Monday, December 20, 2010


It was a pretty lame weekend here at Casa de Puglet. It rained like 24/7 and unless you count peeing in the pouring rain an adventure, we didn't really have any. My human brought home some BACON to make grease to make cookies with, but she hasn't made the bacon (or the grease or the cookies) yet so no excitement there. Apparently, we have to wait until Christmas eve so I can leave some cookies out for the Santa dude.


I am so ready for this Christmas stuff be over. And not just because I want cookies. Or presents. No. Last night I watched some superscary thing on TV that totally gave me nightmares about my stupid deer ears. This lady named Sarah who lives in Alaska (I think she was almost president or something) shot this thing called a caribou that had deer ears JUST LIKE MINE. Yeah. She shot it, cut it into pieces and put the pieces in her freezer.


My human says it's called hunting and some people do it instead of buying meat at the store. But what if someone sees my deer ears, thinks I'm one of those caribou things, and hunts me by mistake?? I don't want to end up in someone's freezer for Christmas.

And Google says caribou is just a fancy name for reindeer. What if that's one of Santa's reindeer in pieces, in the Sarah lady's freezer? Will my stocking still get stuffed if Santa doesn't have all his deer?
Will Christmas still come if Santa is missing a reindeer??

Just when the human holiday stuff was starting to make sense, this Sarah lady comes along and confuses everything. Does anyone know anything about this hunting thing? Do you think Christmas will be canceled because of it??


Anonymous said...

No way will anyone mistake you for a caribou or a reindeer. They are much much taller and have noses - not the adorable smooshed ones that pugs sport. Plus Santa's reindeer are magical and can fly. So if that scary Sarah lady came around they would fly away. Rest easy Puglet - you're not the only one that's ready for Christmas to be over.
Thanks for my daily giggle at your adventures!


Anonymous said...

Heya Puglet,

In keeping with the true "no sex, politics talk" on The DP, I'll just say that my human muttered something about putting the deer ear killer (Sarah) in the freezer when she flicked by.

That said, I'm sure you're safe (and don't turn back to that stupid hunting show). Your human is a responsible deer ear handler and she'll keep you out of harms way :)

Enjoy the bacon! .. Erm, I mean *cookies* that come from bacon (word of advice, if you can snag a piece of bacon - you should, it's *gooooood*).

Oh, and NJ is totally bore-fest worthy, just like PA - my human said something about "Dirty Jerz", no idea.


Molly in PA

Sara in Oregon said...

Dear Puglet,

You will be absolutely fine. Nobody would mistake you for a caribou, you adorable little dog! All Sarah would see is an adorable little face, cute button ears, and a furry little body with a corkscrew tail. AAAW!! I can tell you, you certainly won't be in the fridge by Christmas!!
I hope your Christmas gets better. Maybe ask for some doggy toys this year!
Don't forget to have your owner get you some pig ears or meaty knee bones. My puggy is obsessed with the knee bones!
Have a great day, Puglet! I'll be checking your blog tomorrow...
Sincerely, Sara in Oregon

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh poor Puglet !!! do not be afraid, I'm sure your Human will not let anyone to hurt you(even evil Sarah, who seems to enjoy hunting). New Polish president also likes to hunt, but he promised before the election, that he won't do this again. I do not believe politicians!!! Kisses from Poland

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Not to worry, nobody will mistake your cuteness for a deer..and we know Dutch will protect you.. right Dutch??

As for the Sarah lady, our mom watched 1/2 of one of her shows and mumbled something about a stupid accent and whiney voice, she'll never watch it again. cookies that one has us very confused. We'll stick with the Ginger Bread Men Buddy Biscuits, its fun to go poodle on their bodies and not get in trouble for biting.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli in San Antonio.
PS, glad you got to try carob.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I just love your take on the world. Thank you for making my mum snort tea through her nose.
That Sarah lady sure is scary. People like her make me happy to be living in Canada.

Please put aside your fears about being mistaken for a Caribou and be in danger being chopped to bits in someone’s freezer. You have a wonderful human who would never let any harm come to you – the odd humiliation maybe, but never harm.

But my mum did want to pass on that caribou is very good eatings. She says when she lived wayyyyyy up north in a place called Yellowknife, her family hunted caribou and moose every year, but never pugs. This was all before my time so I’ll just have to take her word for it.

Bacon grease in cookies? I’ve never heard of anything like that. Sure sounds yummy, you’ll have to tell us how the bacon cookies turn out. I’m with Molly on her opinion to snag some actual bacon. So good!


Anonymous said...

Puglet, Your mother human Amanda should protect you from the Sarahs of the world. They are dangerous!

Crabbie Chris said...

wait...did you say bacon cookies? I stopped listening after that then mom made me pay attention and wipe the drool. I know you're not going to get hunted because you're an adorable pug! But seriously...bacon?

Sue VDB said...

Puglet, what a horrible thing for you to see. Santa's reindeer are all at the North Pole and this Sarah lady was not, so Santa's reindeer are safe. Besides, they have magic and can't be hurt.

Bacon grease for cookies???

Massimo said...

"Casa de Puglet" LOL!!! Hilarious!

Ugh, Sarah Palin. Now why mess up your beautiful Pug blog with that lady's face?! Yuck!

Happy Holidays!

Ollie said...

Killing for sport? Double Ugh!! My human is totally creeped out by the smiling Sarah Palin posing with dead caribou photo. Who does up their make-up to go kill something?! And what do you do with your dead animal photo?
Anyway, you're safe for now Puglet because Sarah Palin is way up there in Alaska busy with shooting up the wildlife and watching Russia.
I think Santa and the reindeer wear bullet proof vests when they deliver presents to people like that (just to be on the safe side).

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for that caribou.

You have my interest w/the bacon grease for cookies as well as everyone else it seems. What's up with that???


THE PUGLET said...

Megan ~

I'm soooo glad Santa's deer are magical and can fly away from people who want to shoot them. I mean, I wish all deer could fly away from people who want to shoot them, but especially Santa's deer!

THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, Molly,

My human muttered too, but since I'm not supposed to talk politics I guess I'm not allowed to say what she said.

Who knew caribous were political??

My human says the good news is that the caribou meat ended up in Sarah's freezer and not on her wall (no idea why anyone would want meat on their wall). The bad news is it's reeeeeeeally kinda creepy to see someone look so happy to have a dead thing in their lap. Just creepy!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Ollie -

What's with Sarah and Russia?? When she wasn't shooting stuff, she kept talking about being able to see Russia on a clear day. She said it like three times. I kept waiting for her to explain, but she never did.

THE PUGLET said...

PS: I told my human if she wants me to wear the deer ears, she's got to get me a bulletproof vest.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah, the bacon. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

I Love Lucy said...

Hi Puglet,

Of course your human will protect and take care of you. Besides, we all have your back.

That Sarah lady made my mom cry over shooting that beautiful, innocent animal. I don't like it when something or someone makes my mom sad and then cry, so I don't like that Sarah lady at all!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, just google "hillbilly" and all will be explained with regard to the Sara person. I think San Francisco has a public ordinance against hillbilly activity in any form. You are safe. Bacon in cookies sounds so good that some of the men humans in my house are thinking about trying them...Jax in PA

Anonymous said...

At least she eats the Caribou...not that we would go hunting, but its not just a trophy - which is a big stuffed dead animal. It is a pretty scary sight...oh and poor dead animal also! You don't have anything to worry about, they are just a little different up there...either they are hunting, fishing, or watching Russia from their backyard. Weird.

Pearl and Tessa

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Don't worry, you will be safe. Bacon grease cookies sound scrumptious!

Besides leaving out Cookies, milk (& a small glass of 40 yr old Port - to warm him up). I always leave out apples and some hay for the magical reigndeer. They are always hungry by the time they get to my house. They devour almost all the food. Plus sometimes they leave chocolate covered raisin things in the yard.


Noodle said...

Heehee... I'm not allowed to tell you what my human said upon seeing Sarah in your post. You have nothing to worry about. No one would dare hunt you!!! Can't wait to hear about the bacon cookies! My humans say, "Everything's better with bacon."

Bella said...

Hi Puglet,

No WAY will Christmas be canceled because of that lady! My mom says I'm not allowed to talk about her....something about foxy news and that Sarah lady make her go crazy...She starts yelling at the t.v. thing.

And no one can mistake you for a caribou...we Pugs are WAY cuter.

Snorts and snarfles,

anti snore said...

It is a pretty scary sight...oh and poor dead animal also!Enjoy the bacon!

pugsmom said...

Things did turn pretty political and sad, but the bacon in the cookies question never got answered. We are still drooling just thinking about it. Maybe you could post your human's recipe.
Phoebe, Kizzy, Olita and Dutchy