Thursday, June 7, 2012


We're here. And it only took about 4 million years for us to get here. My human forgot to feed us breakfast this morning and felt really really bad so she got us a piece of pizza.

Yes. Real human pizza.

I have to share my pizza with Dutch but pizza NEVER happens so I guess that's ok.


Christa said...

So glad you, Dutch and your human made it safe. You sure have a big smile on you face at the anticipation of pizza. I hope it is all you new it would be!
Christa and Cletus

dw said...

You certainly look happy in that picture, Puglet, so I know the pizza was a good idea!! Tell your human she needs to remember food. Food is important!

Unknown said...

Hey Puglet! Welcome to Portland! Sorry about the rain, but it looks like it will be dry Sunday for my photo shoot :) I. Can't. Wait.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, dude: The look on your face is priceless!!!

Pizza has cheese on it, and I LOVE cheese - I have to talk my mom into letting me have some pizza.

Mom told me last night that I get to meet you on July 29th - PAWSOME!!!

Have fin in Portland/Seattle. We can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

Bo from Sacramento

Anonymous said...

Looks like my mom has gimpy fingers today.

That should be, "Have FUN in Portland....." not "fin"


Meredith LeBlanc said...

My goodness, that's the biggest smile I've ever seen on you! What a lucky puggy.

Meredith & Scarlet

Sammy and Neko said...

We know pizza is so good, but it produces unGODLY air out of our rear..... Portland is one of the place our humans wanting to go. Super jealous you are there !!

Enjoy this weekend, say hi to all the cute puggies in OR !!


Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

First bagels and then a corn dog and now PIZZA. Life just keeps getting better and better for you!

May you eat whatever you wish and never gain more than the feeling of warm contentment. OK, reality check: you are going to double your size, Puglet, and Belly is going to LOVE chewing on all your back fat!

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Anne said...

LOL Pug! I am so happy you get your Dutch to keep you company on this trip!!! Enjoy your pizza little one.

Deanna said...

Welcome to Portland!!! I hope you get lots of good pizza and bagels while you are here!! :)

Mabel, the pug mix

Anonymous said...

Puglet, next time demand a Voodoo Doughnut but don't get hitched while you are there, you have to save yourself for me! (yes, it's a world famous doughnut shop that also sidelines as a cheesy wedding venue). I hope I get to meet you while you are visiting the beautiful city of Portland... my human says it's always reminded her a lot of San Francisco back in the 70s and 80s when she was growing up near there (I'm not a pug so I didn't get to schedule a photo shoot... sniff).

~ Mariah

Dutchess the Pug said...

Everone is so right..your face is priceless! Pizza, wow, your so lucky!

Great that you arrives in Portland saftely! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Yayyy puglet it'll be good to see you later this afternoon! Stay dry and have a donut for us.

Buddy said...

look at that SMILE!!!

Oakley and Swisher said...

You had us at PIZZA! ::drool::

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley