Friday, December 17, 2010

FFF: ginkos

So, my human has been waiting all year for some magic tree thing to happen. It has nothing to do with the weird leafless Christmas trees either. No. She's been waiting for leaves to die and fall off trees. Yeah. I know. Creepy, right?

But I guess my human grew up in a place where leaves die every year and I guess she misses dead leaves. Or something like that. Since most trees around here don't shed their leaves, my human was superexcited last year when she found the Ginko trees. Because the leaves of the Ginko trees die and fall off.

I think part of the reason she gets so excited about leaf death is because when leaves die (before they turn all brown and gross), they turn pretty colors. The Ginko tree leaves turn a pretty cool bright yellow. And I guess Ginko-yellow makes for cool pictures.

I'm really not sure how I ended up in a ginko tree when we were supposed to be taking pictures of dead leaves, but...

Anyway. She's been stalking Ginko leaves for like months and they've finally started to die. I've never seen someone get so excited about dead things. Seriously.

We even took a special trip to a neighborhood full of Ginkos so she could take these (and a whole bunch of other) pictures. Pictures mean cookies and I like cookies, so now I'm a big fan of the Ginkos too.

Do you have ginko trees where you live? Are their leaves dead yet??


Molly in PA said...

Hi Pug!

Stupid, boring Pennsylvania has all sorts of dead leaves and that's about all. If you ask me, you (and your Human) are better off with the cooler things that SF has to offer, like bridges, Pug Sunday and Beaches versus dead leaves ;)

Cute pictures, as always!

Molly in PA

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
Yellow so makes your FAWN color come out. My human gets sooooo excited about the colors of leaves as well. I am not as cooperative as you when it comes to posing in leaves. They are too fun to run through and EAT!
Love Noodles

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Our grandma has a ginko tree in her yard! Our crazy cousin's like to run through the fallen leaves and play bittey face!

~The Monster Crew

Ollie said...

We have Ginkos and a whole bunch of others leaf dying trees. The only problem is they turn beautiful colours for just a few weeks . Then you have months of naked bare trees, cold wind and way too much salt on the sidewalks.
You're so lucky Puglet, that you live in a climate that does not require you to wear a snow suit and boots!

Anonymous said...

The ginko is an ancient chinese tree (much like the pug is an ancient chinese dog breed). They are a very pretty tree until they start dropping seeds. The smell is awful (like barf).

Bella said...

Oh, Puglet, leaves are my FAVORITE! Where we live, we have lots and lots of dead leaves and they are all kinds of pretty colors. My dad gets grumbly about them though....something about having to rake them up and put them in bags???...dunno why he does that...I keep trying to figure out a way to tell him that's its fine with me if he just leaves the leaves (hee, hee) for me to roll around in. Sometimes these humans are so silly! Have fun rollin' in the ginkos!

snorts and snarfles,

pugsx4 said...

Sigh, Puglet you are so handsome. You are welcome to visit us on our tree infested property on the East Coast anytime. We have plenty of rakes to share.
Your Lady-in-Waiting, CoCo

Anonymous said...

Good thing you (and your mom) work so hard on your figure and waistline - doing "full exposure" shots like that.
A pug in a tree - who would have imagined?
Pugs in Dallas, Lola and Ziggy

Anonymous said...

our leaves are long gone and now we have snow!

Anonymous said...

Pug - tell your human she is more than welcome to come visit us and tell her to bring her rake! We love the beautiful bright reds & yellows the leaves turn & running in them after our humans put them into BIG piles, but mom grumbles about having to help rake the leaves and something about why couldn't she have had boys (instead of girls) so they could do all this 'bleeping' raking!

Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Cool pics. Mom & love dead leaves. I love to chase them in the wind & they are really tastey.

There is a Ginko tree at the Austin Botanical Garden. But is not big enough to climb.


THE PUGLET said...

Heya Molly!

My human says she grew up in stupid, boring New Jersey. Right next to stupid, boring PA! Small world, huh?

(she also says she misses the leaves but not the snow)

THE PUGLET said...

Noodles, Bella & Monster Crew

Running thru leaves and playing in piles sounds superfun - but the ginko leaves weren't in piles. They were just all over the ground. Kinda like a big leafy carpet.

Pretty, but not a whole lot of fun to play on :(

THE PUGLET said...

I know what boots are (awful!)... but snow suit, Ollie?? Huh? Is that a canadian thing?

THE PUGLET said...

Hmmmm. My cousin Sophie's mom told me about some town in New York hates their ginko trees because they smell so bad. People who live near the stink wanted to chop down all the ginkos but the people in charge said no way. Poor stinky trees!

Google says some of towns ban ginkos because they stink so bad:

But only the girl Ginkos smell. I guess the ones we have here are boys because I didn't notice any barfy smell.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Frodo, Mooly & Cleo ~

I asked my human about the raking thing, since you live kinda near where she grew up. She said her dad used to do all the raking. I guess because he's not a girl?

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Coco,

I'm so happy *someone* thinks I look handsome in the tree. My human says I look like a tree sloth. Tree sloth! Have you ever seeen a tree sloth?? Not so cute:

THE PUGLET said...

Dallas Pugs,

I didn't know my human was going to put full-monty shots of my, uh, underparts on here!

Soooooooo embarrassed.

health quotes said...

I love to chase them in the wind & they are really tastey.They are a very pretty tree until they start dropping seeds.

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug,
That one picture makes your feet look bigger than mine! Ha Ha!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet...we thought this was a family rated site...really, could you maybe put a stratigically place ginko leave over boy parts next time! Actually, we really enjoyed the photos. We have beautiful trees here by Auburn...just cold enough the colors really come out.

Pearl and Tessa

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Puglet, it's my very first comment, and first I want to say this I LOVE YOU !!! :) Me and my 3 pugs (Fredzik, Zuzia and Pucia) live in Poland, and we have really beatiful autumn (late September and throughout October), tree are in all shades of yellow, green, brown and red. And when the leaves fall off they form great swishing carpet :) kisses Puglet, Gosia

Bella said...

Puglet! Guess what?! My mom says that WE live in that New Jersey place! In a place called Roselle. Do you think my mom would take me on a walk to that place called PA? Sometimes, when it's hot outside here, I can't take really long walks because I get too hot. And when I get too hot, I have to take a Pug pause...that's what my mom and dad call it....but if PA isn't TOO far, I can prolly make it winter and I have a really pretty sweater that my mom uses her real thumbs to put on me...I sorta look like a supermodel when I'm wearing it, not to brag or anything. Hey, YOU kinda look like a supermodel, too, in those tree pictures! That Nikon thingy is really lucky to have such handsome dogs to look and Dutch are AWESOME! (but you're awesomest! SHHHHH.....)

Snorts and snarfles,

Lori @ According to Gus said...

I LOVE paw photos! No ginko trees here...lots of live oak with tree balls that Gus loves to chomp on :)