Saturday, June 23, 2012


The triangle is pink. The streets are closed. And we are NOT camping!

Puglet is disappointed. My human is too tired and busy to care. And me, I am happy as a rainbow.

Forever Pink,


PS: so far there have not been any free cookies but I did find half a muffin and a pizza crust on the sidewalk.


Hugo said...

Glad to hear you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your home instead of sleeping on the dirt! I'm not one for the outside either. I won't even lay on the floor most of the time! Tell your human to get some ear plugs before the festivities get to out of hand.

Pug hugs,


Crabbie Chris said...

phew! You guys have been so busy you deserve a nice weekend relaxing! Rest up and let that back fat marinate

AllyB said...

Happy snack hunting!

Anonymous said...

Camping? Oh, I would make mama's life unhappy by barking at things all night. I much prefer my pillow and queen sized bed, too.

Happy to hear you're staying put. Hope they're all quiet for you!

Pug snuffles,

Lola Pug

wombat said...

Surely Puglet is confused. Any event with pizza crust on the sidewalk has to be better than camping.