Monday, September 24, 2012


Don't get too excited about today's picture. I didn't get any pizza (and definitely didn't get any MORE pizza). Dutch still hasn't had his birthday yet though, so I guess maybe someday we could get pizza. Sounds a lot better than a brulee or gruyere or whatever Dutch thinks he wants, if you ask me.

Anyway. I'm sorry about the whole not speaking thing. I couldn't think of a better way to punish my human for kicking me out of bed for making noise. Well, at least not a way that wouldn't get me in even more trouble than I already got in for snoring.

My human is so (whatever) right now, I don't think she even noticed me punishing her back. And I was totally prepared to be silent until she felt guilt or pain or *something* bad, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut when I heard her tell someone on the phone that I might have to stay home. Yes, home. Like, not go with her to the other coast.

ME: what do you mean stay home??
HUMAN: uh, stay home means stay home. With Dutch.
ME: but Dutch is a 0. 0's can stay home. I'm #1. #1's go.
HUMAN: (silence)
ME: is it because I snore? I promise I won't snore.

I'm not 100% sure what the deal is but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with snoring. I guess we were going to fly to NJ then drive to the other places. But now it's all flying and no driving and that means flying straight to Boson - which means I can't hang out at my cousin Sophie's house in NJ when my human is busy with the Other 999 in Boston.

Somehow this stupid new plan is supposed to keep my human from 'imploding', but no freaking way I'm staying home. So far I've convinced her that I can totally hang out in the hotel or car on the short pug shooting days but she said no way can I do that on the long weekend days.

Plan A went like this:

ME: Google says there's a daycare place in Boston that's open all weekend. I can stay there.
HUMAN: aw, Pug. It's in South Boston. That's practically in Guam.
ME: Guam is closer to Boston than San Francisco though, right?
HUMAN: not really.

Plan B didn't really work either:

ME: is, uhm, Kim going with you to the other coast?
HUMAN: (big sigh) yes, Kim will be there.
ME: maybe Kim can watch me?
HUMAN: (much laughing)
ME: please please please??

Ok, I'm not going to get into the whole Kim thing right now because I only have until Wednesday to come up with a Plan C. Let's just say after an hour of please please please-ing, my human finally spilled the beans on Kim. Uhm, yeah. Lets just say Kim is totally not going to help me.

More on that later...

Must find Plan C!


Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Pug, park you butt in her suitcase or travel bag and just refuse to get out. She'll have to take you, right?

Can you fit in the camera bag??

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Anonymous said...

Do one of them ratchet head moves plus use your big eyes to melt her heart. She is sure to take you along. Or tell her that in October in San Jose there is a huge pug convention, Pug Nationals are in California this year she can drive to San Jose with you and get more than 999 pictures of pugs. Driving is a lot easier than flying. Sad thing is we can't go, Emmitt didn't make the top 5 in Agility this year so mom said maybe next time. Can you hear us crying tears we really wanted to go.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Foodie Girl said...

OH PUG! You have to come to NY/NJ! My mom and dad postponed their honeymoon to make sure I get to meet you (They did also say something about hurricane season - but I close my ears when I hear anything about rain)

I don't know why your human thinks she needs to fly to Boston. When my mom doesn't feel like driving she always takes the train - and I hear it's pug friendly. You are always more than welcome to stay with me in Hoboken, we can really freak out my cat brother!!!


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Pug! We need you on the East coast! We're hitting Boston and NJ/NYC just to see you!

Scarlet & Meredith

Daniella Bordonaro said...


Augustus said...

Ask all the pug people to stay after their appointments to hang out with you, that way your human won't have to juggle you and all the other pugs. Or find a non 999 pug friend to watch you on the long days, my human has some east coast connections if that would help.

Sorry your plans are messed up, convince your human to let you come to my house and I can almost promise you some Bacon. And pizza, apples, lettuce, peanut butter crusts, cucumbers.... here's the thing, if you look cute enough around here *someone* will feed you something good. It will serve your human right if you come home a bit Tibet. :-D

Augustus said...

Really? Tibet? I typed tubey, thanks Droid.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I can't believe you will be so close and we won't be able to meet!!

Wondering if you're staying at our favorite Hotel Marlowe?

I definitely hope Dutch gets his birthday before you switch coasts for a while!

Safe travels and Bon voyage! Welcome to our side of the world!!

Baxter and Cole

Anonymous said...

Plan C should be that your human gets posted all the photos of all the pugs she's already shot. Some of us are very sad we've seen MONTHS!

bmccloy said...

Oh Pug... my heart is breaking. We (four of us) are coming to meet you in Boston - we thought it was just a given that you would be there. You must, absoultely MUST, come up with a Plan C. If your human needs some help with day care, you can come stay with pugs 758 and 759... they would LUV, LUV, LUV to have you and would feed you facon as much as you like. Your human has our info, so tell her!!!! :-)

Bailey and Buddy said...


We hope you find Plan C, but we will understand if you don't make it...we certainly don't want your human's brain to implode. Looking forward to our photo shoot! We have been putting Bag Balm on our noses and I have to say it works great. Our noses are very moist and looking great. Also, we don't mind waiting for our pictures for as long as it takes...we would like for your human to retain her sanity during all this pug craziness and not implode. Imploding does not sound fun.

Pug Hugs,
Bailey & Buddy

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...I feel for ya man! I know how much fun we had when you came to Big D! You just have to find a way to get to the other coast...all the other pugs need to meet you!!! Dang! Plan C needs to be a good one! And I need to know about Kim soon!

Mubi Chitose said...

Hey, Puglet! Tell Ms. Thumb that when you're in the East Coast, there will be plenty of people who would like to help out! In NY, I'll be happy to show you around while Ms. Thumb's busy shooting other pugs.

Maybe we can go to a spa and get a massage, and then hang out at some cool bar.


Miley said...

Hey puglet has been banned from using the thumbs. So Miley here giving an update on Plan C. In New York and New Jersey Puglet has conned “thumbs” mom to let him stay with her at the Photo shoot. In Boston Puglet is super excited to hang with Lola and Otis on Sunday. Thank you everyone for your offers to help Puglet make a Plan C

agent99 said...

Augustus has a fine idea! No pug person would want you to be unsupervised! As for the photos from our shoot, I admit I'm DYING to see them. But, all in good time......sending all kinds of juju for the upcoming trip East.
Much love,
Gen, Foo, and their minions....

Unknown said...

Hey Puglet!

My mom says she would be thrilled to hang out with you on Saturday (and so would I because your my dream pug *sigh*). She is planning on coming early and staying late anyways to watch all the pugs! She could help out on Sunday too if you needed her. Let me know!

(your soon to be east coast girlfriend)
Tessie Pug (aka #752!!!)

Bailey and Buddy said...

Yeah! We are glad to hear that we get to meet Puglet in New Jersey! We can't wait!!!