Saturday, January 7, 2012


Y'know how yesterday was the day something big was going to so I could finally get my human and her thumbs back? Well, things did not exactly go as planned. At all.

It started at like midnight the night before when my human was doing something with 1000 Pugs. First she kinda yelled at HAL4, unplugged a bunch of wires, then kinda yelled some more. Then she talked to some dude on the phone... then another dude... then a lady. She didn't yell at them, but I could tell she wanted to.

I don't exactly know what the problem was, but I think it had something to do with this:

I guess my human needed internet access for the something big to get done and we didn't have any because Comcast sucks. At least that's what I learned by the time the day was over.

It started with this guy:

He was supposed to come at 7:30 am, so my human stayed up all night working (without internet) thinking the something big could still happen in time. I guess the Comcast phone dude lied or something because when my human called and freaked out, some other phone dude said he had until 9:30 to get there.

No idea.

My human wasn't happy, but I was superexcited to see this guy. I don't get to hang out with The Man anymore and thought maybe he was a new man. He wasn't excited to see me though so my human made me and Dutch stay in the kitchen while they tore apart the living room looking for wires or something.

When that didn't fix things, the wire dude went outside and started messing around with wires in the sidewalk. I had no idea there are wires in the sidewalk. Crazy! WHen those wires didn't work, he went up on the roof. My human was super grumpy so me and Dutch got in trouble for barking at the noise of his feet up there.

The wire dude finally called some other Comcast people and it turns out our wires were fine, but some hub and nodes in out neighborhood were not. I don't know what a hub or a node is and I guess the wire dude didn't either because he just got in his truck and left.

My human was still awake from the day before and not happy. She tried to bring Mac (the laptop the Labradors ate) out into the world to use some other internet, but he never leaves the couch and died within 2 minutes. Tofu the iPad was not much more help.

Many many hours went by. Still no internet access. My human really only yells when I eat poo, so when she started yelling it really freaked me out. The Comcast people didn't seem to care though. After that, we went to sleep. Without dinner!

When we woke up this morning, I thought the internet and my human would be back to normal. I thought the big thing would happen and everything would be good again. But no. There was still no internet and my human was still yelling.

FINALLY a Comcast person actually tried to help and it turns out the wire dude replaced a bunch of wires and forgot to plug one of them in. Yeah. Wire dude left a wire unplugged. That's why the internet was still broken.

And that is when my human kinda lost it. Like, leaking lost it. Uh huh. Comcast made my human freaking cry. I heard her tell Tiffy's mom that stress, too much work and not enough sleep made her leak, but I still blame Comcast.

Anyway. Our internet is back, the something big is fixed and my human is happy again (more or less). Best of all, I'll have full thumb access starting on Monday. See you then!


Buddy said...

so much love to casa de puglet!!!!! I hope wire dude gets totally fired for being a mindless wireless idiot!!!!!!!!!
Pug, I hope the human at least remembered your breakfast to make up for a lost dinner!!!!!!
Love to everyone!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that the wire people made your human leak. My human was checking her computer all the time yesterday, I was hoping she would finally tell me if I get a super treat for letting her shoot me with a turtleneck on. Then she said she was worried about how hard your human must be working, to not get the "big thing" to work. We are both really glad the wires are fixed and we hope your human can rest and that you get some extra time to do what you want to this weekend.

Augustus and his human

dw said...

Yikes, Pug, how dare Comcast make your human cry!!! I'm really glad you have internet again, but more important....did you get dinner finally??????

Sabrina PugTails said...

What a horrible couple of days for casa de puglet! Comcast really pooched it this time.
I hope your human has been able to de-stress now that everything is all fixed.
I'm real sorry to hear you have stopped hanging out with the man.

Unknown said...

Dear Pug, this here is your good pal Howie. I am gonna pee on that dude. I got a pretty good aim, so rest assured vengeance shall be Howie's. Sending support slurps and kisses to your mama!!!

Anonymous said...

The wire guy who forgot to plug in the wire, too funny! Why can't you see The Man anymore Puglet?

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Puglet Pal! So sorry to hear out the Comcast fiasco...make sure you give your human lotsa love. Being overworked and stressed without enough sleep really sucks big time!
Snuffly hugs and little back fat bites,
Eddie the Pug

Opaka said...

My human was nodding all through this saying she's so been there with someone called Bigpond. Anyway I can't believe you didn't get food, that is awful. I hope everything stays right for you now.

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Oh Puglet, that sucks!! Careless mistakes drive my mom nuts. A similar situation happened with her car. She picked it up after having major engine work done and it broke down a few hours later. Turns out they forgot to connect a hose. Umm...really? Some people!

