Monday, September 27, 2010


So, I kinda got in trouble yesterday for "interrupting" one of my human's pictures. She was all ga-ga over this poodle in the park and I was all uh-uh because he kept coming near my ball *and* Nikon.

And I kinda lost it.

Of course my human caught my not-so-finer moment for everyone to see (then quickly
stuck me in the car and apologized to the poodle people for my "psychotic behavior"). The poodle incident was 2 days ago and I think my human is still mad at me. I've been trying to think of something extrasupercute I can do to win her back, but every time I strike a pose she just gives me this look and says "No camera for you, Little Creep."

What do you to after you've been bad to make your human love you again?


Anonymous said...

Oh puglet! She still loves you, she always will she is just upset about "the incident". You're going to have to be extra super super good for awhile. Good luck from Iowa honey.


Foodie Girl said...

The Poodle probably deserved it, Puglet...I'm totally on your side. When I do something to get my human mad, I do the reverse psychology on her (learned about that on the google). Just act like you're mad at her for doing something wrong. Works with my human all the time...


Sue Van De Berghe said...

I get upset with my Romeo too, but I simply cannot stay mad at him. Hang in there Puglet, a brighter day is ahead.

Crabbie Chris said...

Pug I am surprised with you! You should know by now your mom has to take pictures of other dogs, that's how she gets money to buy you cookies. that has been said...If I act up (which I hardly ever do) I super orb her. Oh I ratchet that orbage I possess to a level unknown to mankind. In fact, mom can't directly stare into that orbage, or she will go blind...hehehe. I think you should work on that every time.

Noodles said...

One look with slightly teary eyes wins me all the love and attention I can stand. I think your human only punished you to make the poodle believe he was special. Boom! Take a picture. Boom! On to the next dog. Boom! Cuddle my Puglet. You KNOW that is how it goes.
Love Noodles

Minnie Moo said...

The key is to look pathetic and adorable all at the same time. Good luck.


Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

Guy Noir said...

So I have a poodle that lives with me, and she thinks she is all that. She's not. But I let her think so. She pokes me with her poodle nose. Don't let your human fall for the poodly prettiness. They are not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

You just need to give your human an extrasupercute face, and maybe whine a little bit. It always works for me.
Good luck

Frankie the pug

Wilma said...

Hey Puglet,
Mookie's got it right. Because, lets face it Puglet, we really don't do anything wrong. There is always a good reason behind our actions, or we wouldn't be expending our precious energy. In your case, you reached your limit. The Nikon AND the ball?! Too much.
So, here's what you do. Act a little aloof. Stay in one room when she goes into the other. When she calls your name all excited to see you, just shoot a look, and return to whatever you were doing. Before long, you'll have her trying to make up for whatever she must have done to upset you. Trust me, it works.Good luck Puglet.

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Dear dear Puglet,
You need to cower in the corner and look ultra sad and pathetic so that your human is concerned and then she'll cuddle you and be upset at herself for being upset at such a cute puggy as all the time!!
Licks you later,
Lily Jayne (The Slimmer Pugs)

Mr. Puggle® said...

Instead of "Gilly" I hear him saying "Puglet"

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

I say play the sympathy card, act like your foot is gimpied from the incident :)

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

Your human just doesn't get is all about you! Do a good "woe is me" pose, making sure your head is pointed right at her. maybe a few snores or other noises just so she won't forget you are there. Be aloof. If this doesn't work, try doing something extra cute with Dutch.

Jenny said...


I have this issue too -- my human mobile uploads my pics from her phone to facebook like it's her job (at least it is your human's real job). My human's sister just got a baby pug and now all she does is take pics of the babbbbbbbby -- and what about me? Nada. So, yeah, I totally hear ya on the other 'dog taking my spotlight thing.' Sometimes we just snap but not to worry, our humans can't resist our sad, wrinkly faces and will come around sooner or later.

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

Oh, you've really done it this time Puglet. Man, and just when we all thought you were making progress!

Hmm, I don't know what you can do to make up for this one. Maybe just wait things out?

PS No camera is like the death-penalty for you!

