Monday, June 21, 2010


So, our weekend was going pretty normal until late Saturday afternoon. That's when my human said she had a surprise for me. A great big giant surprise.

Of course I thought she was talking about the Seattle surprise, so I got kinda nervous instead of getting excited. Especially when we drove to a house I've never been to before and she went inside without us. And came out a few minutes later with... a pug?!?

ME: Holy cowpies. She got us another pug!
DUTCH: No freaking way. No she didn't.
ME: Oh yes she did! I mean, that's a pug right?

Well. My nervous-excitement (and Dutch's horror) didn't last very long. Turns out the pug was just my friend Frank. And he wasn't coming to live with us - just visiting for a few days. Once I found that out, the nervous part went away and I was just plain excited (Dutch stayed horrified).

I had loads of fun playing Sumo-wrestler with Frank, but I still have no idea what the whole Seattle surprise thing is all about. Today I overheard my human talking to a random stranger lady about two pugs named Frank + Bean. And get this - the lady (apparently a friend of Frank + Bean's) was from Seattle... and so are Frank + Bean. I'm pretty sure that's some kind of clue but I don't know what it means.



Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Poor Dutch - We have a feeling that he is not going to be happy in the near future...

Maybe your mom is going to be a foster mom for Frank & Bean??

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Broken Frank! Someone looks like a rhino. Love to see you two looking bug-eyed and wild and acting crazy.

Wonder if your mom is going to be a sponser foster mom?

Wilma said...

Woo Hoo! It's party time. Enjoy your time with Frank and just try not to stress about this Seattle thing.

Noodle said...

Hmmm.... This is all very suspicious! Seattle... Frank in a strange house... Frank and "Bean" from Seattle...
Could Frank be getting a new sibling named Bean? Are Frank's humans in Seattle picking Bean up, thus leaving Frank to play at your house? What role does your human play in all this intrigue?
PLEASE ask her what's up! All this secrecy is driving us ALL nuts! In the meantime, Frank should help keep your mind off of it. Have fun!!

THE PUGLET said...

I know! I hate not knowing things. The whole Frank + Bean things was superweird. Here's what happened:

My human was taking pictures of me + Frank looking cute in a doorway right next to a restaurant. Some people were sitting outside having lunch and all the humans got to talking about how ridiculously cute we are and when one of the Strangers found out Frank's name is Frank, she laughed and said her friend has two pugs - Frank + Bean.

Now, HERE'S where it gets weird. My human asks the Stranger lady if she's from Seattle. And the lady says yes! Yeah. When Stranger lady asks how my human knows Frank + Bean, she says she took their pictures last weekend.

Uh-huh. You heard me. First it was Fiona, now Frank + Bean. What the??? I mean, am I not cute enough for her camera anymore? Is it the gray chinfur? Is it because I'm FAT??

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet. The gray chinfur! Every pug gets it. And yes, you are Sumo-y, but your fat is only temporary. Besides, you know you're all that and a bag of doggy biscuits!

A pug worrying about his looks/adorable cuteness is a very grave thing. A pug should never doubt about his cuteness. After all, pugs descend from royalty!

Erin said...

Not to worry Puglet. The mystery will reveal itself eventually, and everything will go back to normal. : )

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh Puglet my friend....I love going over Spencer's house to play, so I know you love your Frank coming to your house too! I know Brother Dutch might not like it, but maybe your mom can find him a Frank so he doesn't feel left out? Anyways....having a best bud is so important right? I mean you need someone to play with, someone to tell all your secrets too...and Frank is one awesome pug!

Oh and my dad is totally trying to crack your Seattle mystery for you Pug. He thinks he's close....

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I watch your going-green video over and over. I have learned something between the frames: Pugs mixing with too many Franks and Beans could warm the planet.

As for the video that a quarter-million have viewed so far, I would start preparing your Oscar speech for best live-action short -- no pug pun intended.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Don't we eat franks and beans? Im pretty sure they are foods and not pugs, but then again all I worry about is foods.

You knows Mom says we are moving to Seattle in the next 2 weeks maybe I can look up these Frank and Bean pugs for you Puglet.

Sequoia (and Tuni)

pugsmom said...

I liked the beans and franks comment, but cuz I was sort of thinking the same thing. LOL

I feel your pain. I have gray chinfur and an extra roll once in a while, but my sister Kizzy, who is a year younger than me NEVER has extra rolls and she eats more. She also is black and doesn't have any gray chinfur.

I don't think you have to worry. You are adorable just the way you are, but I'm glad your human still makes you eat healthy. We want you to be around looking cute forever.

I knew a pug once named Weeble. She was sooooo fat she fell over every time she jumped up on her human. Her human loved her so much anyway and so did we. (Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down--isn't true)

I would like my human to get another pug that is gentle and quiet like me, but my sister Kizzy is jealous and hyper and she says, "No Way!!!"

Good luck solving your Seattle mystery.
Phoebe in Oregon

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

awwww poor guy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You GO, Puglet!! I have been on a diet for about a month now and I'm down to a svelte 100.8 - having lost almost 5 lbs... and yes, smaller treats (or no treats, my mom can resist my best "looks" too) and carrots every day has been rough, but I'm feel a lot more spry and bouncy and I don't get tired nearly as fast anymore either. If I were Dutch's brother, I'd almost be able to keep up with him :-)

3pugs2luv said...

Maybe Frank was in Seattle meeting Bean. Ask him. Hopefully all of this mystery will go away very soon. It has got the pug world on edge & our tails curled up in knots. In the meantime have fun with Frank. Glad to see he is no longer broken. In fact it looks like Frank stole one of your moves from your last FFF. Hang in there Dutch.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe