Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So, first we sat around the airport for like a million hours. Then we got on the plane and sat on the runway for another hour. When the plane finally flew, we spent like an entire extra hour in the air because the wind was blowing the wrong way or something and we had to take the long way back to California. 

Yeah. And I never did poop.

When we landed, it took forever to find Mazda because we got on the wrong shuttle bus thing. Pretty sure my human's brain stopped working sometime Monday night because she did all sorts of stupid stuff yesterday. I won't go into detail but let's just say we got stopped by the security people because she had four walking talkies and accidentally left an exacto blade thing in her bag. 

Uhm, yeah. There was a whole interrogation scene and everything. I guess it was suspicious that we went through security once, then left and came back with a knife and a herd of walkie talkies. My human explained how the plane was delayed so we went outside so I could maybe poop, and that the knife thing was in there the whole time, the first security people were just slackers. 

Totally embarrassing! I bet they thought we were terrorists. 

Anyway. My human will say I was stupid yesterday too because I jumped on the shuttle bus driver's lap to say hi and made him scream like a girl. But whatever. At least I didn't do anything suspicious or terroristy. 

By the time we got home it was superlate. So we woke up Texas-early this morning to get Dutch back from Bellatrix's mom. She works way out in Guam and it was raining so it took longer to drive there than it did to fly to Texas. 

I was kinda excited to see Dutch, but he wasn't excited to see me at all. Or our human. He just stood there with Bellatrix's mom and stared at us like we were complete strangers or something. Even after he smelled my butt - nothing.

Ever since we got home, I've been hanging out under my human's chair and Dutch has been on our bed. He doesn't want anything to do with me or my human and I think it's because we smell like Texas.  It's kinda sad. A little heartbreaking, my human says.

Does anyone know how to get rid of the Texas smell?? I want Dutch to love us again.


pugsmom said...

Oh Pug, my humom laughed right out loud about the shuttle bus driver screaming like a girl. I'm so glad you're home safe and don't worry about Dutch, he will sniff through the Texas smell and find his favorite mates. Glad you had a great trip to Texas too. No experience is a bad one if you learned something from it and you learned a lot and had a great experience to boot scootin' boogie.
Phoebe in Oregon

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Not to worry, Dutch loves you, he is just pouting. He will come around soon. Maybe you can cheer him up with something pink (hehee snort).

Glad you finally made it home, what a return trip including shuttle ride.

I'm still recharging my batteries after the fun filled 1000 Pug adventure.

Hugs to you, Dutch & your Human,

Pugs2Luv said...

Our human went to Texas once back when there were 3 pugs to love in the house. We were pretty upset when she came back smelling Texas-foreign but Yoda was LIVID! He wouldn't even look at her; she took off her shoes and then he peed on them and went to bed. For an entire week he acted like he belonged to our grandma. After he decided she suffered enough everything went back to normal. Don't worry after the laundry is done and maybe give him your human's shoe and something of yours to pee on Dutch will remember that he loves you both.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
P.S. He may be missing Bella too; they did get awfully cozy while you were gone

Anonymous said...

Bo from Sacramento says:

Oh Puglet, my mom is laughing so hard about the shuttle bus driver story that her eyes are leaking!!!

Dutch is probably more upset that he got left behind than he is about the Texas smell. After all, a week is a long time for a dog! But he'll come around in a day or two, and the 3 of you will be back to normal.

Mom and I are glad that the 2 of you are home safe and sound, and we can't wait to hear about your adventures in Texas. Hope you sleep longer tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Did you bring Dutch a souvenir from Texas? Maybe a special eatable? If you did, give it to him and he'll forget all abut the Texas smell.

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

That's what we here call "Putting a mad on". And boy does Dutch have a good one on! He'll get over it eventually. Maybe things with Bellatrix wasn't as great as she made it out to be.

Laura Bee said...

Puglet you look tired. Being a jet-setter is hard work, and not all glamour. I hope that all of you get some rest and get back into your daily routine. Remember, there's no place like home. Tell Dutch I said so.

Otis Redding the shop dog in Seattle

Crabbie Chris said...

I told you he wasn't going to want you, after he had me! We had a blast while you were gone. We snuggled on the sofa, went hiking, played with our hedgies and watched trash TV. He rode in my dad's "man truck" and I think I saw my mom slip him one tiny popcorn nugget. Would you want to leave?

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Oh Puglet, we were afraid of this. There's the Power of the Pug, then there's the Voodoo Power of the Female Black Pug Bellatrix. We're afraid she may have bewitched your bro Dutch there.

Just keep bugging him like any good little brother and he'll snap out of it. Hopefully.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Dutch is hurt, you went on this big adventure and left him. Did you bring him any presents?

Wilma said...

Aww Puglet, I remember this happening with Brigitte once. When we first got her, her old Mom said that when they went away, Brigitte would be bitter for a week when they got back. Well, Mom and Dad never left us for like three years. When they got back from a weeks vacation, Brigitte, who was mom's constant companion, snubbed her for a full week! Yup, wouldn't look at her, go near her, even take a treat from her. She even made Mom cry.that was the first and last time Mom and Dad ever left us. Give Dutch a week to get his nose unbent. Hopefully, this readjustment isn't relative to the size of the nose, in that case, it may take more than a week! Hang in there!

blissfulsally said...

Hey Puglet,

It's not often that I laugh loudly through my morning coffee but you and your mom can really write! Too bad there aren't any pictures of the silly shuttle bus driver. Glad you're home safely from Texas--a lotta people don't make it out alive from that state!
Sally, Rio and Rocky from Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, MX

Anonymous said...

Boy, Dutch is really giving you the stink-eye...
May take a few days for him to stop punishing you for leaving him.
Kris in Oklahoma

Pug Slope said...

Glad you eventually made it back safely, Pug. I saw a video of you on another blog gulping down a hamburger! It was AWESOME! I hear most humans tend to get crazy at airports. My 'rents messed up a bunch of the "airport protocol" when they flew with me for the first time. They told me it is very stressful flying with a pug for the first time, so I cut them some slack. I hope you and Dutch can work things out - you two are a great team!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, Pug, he's SAD! He feels kinda abandoned. Poor Dutch. I hope he comes around soon...makes me a little sad...just goes to prove that animals feel emotions too.

Sammy and Neko said...

Did you get something pink for him? Something like,,,, pink towel with TX map on it... Or 72 oz steak for him??
He is just sad, he thought maybe he was left for good. He will come around, he still loves you.

If not, send him over, we will take him : )

Unknown said...

Oh puglet Dutch is just telling you and your mom how upset he is that you both left him to go on an adventure and he wasn't invited. He will forgive you both in time and with lots of extra loves and attention.

We laughed so hard at the bus drive "screaming like a girl" that our mom made coke come out of her nose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
That comment about you jumping on the bus drivers lap and making him scream like a girl got our mom laughing a fool.

You know we live in Texas... you think we smell? We don't smell, that wasn't very nice.

Ellie, Emmitt & Eli Texas Pugs that do not smell.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

WOW...what an adventure just to get home! And then to be shunned by Dutch! Big Texas size bummer on that! I feel for ya Puglet and don't know what to tell ya except show Dutch you missed him and go snuggle with guys always snuggle so cute together! But overall, you are home and home is good!!!

Anne said...


You must me a ferocious snorter to make the shuttle driver scream like a girl! Raawwrr! Don't worry Dutch will come around. Keep reassuring him that you love him and that he will get to spend more quality time with Bellatrix soon :)
Buddy and Lucey

PS.Buddy just had to spend the whole day at the V.E.T. getting his teeth cleaned so he looks good for his Photo Shoot in May! Mom left work early and picked him up because he gets scared when he is without her and he hates little cages. But he is all good now and can't wait to pose for Nikon!

Michelle + Myko said...

Hello Pug,

I would not worry about Dutch shunning you two very much. I do it every single time my human goes out of town. I sniff her and then give her the stink eye, and want nothing to do with her for a while, because well let's face it she abandoned me to go have fun elsewhere. But once I feel like I have made my point, and she is pretty much giving me really good treats because she feels bad, I go back to normal. I recommend giving Dutch some delicious meat, that should do the trick!

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

We think you need to bathe in tomato juice to remove big, in this case Texas, smells.

We also think that you will have to go to Bellatrix and beg her or brib her to release Dutch from her spell .... the Love spell. Good luck with that.

Glad you and Miss Gimpy Brain are back home safe and sound with wonderful memories.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Suzy said...

Dutch just misses Bellatrix ;(

Anonymous said...

Well... YEAH!! You totally left Dutch in California. He probably wanted to frolic in Texas, too! LOL! Just kidding! He'll come around. He probably just really liked hanging out with Bellatrix. :) Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you look a little worried. No worries, everything will be back to normal...until your human has to go again...

Anonymous said...

Texas Pugs don't SMELL.

We bathe, get our nails clipped, ears cleaned, wrinkles scubbed, and our coats shine !!

Geez talk about hurting our feelings.

3E's from San Antonio

Payton said...

Gosh, Pug, that was a crazy trip home. And sorry that Dutch is acting weird. I think it's what everyone else said, he is pouting that you left him and probably missing Bella too. Just give him a pink something and a day of fun and he'll come around.

pugfish said...

I am sure Puglet did not mean Texas pugs smell. It is just Texas has it's own smells in the wind and sunshine. I think Dutch is just being pouty because he misses his Mom and Puglet.\

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

I think Dutchie Boy would feel a lot better if you brought him a PINK cupcake to eat in bed!
What an amazing trip Puglet...I am sooo jealous,
Eddie the Pug

House-O-Pugs said...

maybe Bellatrix can come over to stay at your house for a few days to help Dutch get over his little attitude issue. That and get him something pink :)

Uff-Da, Pugsly, Rufus and Angus

Anonymous said...

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