Friday, June 29, 2012


Maple-Bacon lips.
So, I tried to score a replacement cupcake. I told my human it wasn't fair that Dutch got to eat 99% of my birthday cupcake. She told me I've eaten "more than enough" lately and didn't really need a cupcake anyway.

Didn't need a cupcake??

OK, maybe I didn't need a cupcake. But I definitely wanted one. And since my human forgets pretty much everything these days I figured maybe I should just pretend I had no idea what she was talking about and score a cupcake anyway. I mean, maaaaybe sometimes I've almost eaten almost enough. But I've definitely never eaten MORE than enough. Ever.

So I pretended. But somehow my human remembered. She remembered all the cookies and ice cream and bagels and pizza and hotdogs and corndogs and bacon donuts I ate on the pug tour. When I tried to play dumb she pulled out a picture of me with Voodoo donut on my face. 

Hrm. Not fair.

With evidence like that, I'd never convince her that I need a replacement cupcake. Until I remembered that I also have evidence from the last day we were in Portland. Proof that my human is making other pugs happy and totally forgetting about me. Doing things like feeding my donuts to other pugs. And letting them play with Nikon. And, uh, stuff.

Exhibit A:

Me, Nikon and a pretty cool Portland pug named Hugo. According to Hugo, my human had just given him an entire bacon-maple Voodoo donut during a photoshoot. Seriously. Which one of us looks like a happy pug to you?

Exhibit B:

Maple-bacon pawprints I spotted on a table next to a Voodoo box. These are NOT my footprints. If you look close you can see a white hair in one of the prints.... Hugo has white feet. 


I really didn't want to put Hugo under a bus or whatever, but figured it was my only hope of convincing my human that I really haven't eaten more than enough and totally deserve a replacement cupcake (sorry dude). 

So I showed my human the pictures and reminded her about all the OTHER pugs she's been feeding. Suggested maybe they are the ones who have eaten "more than enough". Maybe they are the ones who don't need a cupcake. She suggested I get on a scale and we see what the numbers say.

Uh... maybe I really don't need a cupcake.


Paula from DE said...

Well as a super model you do have to keep your svelt figure, but, on the other hand like a true super model you can just eat a little kibble each day for a month after the replacement is consumed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet...would you quit the poo for another cupcake?

Hmmmm, then I can dream of kissing you (again) !

(a little black pug named) Emma

Anonymous said...

Scales are liars.


Bruno + Diesel said...

Mmmm Puglet... I'd give my left paw to lick that maple-bacon icing off your lips! Even Mom says it makes you look utterly kiss-able. Now back to your situation: did you check the bakery box? Nobody EVER buys just one cupcake! Nobody here, anyway =D
Love always, Bruno & Diesel and you-know-who ♥♥♥
p.s. Check it out, dude! Mom figured out how to join your friends, so you can see my pic! She couldn't get Diesel's fat head to fit in the little box, so it's just me, me, me! So sad. Not.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Paula!

I'm telling my human you said I'm svelte. Or at least could be if I tried.

Emma ~ Heck NO! Poo is everywhere. In the grass, the bushes, sometimes even in the middle of the sidewalk. The only place I can get a cupcake is from my human, and see how that's going??

Daisy ~ Heck YES!

B+D ~ My human is a freak. She would definitely only buy one cupcake. I checked the recycling just in case. Confirmed: empty box :/

PS: glad your head isn't fat and we can see you :)

dw said...

Pug, you totally deserve another cupcake! After all the times your human was cheating with other pugs (and when you weren't around you don't even know how many pugs ate things that should have gone to you!!) she needs to make it up to you. *nods* *totally on Pug's side* *and bacon's side*

Bruno + Diesel said...

Wow, just one?? That's wrong in so many ways...
It was worth a try ;)
B+D ♥♥♥

Barbara said...

I say if you get no replacement donut then on your next walk, you eat DOUBLE the poo.

It's your momma's choice. Donut or poo.

Paula from DE said...

Really !!!! I'm with Bruno and Diesel, who buys just 1 cupcake !!! That is just craziness!!

South shore pugs said...

No one buys just one cupcake. We think your human ate the others and isn't telling. We love you maple bacon lips.

Hugs and licks,

Rudy and Billie

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Puglet, maybe you should be a lawyer, thats very strong evidence! You deserve another cupcake for sure. Or Voodoo should send you doughnuts for the free advertising.

Meredith & Scarlet

Sammy and Neko said...

Puglet, tell your human what's up with no cupcake for the pugs in Minneapolis?? We want some too!!!!

Hugo said...

Puglet. It's totally cool you put me under the bus. I would probably have to do the same thing if there was a cupcake on the line. Pugs have done much worse for cake, especially cupcakes with BACON on top!

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, how about asking Amanda to head on over to facebook and give all those nice people who paid money for her cause--and who are now wondering what happened to her--a quick, little update on her progress...just a note, a sentence, a few words...not asking for too much.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Atlanta pug ~

Sorry - my human is so bad at facebook, she kinda forgot it existed. I do know she's been staring at pugs on HAL4 since we got back from Portland. I also know Atlanta came after Dallas and Dallas is pretty much done.

I'm 99.9% sure she's working on a big fat this-is-what-you-missed (603 pugs later) update for next week but wants to get caught up on some of the pugshoots first so you and all the nice people don't have to keep waiting.

Hope that helps!

Noodles said...

Good luck with scoring another cupcake Puglet.
Really! 600+ PUGS! That is awesome. Does your human ever sleep?
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Noodles ~

Shhhh. Don't say the S word. I'm sure my human forgot all about it by now.

And yes -- 600 freaking Other pugs!! Crazy, right?

I kinda forgot that everyone only knows what I tell them about and my human's thumbs have been so insanely busy (or tired, or both) that I guess I haven't been doing too much telling. It really sucks to be thumbless AND have a human with a gimpy brain.


Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

We tried to warn you Puglet back on June 10th when you first visited Voo-Doo Bakery and it landed you in a Voo-Doo Coma.

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...
So let’s recap here. It’s really quite sad. You’ve eaten bagels
both good and bad.

And while others had brats and hot dogs to eat. You got a corndog from a Dude who knows meat

Then, Miss Gimpy brain forgot to bring your food. So you had to eat pizza, which looked really good

Now voodoo donuts have made you a client. When you wake up, Puglet, you’ll be on a diet!

Roxi, Riley & Lea
* * * * * * * *

And ...... now you are. Bet it was all worth it, tho!

stellaroselong said...

What not eat another cupcake! Cupcakes are like chips you can't eat just is rather selfish with the sweets around our house also..usually the THREE of us has to split a see how much better you have it. I even remind mom i have the metablism of a energier bunny and can eat what i want..but she doesn't listen. Parents!! Stella Rose and Sibs