Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I hope everybody had fun during the long weekend. My human was superbusy with some top secret something, but on Saturday we played with friends at the beach, and Sunday we went for a long hike. Even though Monday was a special-day, it was kinda like a normal weekend.

Until yesterday. When my human left us. And went to some kind of food party.
Yeah. A special-day food party. And we - me and Dutch, but more importantly ME - were not invited.

ME: what do you mean we're not invited?
MY HUMAN: uh, I mean dogs are not invited.
ME: what kind of party doesn't want dogs to come??
MY HUMAN: one with a lot of food.

She said something about begging and snatching and people losing fingers or their dinners. Something else about paper plates at dog level and chicken bones. And then... she said goodbye and left. Without me.

Uh, I mean us.

I tried to look as sad as puggily possible as she walked away. I even made pathetic little wimpery noises. But it totally didn't work. So me and Dutch had to stay home and watch animal planet while
my human partied with food. She didn't even bring us home like a party flavor or anything. I mean, what kind of special-day is that??

Did anyone here get to go to one of those food parties yesterday? Seriously, I want to know what I missed.


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

I wouldn't know about any of those kinds of parties. I would be making more than wimpering noises - I'd be full-on SCREAMING if I got left behind.
My mom has those kinds of parties, but built the deck so that it's got a fence. People can eat in peace, and dogs can play in the yard.
And no leftovers? Wow.....

Becky said...

Yes, Puglet, it's called Memorial Day. And it's a day for remembering those who have served us. And, it's a day for getting together, and, uh kind of celebrating and having fun. Kind of another one of those human holidays that don't make complete sense and are kind of confusing to a pug. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

My people left me and big sis Cleo home for hours & hours on Saturday for a party and then again on Sunday!!! I got them back, I refused to eat my dinner on both days and had mom worried. It's tough being a pug and refusing food, but it worked and they stayed home on Monday. Try it next time Pug!!


Mia said...

I got to go to a food party on Sunday!! We hung out with the Pug Posse and I got to play in the pool and got carrots and pepperoni!!! What a great day! I'm sorry that your momma didn't take you to the food party. That bites!!! =S



Chris said...

So sad but yet so cute

Anonymous said...

You look like you're in prison Puglet. Fear not, food is never far for a pug. . .

Apollo said...

Sorry about your luck, Puglet. Next time convince your Mom to have a party at your house. That's what I did. But be careful what you wish for. The kids that came to our party got into my little pool, and there wasn't any room for me. And they wouldn't let me on the deck, so I never got the opportunity to beg from the kids (they always fall for it) nor catch the stray pieces. Oh well...there's always next year.

pugsx4 said...

Poor Puglet! Our Mom had people to our house and we had chicken and ribs! You seem to have a great life though.

Erin said...

Oh Puglet, you are so melodramatic! Leave it to a pug to think its the end of the world if they are left behind, especially when it comes to food! Oh, such melodrama! : ) Love you Puglet

THE PUGLET said...

I'm so glad SOMEBODIES got to attend a food party. Can you believe I didn't even get leftovers!?!