Anonymous said...

No ideas here, but sure makes for an entertaining post! hehee sorry

Sabrina said...

Hey Puglet,

Obviously your biggest weapon against humans is your cuteness. We are really powerless against it. We put on the brave face and pretend we don't care, but really it takes all our power to not cuddle you. I suggest you give your human the pug stare with the saddest eyes you can make, preferably a little watery. Also, when your human sits on the couch, go snuggle your head in her lap. She may try to protest, but she'll probably give up easily. Finally, snuggling with Dutch and maybe giving him some kisses is out of the stratosphere cute for us humans, especially if you can enlist him in the staring.

As for the poodle, sometimes a pug has to do what he has to do! If you let the Nikon forget about you, what will we have to look at???!!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I always wiggle my butt and kinda prance around a little. Turns my humans to moosh. They totally can't resist the butt-wiggle dance thingy....Hee hee....
Jackson in PA

Lola said...

The poodle had it coming. Everyone knows not to come between a pug and his camera/cookies/human's attention, right? I mean, what did he think he could do? Just prance in all curly and stuff, be totally cute, and steal the affection of your human?
Nope. Nada. Not here.
More power to you, Pug! Teach those outsiders who's boss.
Lafayette Lola

ps- I can't help it, though, if your folks want to snap a quick one of me if we meet again at PugSun. Not at all intentional. Just can't hide the sexy.

Pugs2Luv said...

The silent treatment works wonders. We have been ignoring our human when she gets home from school, where she's at, at all hours, doing dog knows what. Now she begs for our attention, the trick is not to give in & make them beg more. Then guilt takes over & they bring toys & treats everytime they come home. Zoey also does this thing where she gets in our humans lap, gets her face really close to our humans so she can see her tears falling down her face...that gets us a trip to Jamaba juice. Your a talented pug, you'll work it out. Good luck.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

THE PUGLET said...

OK. So I'm supposed to:

- Look cute, but also sad, pathetic & adorable.
- Make my eyes leak a little
- Reverse psychology my human
- Cower a little
- Act gimpy
- Be aloof (whatver that is)
- Be silent
- Wiggle my butt
- Get in my human's face (while leaking)

I think I'll try all of them tonight. My human won't know what hit her. Just like that pesky poodle must have felt!

He hee.

PS: what's a Jamba Juice?

Anonymous said...

You go Puglet! You let that poodle know who was boss! hehee I'm with you

PinkPug,INK. said...

Oh Puglet, if you think of something please let me know! Momma is super mad at me right now because she tried to take some toilet paper I was eating away from me & I growled at her & Daddy really scarily...they said something about "too agressive" & "training" & put me in the kitchen all alone for a very long time. They let me out eventually but Momma is definitely still mad cause she still hasn't hugged or kissed me!

Beatrix's Mom said...

Hey Puglet, I know how you feel. I ate soap the other day, and then a q-tip (mom can't figure out where I got either of them from; Dad realised that I hide things around the house for when they're ignoring me). They were both pretty steamed about the soap and q-tip, although mom laughed really hard when i hiccuped after the soap (which I didn't think was very funny. Nasty stuff, soap).

Anyway, when they're annoyed with me (like now), I just lie on the floor and look up at them with my best pathetic expression (note, if you have access to a mirror, you should practice your expressions. It really helps. I practice whenever possible). They can't resist the woe-is-me look very long and usually break down laughing at how pitiful I am. As dad says, you can't stay mad at a Pug!

Beatrix Pugger

THE PUGLET said...

PinkPug ~

I think my human would freak on me for that too. It's been 2 days and mine is still mad about the poodle. Don't these people KNOW that pugs rule the universe? Isn't that in our manual or something??

Anonymous said...

Poor Puglet.. I'm so sorry your human is mad at you. I'm sure she'll soon realize that you were just protecting your place in her life and by her nikon... Please remember though, that you don't have to be upset when other dogs are around because she'll never come close to feeling about them the way she does about you. You're her number one and no one can ever take your place in her heart.

Good luck, Puglet, and try to be a good pug.