Friday, March 2, 2012


Well, right after my human promised me 25 minutes of uninterrupted thumb-time yesterday, her hand started freaking out again. Yeah. The hand. A week before we're going to Dallas.

It started with the same finger and a red splotch, just like last time. It's nowhere near as gimpy as last time, but still not great. Since we know it isn't Lupus and all my human ever does these days is stare at HAL4, she thinks maybe it is from stress and too much typing and stuff. So now she's trying to type less and be more relaxed.

I have no idea what's relaxing about giving me & Dutch a bath, but that's pretty much all you've missed since yesterday. My human says they won't let me on the plane if I stink and Dutch says he wants to smell pretty for Bellatrix. You heard me. Pretty.

His words, not mine. I swear.

I know things have been kinda lame around here lately. They've been lame for me too and it kinda sucks, so thanks for hanging in. Especially since next week is going to be ridiculous. My first plane ride. My first out-of-state adventure (not counting Reno). Texas cowpies. Lunch at the Love Shack. It's going to be AWESOME.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Hiya Puglet! No need to apologize...we love anything and anytime you post something. And totally understand if your human is having hand troubles again, what a bummer! She needs to be in tip top shape to come shoot my photo cuz I'm a pug ready for my model posing photo shoot! I will be on my best behavior next weekend for her so she doesn't have to work too hard on me. And, I'll take a bath too before I come so I don't stink! I want to smell pretty like Dutch does! LOL!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Maggie :)

Can't wait to sniff your butt!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
I am so excited for your Texas trip! I know you will have a great time. And I am sure the Cowbelle Pugs there will make y'all feel right at home.
I am really hoping THE HAND UNstresses soon.
Love Noodles

Lulu Louise said...

Mom has one of my anti-inflammatory woozy pills left. I'd give it to you if you feel like it would help your hand!

Love you,

Anne said...

I think Tub Time is like 25 minutes of thumb time...just with water! Lucey and I LOVE our bath. Nice warm water is so soothing...unless Lucey pees in it!

Buddy and Lucey

Dutchess the Pug said...

Gee, I've never had a bath. Sometimes the cat, Bean, looks at me and she says,"I smell.....pug."

I can't wait to here about your trip to Texas. And don't worry, I never go a day without reading "The Daily Puglet" and it's never boring!

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
You're not alone, my butt is going in the tub too before Dallas and get a pedi. (Mom also makes me take one before airplane rides too).

Sending juju to your Human in SF as well as when she gets to Dallas.

See you at the Love Shack my friend. I'm squeling with delight!


margie said...

I love this, Amanda you make my day!!!! What about voice recognition so you don't have to type? Feel better. Pug BEHAVE!! Have a great time, looking forward to pics!! Grumps in Plantation! We have alligators in our ponds so we must obey the no boo eating or it would be curtains for us!!!!!

Yay! said...

Hey--where's Bellatrix's comment for Dutch today??

Excited for you Pug! Your first big trip/adventure. You're all grown up now!

Payton said...

Oh no, Pug! I'll send up emergency prayers for your human's hand all weekend. Please travel safe. I'm going to have a bath soon too. Yay. I'm so excited about your upcoming adventures! *wink*. Love Shack baby!
Ps. I'm not one for butt sniffs so maybe we can say hi over some treats?

Hal and Opal said...

Hey Puglet! We can't wait to hear all about your trip to Texas! You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas.....bigger cowpies! Yeehaw!(But wait, you're not supposed to be eating poo, right?)

And lucky Bellatrix! She gets PRETTY Dutch for the whole week! And he is pretty!

Your friends in Seattle (and it is raining like crazy here!),

Hal and Opal

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey I'm here!! I'm just checking in late worries.
I totally took a bath for my week with Dutch. We're gonna be such a great looking pair Pug, that he's soooooooo not going to want to go back to you. We're going to snuggle and be pretty together. Don't worry I'll send you pics, just so you know what you're missing.
See you Sunday so I can rub it in your face. I've been craving back fat Pug, just so you know what's coming.

I hope your hand feels better Miss Amanda. I'll give you kisses on pug Sunday...they are magical.

Willis and Dutch said...

Puglet, do you fly under the seat? Can't wait to hear all about your adventure! Pug blessings to Amanda!

Brandon & Joonbug said...

Have a great trip and we can't wait to welcome you and Amanda to Texas! See you on Firday morning!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

I looove my baths...every three weeks! No stnk butt here:)
Hope Amanda's hand is better before Dallas and have an amazing trip!
Eddie the Pug

Michelle + Myko said...

We hope your humans hand gets better fast! And your blog is never lame so you have nothing to worry about. Can't wait to hear about your Texas adventures next week!

pug love

Sammy and Neko said...

Enjoy your time in TX !
Human, please fix you hand/fingers ASAP. I bet there are many cuteness monsters waiting for your arrival there.....
Juju for human !!


Pearl and Tessa said...

We want to hear all about your adventures in Dallas. Have fun on the plane, and see if you can get some wings from the pilot!

Boy, sounds like Bellatrix is really going to make a move on Dutch!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug, where have you been? haven't heard from you for 4 days, it doesn't take 4 days to fly to Texas, does it? We miss you. Please tell your human to give you some thumb time so we get the details of what's going on in Texas. They said everything is Texas is bigger, is that true?

smudge the pug said...

Hi!I know exactly about the poo thing! Makes for bad breath and out comes the tooth brush! But I love my human instead of thumb time I have time with my babies aka toys! I live in Texas...hope u had a great time! Posted march 21st