Monday, May 21, 2012


So we made it all the way to the Milwaukee place but didn't make it to Pug Fest. I guess Miss Gimpy was too tired from The Other 999 to make sure pug #1/1000 (that's me) got to have a little fun. I'm seriously starting to think she might not even love me anymore.

But it's cool. I don't need fun or love or anything else as long as Tiffy's dad is around to take care of me. Because Mr. Tiffy is a dude and dudes are awesome in ways that blonde lady humans aren't. At least my blonde lady human, anyway.

I mean, my human would never cook me up a Corn Dog. She didn't even know what a Corn Dog was until Mr. Tiffy said he could make one for me. And the magic meat griller thing he used to cook up the Corn Dog? Yeah. I'm pretty sure my human wouldn't even know how to turn one on.


I'm sure Pug Fest was supercool and I'm sure I totally would have had fun there. But I'm also pretty sure the Corn Dog I got to eat instead was even better. Waaaay better.


Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

You don't know how loved you are! Your human loves you, otherwise she wouldn't have dedicated a whole book to pug-kind!
I am super jealous of your corn dog experience! I hope it was tasty!

dw said...

How cool that Tiffy's dad made you a corn dog! Maybe not quite up to the bacon standard, but it's still Meat!

Anonymous said...

Corn Dog! Dude. I don't get anything but my kibble. You are one LUCKY pug!

Lola Pug

Oakley and Swisher said...

So tell us.. how was the corn dog???

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Unknown said...

Sounds great your so lucky to eat a Corn dog, It looks yummy :D

Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...


Pugfest was a blast, but pretty sure I would have rather had a corndog!

It was so much fun meeting you and your human at the 1000 Pugs photoshoot today - I apologize to you for being so vocal. I just have soooo much to say!!

Ellie (#439/1000)

Southern Fried Pugs said...

It's important to let the humans get some rest sometimes. Whether we like or not.
But we bet that corn dog really was worth it.

agent99 said...

after our day of supermodeling......we were totally wiped out. some pug, who shall remain nameless had some issues in the night, and I'll just say I doubt we'll be invited back anytime soon once they see that bathroom floor. PugFest was wild, but seriously, Foo slept through pretty much the entire thing in the JackWagon. Our humans only lasted about 2 hours.
much love & bacon
435 & 436

Sammy and Neko said...

Corn Dogs!!!!!!!! Oh, Pug~ I think Tiffy's mama is super cool too. She is funny. Again, Neko fell in love with your human... what a air-head....I don't blame him, your human is super cool.


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Corn dogs trump all Pug! and its awesome Mr. Tiffy hooked you up!

And you know what, everyday is PugFest in our house and I bet it is in yours too :)

Meredith & Scarlet

Anne said...

So happy you got your corn dog Pug!!!

Suzy said...

Whoa, Puglet, corn dogs ROCK!!! Hope you enjoyed it xoxo

Pug Slope said...

Oh man, you look super excited for those corn dogs! So how were they?!?! Shall I add some to my 'rents shopping list?