gets to ride on a golf cart with my Mom!

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! My friends Sequoia & Tuni are atteding pugs in space. Their mom made them costumes and everything. There's even going to be a kissing booth! Go check them out at http://sequoia-apugslife.blogspot.com/.

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: I don't want to go into space because I don't think they have Popeyes there!

the teacher's pets said...

That is a very good question and I wish I had a very good answer as to whether we have Pugapalooza's here in the Granite State but I have yet to find one which is very sad indeed. I am not a pug owner but I feel like I own several of them b/c I am a professional pet sitter and I am a pug enthusiast b/c I find pugs to be the silliest, cutest dogs ever (besides my coonhound, Daisy, of course!
I agree with you about the Pugs in Space poster because it is quite funny to see a pug in an astronaut uniform ... but, heck, it's funny to see them wearing any outfit!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

The Northern California Pug Club usually has a Pugtacular every December, but didn't have one this past year because they couldn't find a good venue to hold it. One of mom's most cherished treasures is a button that says "Snowball Race Champion" - she won it with her first Pug, Rudy, 15 years ago. They had to run with a cottonball on a spoon. I was the agility demo at the last Pugtacular - I was a star! I hope they bring it back again next year.
Arnie the agility pug

Noodle said...

I wish we had a pug-something! :(
We went to the SPCA's Wag n' Walk last weekend. It was a big fund raiser for the SPCA and it benifits all recycled animals. There were over 300 dogs there! We walked and there were treats (for people and dogs), contests, and agility obstacles! I even met some other pugs. My new human and I won a contest for "Best Look-Alikes." I don't think she looks anything like me, but we were both wearing Hawaiian shirts and leis so that's what probably did it. It was so much fun!
If you started a pug party we would be there in a heartbeat!!

THE PUGLET said...

Pugtacular? Pugstock? Pug Picnic?? Pugoween? Wow. I had no idea.

My human totally sucks at organizing (it's the gimpiness) but I think we need to have a pug-something here in the Bay Area. Like Pug Mania or Pugs by the Bay or Pugiliciousness ... uh... OK, so I'm not the best name-inventor :(

I totally think it has to happen. No matter what we call it.

THE PUGLET said...

What if we call the event-we-need-but-might-not-ever-have Pugapawhatta?!?!

Ms. Blake said...

Out here in Portland, OR we have an annual pug crawl where pug owners get to bar hop with their pugs. My husband and I have bulldogs so we haven't been but it looks like a blast!

Lola said...

OOOH Ms.Blake- my mom LOVES bulldogs (especially the english ones). She says they're like pugs, only magnified- extra snorty, snorey, and slobbery!
Puglet, we could have a pug day at the beach or a dress-up party. We'd have lots of treats and snacks. Arnie could be the talent and show off his agileness.
You always have the best ideas, Puglet.
Lafayette Lola

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

We are going to be pugs in spaaaaaace!!! :)

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Maybe we could tie it in with the first Human Day?

Arnie the agility pug

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hey Puglet!! You're too funnies!!

We are going to Milwaukee Pugfest this Sunday!!
We are super excited!! We are bummed 'dat Stubby's not going to go :(
We will see Gen and TheFoo!!
'Den The following Sat. is the Chicago Pug Crawl officially called Spring Party!!
Anakin's Girl friend Sequoia lives in VA and is going with Tuni her sister to the Pugapalooza!! 'Day haves really cutes costumes their Mommy mades them.
Maybe you can takes a space ships over 'deres!!

Aarin and Mimi said...

i went to pugapalooza last year to sell pug clothes that i make. no one bought anything but it was still fun! they had a bob-for-veggies pool, hula photo booth, a pug race, and an eating contest! it was who could eat one cup of that frosty paws special doggie icecream the fastest

Wilma said...

Hi Puglet, that sure is a fun thought, pugs in space. I think the food is gross though. It's all dehydrated, yuck. I'll go if they get a better food plan. Pug Rescue of New England has a Pug Social every October. It's a pretty big event with contests and food and lots of pugs. They raise funds for rescuing pugs in alot of creative ways.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi puglet!
oh how cute!
we just saw tuni and sequoia's outfits for the pugs in space party!
we wish we could go!
we featured FP in our summer newsletter that was released today!

i hope it brings you lots of new friends!


m & e

Rachel said...

We will be at pugs in space this weekend!!! We will keep an eye out for flat puglet and maybe try to sneak in a few pics with him.