Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I really hope you all like nature because I'm going to talk about it again today. More specifically, about snow. Because even though it was hot enough in the mountains to need the stay-cool bandana Spencer B + Bella T sent me, it wasn't too hot to be snowy. At least on the ground, anyway.

I'm totally not kidding. See that picture of me running? My human took that on Sunday. It was 82 degrees and I was running around in snow. Crazy huh? Google said it has something to do with altitude and thermal something or other, but I don't care what made it happen - I'm just glad it did because snow is so much fun!

Well, unless you're Dutch and hate everything that has anything to do with camping. Or if you lived in 1847 and your last name was Donner. Because according to this sign thingy I found near the purple-flower meadow, the Donner people got snowed in and the snow killed them.

Yeah. I wasn't going to mention the whole Donner Party thing, but Dutch said I have to because it's "historically significant". He also said the Donner people ate each other, but Google isn't 100% sure about this so I'm pretty sure Dutch just said that to freak me out.

I do know the Donners must have done something special because a whole bunch of the wilderness is named after them. Donner Lake, Donner Pass, Donner Summit - they're all over the place. But I guess if you set off on an adventure thinking you're going to find a new life and end up finding "misery and death", you deserve to have your own lake and stuff.

I like adventures and don't plan to stop having them anytime soon. But I'm definitely going to avoid doing anything that could get a lake or mountain named after me.


Judy said...

Mount Puglet sounds soooooo cute! But not worth the bad stuff I agree!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Oh please Puglet don't go and get anything named after you, we love seeing the pictures of your adventures!

Sequoia and Tuni

Wilma said...

Hi Puglet,
That is a pretty incredible phenomenon, to have warm air and cool feet. That must've felt really neat.
Tell Dutch, I don't know about the Donners, but there was a soccer team who's plane crashed in the Andes, and they ate each other to survive. Then there is Jeffery DoMMer, who ate people, but not for survival.And there are The Donnas, a really cool all girl band, but I digress.
I definitely don't think you should have anything bad happen to you, but you surely deserve to have a place named after you. Maybe Puglet Beach, or Puglet Lake 'cuz of your swimmimg skills.Or how about Puglet Pass "cuz it sounds good with the 2 P's.I've got it...Puglet Pond. Maybe I will buy you a pond and name it Puglet Pond.Hmmmm... I wonder how much twinkie money that would take? I may have to start a collection or something. I'll let you know.

(hahahaha my word verification was slogsta, I don't know why I'm sharing that, it just makes me laugh)

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you could have something named after you while you're alive--cause you're just that awesome! And you're big time now. Who knows, you could have a hiking trail named after you for all your love of hiking and adventures and helping save the world. The Puglet Trail!

Apollo said...

What fun! I LOVE snow too! I'm sorry to hear about the Donner family - so sad. I think you definately deserve to have something named after you - but not by earning it through "misery and death."

Crabbie Chris said...

hmmm...all your adventures have me thinking that Spencer and I should find snow next winter. I think our moms might be willing to let us try snow, but I'm not so sure I want to go to that summit. Mom says it's really pretty there, but I get a little creeped out by "death and misery", after all a pug is about happiness and joy. Ohhhh, maybe you brought happiness and joy to the mountain Pug, just like you bring it to us everyday!!

pugsmom said...

I loved snow when I was a little snout, but now it's just OK. I like it a lot better than my sister Kizzy. She is so pushy in the house, but a big wimp outside in any kind of weather. LOL You really look like you're having fun in the snow and we love the action shots.

I don't mean to be a pest, but what's happening with flatpuglet. We saw our post on the flatpuglet web site, but my auntie in Umpqua, Oregon, who got # 2 flatpuglet after us, hasn't seen hers yet and she is soooooooo disappointed. She said she probably took too many pictures of her animals and it overwhelmed your human. Just wondering.
Phoebe in Oregon

THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, Misery and Death is not very Puglike. But if you ask Dutch about our weekend in the wild, he'll probably tell you is was full of Misery. Maybe misery is more of a Dalmatian thing?

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, and I can't believe some of you actually get to live in snow during the winter. I would *LOVE* that!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Phoebe in Oregon :)

Don't worry - my flat self will return. My human has about 10 more flatties to make and a whole week's worth of unpublished visits to do. And she keeps promises to do them... but she's been working hard on some top secret thing that keeps "sucking the life out of her brain".

Please tell your friend I'm sorry and to *please* hang in there. Flat Puglet isn't dead - he's just been enjoying a very long vacation. I'm still totally committed to saving the planet's homeless dogs - I'm just waiting for my human to finish whatever thing she won't even tell ME about so she can put her brain back together and get on with it.

pugsmom said...

With a big surpise in the wings it's hard to think about anything else. We are excited to know your surprise too. I'll pass on the update about the FP project. Thank you. Don't drain the brain. :-)
Phoebe in Oregon

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. My mom wants to know when your human is going to put out a Puglet calendar. The pictures of you are WAY cuter than anything we can find at PetSmart, and we'd much rather look at pictures of you than of that bulldog Zelda, even if we are neighbors...I think there could be lots of treats as a result!

KF said...

Oh no, yes, maybe, but what would a Puglet need to do or be done to for a calendar to be named after him?

That is a Quandary, which comes after Sunday.

THE PUGLET said...

Ooooooh, a calendar would be cool if calendar = cookies! But I'm totally not doing any misery or death to get one :)

Kitty+Coco said...

How uplifting! Geese, those Donners sure didn't get any fun in the sun did they? Pug you are so full of life. I HATE snow and won't stick one toenail in it. The whole warm/snow thing is creepy.

Anonymous said...

what brand is your stay kool bandana puglet?

Anonymous said...

We don't get to live in the snow, but it does usually come to visit us a couple of times a year...more when we visit Granny. Its fun, and Pearl blends right in...hids from me. Our human tries to dress us up for it, but both of us will have absolutely no part of that! Burr...it gets cold, but we are Stubborn. Way better than the 100 degree heat right now.

Tessa and Pearl

3pugs2luv said...

It seems to us that visiting the snow when it's warm outside is the perfect time to do so. You & your human are so smart. There seems to be a lot of debate over what happened to those poor Donners. In our curiosity, we came across a disturbing story about a human who passed away & 2 pugs who were left alone with him & they did what they had to do to survive. We won't get into the details but we're sure you can figure it out. We love Google but sometimes we learn a little more than we wanted.
Zoey & Phoebe

Unknown said...

Hi again Puglet. My mom says you can read online the transcripts of diaries kept by members of the Donner party and that PBS has done a pretty disturbing video re-creation of the diaries. Chilling...and not in a good way! She did some cycling in the area and thought it really was interesting to see the park and the area where you were and connect that to the stories. Boy, am I glad that was before she knew me!

Kristin Johnson said...

Hi, Puglet-- Yes, it's true; the Donner Party did eat human flesh. But it's even worse than that -- they ate their dogs, too!!

THE PUGLET said...

The very cool stay-cool bandana is by Outward Hound. I think I've seen them @Petsmart? Amazon also has them too:


THE PUGLET said...

OMD! We were *right* were the Donner's camp was. And people got eaten there? Dogs got eaten there??? Holy cowpies, I thought Dutch was making it up just to freak me out.

Z&P, my human told me to pretend I didn't read the thing you said about the survival pugs.