Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have no freaking idea what happened to the posts I wrote in Dallas with the stupid Droid app thingy. But I guess my human needs another day or two to catch up on 1k Pug stuff and Nikon just got shipped off to the spa, so I'll fill you in on some of the highlights now.

HIGHLIGHT #1: Texas Bagels
So, my human is a complete dork when it comes to bagels. Yeah, bagels. She says it has something to do with being from the other coast where people know the difference between a bagel and a roll with a hole in it. No idea. But it means she likes to hunt down new bagels hoping to find a "real" one. Totally weird, but sometimes I get to eat the rejects and that's fine by me.

Well, in Texas we went to a place near our hotel called Boopa's Bagels because my human says anyone named Boopa knows the difference between a bagel and a roll with a hole. And I guess she was right because she was waaaaay excited about the 'East Coastness' of Boopa's bagels.
 Bagel? What Bagel?

This meant my human also got waaaaaay mad at me when I accidentally ate the Boopa's bagel she left unattended on the back seat when we stopped at the gas station to feed the car. I tried to pretend I didn't know what happened to her bagel, but I totally forgot Rule #1 of food stealing: always dispose of the evidence.

Yup. I got busted with an empty bagel bag.  

I knew it was wrong to eat the bagel, but my human was so excited about it, I couldn't help myself. Figured it must be supertasty, right? Wrong. Unless your name is Boopa or you were born on some other coast, a bagel is just a funny shaped piece of bread.  Not a hamburger or bacon or something worth getting in trouble for eating.


Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

Pug, I love your toothy innocent! Next time you steal a bagel, try getting one with cream cheese on it, it will be much tastier.

Sabrina PugTails said...

You have that innocent look down to a science. I have to agree, bread is pretty boring - unless it has peanut butter on it or it's dipped in gravy.
I hope Dutch has gotten over his bad mood and has gone back to loving you and your human.

Payton said...

Hi Pug! That picture was totally worth getting in trouble for stealing foodables. Such a priceless expression on your face! But if you ask me, unattended food in the reach of a pug is fair game.

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

My mom's with your mom. She grew up on the "other" coast too, and is a bagel freak. She's eaten one every day, every freaking day, for like 40 years. She loves them so much she makes her own. That Boopa place is near our house, so we'll be going there for sure.

Did you eat the bagel as fast as the burger at the Love Shack?

Hope Dutch is happier.

Anonymous said...

Katz Bagels in SF. They know how to do it.

Dutchess the Pug said...

Your toothy grin is the best! I live on the east and although I don't eat bagel but from what I understand you can put lots of toppings on them. Maybe you should create a Puglet Bacan Bagel Supreme!

Anonymous said...

A WHOLE bagel? Holy moly you're fast.

Texas holdem, you're fast!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I have ever seen you smile with teeth before Puglet-so cute!Texas and flying sure sounds like quite the adventure. We hope you get to do some more traveling for 1K pugs! Dutch is just mad he couldn't get his spotted butt on a plane or eat a bagel or do anything Texas-ish-but we have heard that he had a very nice time with Bellatrix and her 'rents! Maybe he just misses Bellatrix! Love, Sammy, Mimi, Bagel and Rocco

Peggy2957 said...

Hiya Pug!!! My human is forcing me to tell you how much she LOVES seeing ALL of your teeth. Well ALL of your teeth on the bottom. She goes CRAZY over teeth. Every time mine are showing she gets all goo-goo, gaa-gaa and says "I see ALL your teeff. YUP. TEEFF. Whatever. She's a stinking tooth freak!!! She also wants me to tell your human when she brings Emi to California in August she can bring her "finger bagels". Don't know a thing about them but she promises they are the BEST!!!

We ALL hope Dutch is feeling better. I'm going to know first hand just what he is going through when I'm left home and Emi goes to the west coast for ten whole days in August. Any advice on how I can convience my human to take me along??


Anonymous said...

Buddy from Houston says...

I think I know why you had trouble pooping-might have something to do with that bagel you inhaled!

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

Did you devour the bagel in four bites as you did the hamburger?

Hope Dutch is down pouting.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, I love how you say you "accidentally" ate it lol that kills me

PS You were totally scoping out the bagel in the first picture, that should have been your human's first clue !

Anonymous said...

Puglet, check out some of my latest posts on my pug, Bugsy. He is almost as cute as you!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

1) Your toothy smile is awesome and very charming.

2) We think the Blogger Mobile for Droid leaves a lot to be desired. We haven't had a ton of luck with it either.

Scarlet & Meredith

Sammy and Neko said...

I heard this from Payton, that you should be on some kinda eating contests... would love to see you eat in pugson. Maybe we will bring something yummy for you when you come to shoot us in May. Send us your wish list... anything's possible, dude!! Let's eat !!!!

Jaco said...

Oh, gosh I love a good bagel - my mom totally agrees with your human. Only east coast bagels taste like a bagel should and she is constantly searching for a better bagel. We can't wait to read about your adventures in travel!

Funaek said...

Haha love your "innocent" face! My pug says that there's no need to try to hide the evidence or put on an innocent face - humans should know that if you leave food accessible nearby, it's like they are inviting you to eat it. They should expect that you eat it!

pet portraits,pet photography said...

You are almost as good as our chocolate lab, Charlie Brown, at pretending that nothing happened. Very impressive!