I'm very sorry to hear things have been tense and stressful at Casa de Puglet. I hope things improve tout de suite! I'm sure you'll be frolicking at the beach or hiking with the cows in no time!

Chins up, you three! :)

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your Comcast fiaso! Give your mommy human lots of hugs & licks! Our mommy human skipped an all HR meeting Friday morning so she could sign us up (she didn't get in trouble either) - lol. Sure as shootin she'll do whatever she has to come Monday noon and to register us!!

Bailey and Buddy said...

Our human is sad that your human leaked! Our human has been known to leak tears of frustration too. We are very excited about the kickstart launch since we are not one of the locations 1000 pugs is coming to!

Feel better!

Pug Hugs,

rosa said...

Oh Pug your human is working so hard for all of us pug lovers!! All of you deserve big rests and plenty of eatables this weekend

moPSY+MISIOber said...

We are sorry your Human had such a bad day! This wire man couldn't be good if he wasn't happy about you and Dutch!!!! We are also freaked out when our mommy is yelling. She doesn't yell at us, but lots of things make her yelling, especially stupid people, who doesn;t use their brains :) just like "your" wire man! But she said this was bad beginnig of something REALLY GOOD, and we all hope everything will be ok now :) we sending lots of pug hugs and kisses to your Human !
P.s. our mom internet is called Fredzik, so she was smiling to see that yours is called Pug ;)

margie said...

Wow Pug sounds like a bad dream, no dinner!! Sorry your Human had such a bad day, she is stressed enough with this project. Funny how one little wire can make for such major problems! Hope your back on schedule. There could be another book about comcast and there problems coast to coast!!!! I hope you get to go on a hike and let your human get sone sun time. I hope to do that today, your friend Grumpy.

pugfish said...

Bad Comcast Bad Comcast !!!
I am so glad your human has you and Dutch for comfort and love. My human cries after a seizure of anger too. Cuddle up guys!

Kazza said...

Oh no thats awful to think that your human was leaking. I absolutely hate it when anything technical goes wrong in our home. I always feel like my top might explode and normally ends in tears!!!

Sammy and Neko said...

Glad we know what happened to 1000 pug registration. Our mama thought her computer is broken when she went to register and it wasn't there.... phew, tomorrow it is. Can't wait to see your human in person.
Technology... I tell ya....

Have a great Sunday everyone.


E. Pilsberger said...

what a fuss, always this technique, the unknown entity.
Well, that everything is working again now.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

W.O.W. Your human must have been majorly sad and stressed for you & Dutch to have allowed her to not feed you dinner. That was really thoughtful of you two to not bug her her ~ I hope you two gave her some nice, soothing snuggles.

Meredith & Scarlet

Chfnman said...

It doesn't do any good to say most of us were relating to everything you described because, at the time, it's sooooo personal! But know that our hearts are with you, what incredibly bad timing!


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry Puglet your human was leaking. Even working technical support (not Comcast) myself I can still understand the frustration. Hoping you get some treats for your down-time.

Pugs2Luv said...

Sometimes it seems the universe is working against you and things seem like they will never be right again. Your poor human experienced that in the worst way. It is our job to be quietly supportive when the human world is haywire. We think this was just the universe working out all the complications now, so when 1000 pugs is going strong it will go smoothly for your human & she can focus on taking great photos.
If things ever get bad again and your human's brain can't handle it you should call our human. Her old job was to go where the problems were and not leave until they were solved. She said the biggest problems usually involved human error. Things would be so much better if pugs ran things.
We are sending lots of peaceful energy to Casa de Puglet.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

gini said...

Well, Puglet, the "Wire Dude" will get his...sometime soon, you'll see...some one will forget to pick up their dog's 'doo' and "Wire Dude" step in it and well, you know the rest...Just saying, that could happen, not that I'd wish that on anyone...but just saying LOL! Now, Tawnie and I, we've been upset at our human because she isn't playing much with us either...she goes back to teaching Monday...and that means we're home alone for 10 hrs! Well, except for our secret world of birds and squirrels and neighbors not to mention cats that walk by! We'll be sending you puppy kisses and hope that everything works out FAST for you both! and the others at Casa de Puglet! Hugs, T & W

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

WOW...what a story! Tired from reading it and just hope all is still ok at the Casa!

Pug Slope said...

Sorry to hear you and your poor human had such a frustrating experience. But I'm really glad everything is up and running now and you guys can get back to what you guys do best, posing and posting!


Anne said...

So sad! I was so excited for your humans thumb's to be all about snuggling you again!!!

Payton said...

I know it's after the fact, but I was thinking about you and your human the entire day. All is great now, but remember to breath and relax...snuggle close with your human, Pug, to remind her to take it easy every now and again.