Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Day 2 in Seattle was much better. I got to taste a new bagel and visit pretty much every park Seattle trying to find the perfect spot for pug shooting. Washington, Discovery, Volunteer, Cal Anderson, Kerry and Magnus-something. So many parks!

We'd probably still be driving around if Google hadn't told us about a place called Bhy Kracke. My human says it's the perfect place, even if the name does sound make it sound like a place to buy drugs.


Just when I thought all the Droid drama was over, we got some crazy good news. Old Droid is safe! 173 miles away in Portland with a superhero named Chris, but safe.

Super Chris found Droid lying in the parking lot of the store my human ran into for our water --- after she drove off with poor Droid sitting on Mazda's roof. Uh huh. A skinny armed jerk didn't steal Droid. My gimpy brained human did!

Ok, technically I guess she lost Droid. But still. It was all her fault.

Lucky for us, Chris is super AND awesome. He called the in-case-of-emergency number in Droid's phone book (my human's mom in New Jersey) to let us know everything was ok. How awesome is that.

Go Super Chris!

We're going to stop in Portland on our way home next week to Droid back and I'm thinking we should get something for Super Chris. Y'know, to say thanks for being so awesome. I wonder if he'd like some bacon. All dudes like bacon, right?

Oh yeah. And those pictures I couldn't show you other day because Droid was missing? Also safe. My human is so busted.


Sabrina PugTails said...

The world needs more people like Super Chris!
Bhy Kracke Park - what an awesome name. Do you think you could buy bacon there/ It's like a drug, isn't it?

moPSY+MISIOber said...

This is awesome!! We mean Chris is awesome, and your Human is just too funny, our mom loves your Human :) hahaha:)

Sammy and Neko said...

Great news!! Now... what are you (your human) going to do with the new one? Can you return it and get the money back so you can buy more bacon? There are many good humans out there. I am happy to find out today. Thanks !!


JessieJane said...

Maybe your human should keep both droids in the unlikely event of another droid napping :)

Glad things worked out.

Yours in Tubiness

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Maybe your human's Droid needs a leash! And Super Chris definitely needs a case of bacon as a reward. Or a case of beer. Maybe both.

Meredith & Scarlet

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Too Funny Puglet! So glad there are great people out there like Chris...hope Chris jumps on this blog to see how much we like dudes like him! Way awesome news! What a life you have with your gimpy minded human...she does keep you on your toes!

Noodles said...

Sigh of relief Puglet! I am soooooo glad Droid was lost and not stolen. The story has a happy ending. And despite the crazy name, that park looks awesome.
Love Noodles

dw said...

How cool that Droid is safe!! And that there was such a nice human to find it and call so you can get it back like Super Chris! Bacon works for me, not sure about this dude, but if he's that nice he's bound to like bacon!

Anne said...

OMG! Sounds soo like something I'd do! All dudes like bacon, unless they're vegetarian, then they like bacon anyway cuz it's bacon!

Dutchess the Pug said...

Wow Puglet, it sure is lucky Super Chris came to the rescue! To bad your human already bought another phone. I wish I had found Droid....I love bacon! I bet Super Chris does too! Glad to see you have fun and we look forward to more pictures of you and Dutch!

South shore pugs said...

This world is full of good honest people Puglet. We are happy that one of them was there when you needed it. Super Chris should get a bouquet of bacon. Maybe you,ll be lucky and get one more VooDoo bacon donut when retrieving Droid in Portland ......

Kisses and pug licks,
Rudy and Billie

Barbara said...

We are really glad Droid is safe and we hope they take back Droid 2.

We're so glad the world has some honest people left!

And bacon. Definitely bacon.

Anonymous said...


Punchbugpug said...

thank goodness droid was found!!! just to share in Milhaukee we thought we had lost our Nikon...he was found in the parking lot...then on the way back to the hotel we stopped for gas and there on the roof of the car was Nikon!!! Holy $&^%$&^ I really tried to loose that damn camera!!!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Really, there are a lot more good humans in this world then mean ones, and Chris obviously one of the good ones! Wow, will be interested to hear if you can return the new phone. It sounds like thumbs could use a vacation.

jbonomo said...

That is so fabulous! Celebrate with double bacon! this restores faith in cool is that. Two paws up from Lexi the Pug.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
So now that the truth is out about are you going to rub your humans nose in this one?

Glad Super Chris called to get Droid back to you, now only if you human can take the new one back and get a refund.
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli...waiting for bacon

Jaco said...

We are still laughin' bout the name of the park! So glad you found Droid and most importantly, the pictures. Safe travels Puglet and Dutch!

Hal and Opal said...

PUGLET!! We are so excited that you are in Seattle and we hope you and your human and Dutch are enjoying the Emerald City! We are so looking forward to meeting all of you on Sunday.

Oh yeah, so our human was at some place called Zoeyogurt in Greenlake the other day and they had Maple Bacon Donut flavored frozen yogurt! Our human didn't try it cuz she doesn't eat bacon but she did say something about it being "low fat". We think you should ask your human about this because we think it means "less tubey". And...Greenlake is a super cool place for pugs (and dalmations!).

Hal and Opal

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy that Chris found your phone! I was very sad to think that when you visited my home here that some skinny-necked jerk ruined it, and I wasn't there in all of my hugeness to save you/it, so yahhh! Portland is such an awsesome city, SUPER dog friendly!