Monday, January 2, 2012

HELLO 2012!

Hey everybody! Happy day #2 of of 2012. Things here at Casa de Puglet have been a little boring and a lot insane. Insanely busy for my human and a little boring for me and Dutch. Probably more like a lot boring for Dutch.

I don't know too many details, but I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with the other 999 pugs who aren't me. There's a video involved. It's not about me, but I got to be in some of it. I met a ton of nice people and got lots of love.

The cool dude in today's pictures spoke Spanish so I tried to impress him with some Spanish I learned from Google. I must have said the wrong thing because he didn't seem too impressed.


Anyway. All I know is my human's gimpy brain is so toast right now she drove to the grocery store and walked home by mistake. Yeah. She came home with food, but left Mazda parked at the store. Then yesterday she went to Pug Sunday and forgot to bring me and Dutch. Seriously. Forgetting Mazda is one thing, but she freaking forgot us.

My human says the insanity is almost over and I can have full thumb-access in 48 hours (even though her brain will be supertoasty).
Oh, and she really misses everyone here and can't wait be back.


Guy Noir said...

Feliz Nuevo Ano, amigo. I think that's how you say Happy New Year. Dude, you better let your human rest up some, or she's gonna crash and burn. My human is pretty toasted right now, but she doesn't have a car to forget, so we haven't done that yet. Looking forward to the video!

Your pal, Guy Noir

Miss Pearl said...

Dearest Pug, cuteness is a universal language :)

Jazz Girl Pug said...

Please send good Ju Ju to our friend, Darby. (see our blog, Pug Snort Report for the details). He's a sweet Havanese we walk with a lot. But now he's in the vet's place 'cuz he can't keep his food in his tummy. It's so bad that they have to cut his tummy open to find out why. So, please,please send him some excellent ju-ju to make him well!!

Buddy said...

I guess you have to keep practicing your spanish Pug.
Forgot the Mazda?!?!?! Maybe her gimpy brain knew she needed the walk and fresh air. Poor thumbs.

Jazz Girl Pug said...

Please follow this link to read about our friend, Darby, before he got sick.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Happy New Year Pug!

Yikes! Sounds like your human may need extra thumbs! We're sending her juju for some. We all get gimpy brained, though, it happens.

We're glad to see you on day #2, it's going to be a great year ~ the Year of the PUG!!!

Meredith & Scarlet

And lots of ~~~juju~~~ to Darby

Pug Slope said...

Happy New Year, Puglet! Humans do get all crazy around the end of year - it's normal. Just do what you can to keep her sane - keep her feet warm, snuggle often, and do your best not to get into trouble (I know, it's hard!). Hope your human's brain gets back to normal soon.


moPSY+MISIOber said...

First we are sending tones of our polish juju to Darby, we hope vet will fix his tummy :(

Happy New Year Pug and Dutch and your Human and all our DP friends!!!!

Pucie feels fine but ther "ring" is still in her tummy:( next visit on Wednesday :( we still ask for some juju but Darby needs it more

Hugs PT

Anonymous said...

Pug! Glad to hear you guys are enjoying 2012! Google translator tells you how to say things in Spanish! You should check it out! We missed you Friday! No offense Pug but you look like you've had a lot of bacon over the weekend!
<3 Mocha and Latte

Barbara said...

She forgot YOU? Impossible!! Mom needs a rest!

Payton said...

Sorry you guys missed pug Sunday, but Happy New Year!

Sammy and Neko said...

You are so funny... "Que"? was great !! You needed to say that to your human when she forgot Mazda... this is funny... you made my day.


Elisa said...

Hi Pug, Tell your human it's OK--everyone's brain is gimpy this time of year. Offer her some carrots (human treats) and give her an etra snuggle and she'll feel much better.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jazz Girl Pug, we are all sending super-mega, post holiday magic ju-ju to your friend Darby for a full and speedy recovery from (yikes) getting his stomach cut. Throwing puggle prayers in for extra measure too.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles