Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ok. I don't normally get all serious on you because life is too short to be serious. At least when you're a pug. But I know there are humans out there too and sometimes human-stuff = serious. So if you're a pug, go take a nap or something and come back tomorrow. If you're a human, keep reading.

So, I saw a bunch of comments on Dutch's bacon post and want to fill everyone in on some stuff. I can't tell you everything there is to know right now because 1) my human might kill me and 2) she has eight million things to do before the trip to the other coast and if I don't give her back the thumbs ASAP, nobody will get on a plane tomorrow.

I know some people aren't 1000% happy about how the Other 999 project is going. Maybe a lot of people even, not sure. Things have been taking too long. Stuff that should have happened hasn't happened yet. All that stuff is totally true. And it all completely sucks. And I guess maybe it doesn't matter to anyone why. But I'm going to tell you anyway.

If you don't feel like reading all my whys, that's cool. Just know that my human is doing everything superhumanly possible to make sure this project turns out awesome where in matters most: in the end. 1000% of her energy has gone into the ONE thing that matters more than everything else: making sure every single pug's 15 minutes with Nikon is as awesome as possible.

So even though the project might not seem all that awesome right now, I swear it is. Will be? Whatever. You just have to trust me. I've seen the freaking pictures. You'll see them soon too.

Top secret pictures of pictures.

My human's in the middle of writing some ginormous project update called the good, the bad & the ugly - so keep eyes open for that. Until then, here are my whys.

WHY #1: my human is human
I'm pretty sure all you other humans know what that means. But just in case you're some kind of super-human freak who's never made a mistake in your whole entire life, being human means not getting everything right. No matter how hard you try or how much you really really really want to.

WHY #2: my human really sucks at math
Y'know, stuff like how many hours there are in a day. Or how many hours it really takes to do all the things a human has to do to visit 14 cities, scout 78 locations, shoot a whole bunch of freaking pugs, look at 102,698 pictures and keep +1000 humans happy. Yeah. My human pretty much got all that math *totally* wrong.

WHY #3: my human is only one human
One human can only do as much as one human can do. No matter how much more she *needs* or *wants* to do.

WHY #4: my human isn't superhuman
When a non-super human tries to be super and goes all day without drinking or peeing because they are too busy shooting pugs, things can go wrong. Important things like kidneys. My human's kidneys went wrong back in Milwaukee and even though she rested and did everything the doctor said, she's still way slower than usual (and supertubey too!).

WHY #5: my human is kinda broken
I might get killed for telling the whole entire internet this, but my human isn't like other humans. I know I kinda make fun of her brain for being gimpy, but I guess broken brains aren't really funny. Especially if you have one in your head.

My human doesn't like to talk about how broken she is, so I didn't really understand her brain's gimpiness until I asked Google about it. Seriously, check this out:

Executive Function is an ability that is most closely associated with the frontal lobes of the brain. The frontal areas of the brain-just behind the forehead area of the skull--are particularly vulnerable when there is trauma to the head. This explains why Executive Function problems are so common in head injury. 

Executive Function includes a number of separate skills such as:

  • Self-Evaluation. The ability to take stock of ones strengths, weaknesses, resources, and opportunities. 
  • Planning. The ability to set a realistic goal and to create all the necessary steps for attaining it. 
  • Initiation. The ability to get started.
  • Time-Awareness. The ability to note the passing of time, to stay on schedule, to keep appointments and to meet deadlines. 
  • Self-Correction. The ability to evaluate ones performance and to make needed corrections in the midst of a task or project. 
  • Problem Solving. The ability to recognize when the actions you are taking are ineffective, to stop, re-evaluate, and to formulate or re-formulate a plan. 
Executive Function also refers to the capacity to reflect on ones situation and life, to evaluate what is working and what is not, to formulate plans of action, and to carry out such plans successfully.

* * *

Uhm, yeah. I don't think humans with gimpy brains should do great big giant projects. At least not without a TON of help from other humans. But it's kinda too late for that. So please hang in there and try not to hate my human too much for trying.


Dutchess the Pug said...


Your human took on a huge undertaking. A big project that would challenge anyone. She is doing the best she can and although there are impatient or critical people she shouldn't feel bad. I look forward, as does my human, to the final product. Sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination. Hang in there Pug's human. You have lots of love and support here.

Best wishes,
Dutchess and her person, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet's Human,

It is a super-human project and you are doing a great job. We are sorry that Emma isn't happy, but you can't keep everyone happy and be healthy enough to finish a project that requires traveling and not peeing or sleeping or eating. And books take a lot longer to produce than people think. And sometimes thank you cards take a little extra time and sometimes they get lost in all the work a person has to do. (That has probably never happened to Emma.) So, do the best you can. It's all anyone can ask of you.

Daisy, Scooter Pugman and Linda Stumbaugh

Ritaestelle said...

Oh Pug!! Your human is doing an outrageously pugtastic job!! I'm sure it is very difficult to coordinate such an awesome project but she is getting it done and her heart (and brain) is working very well as pug rescue groups could attest! My daughter, my grandpug (#900) and I are looking forward to meeting you next month!! Keep giving your human all that puggy TLC and she will be just fine!!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
Thanks for bringing this issue to the forefront of PUGDOM even though I know you may totally get in trouble for it. I have been trying to tell people this same stuff all along. I KNOW how awesome your human is and how GREAT her photos are. I love love love my 1000Pug experience. And really, I don't care about the tshirts, the online gallery, or the other 999 things promised in the beginning of the project because ultimately I get to be a part of a HUGE project that will do A LOT of good for a lot of rescue pups. I am honored to be a part of this project. Oh, and my mommys said they are totally willing to help however needed - stuff like spread sheets, mailing, etc. Whatever. We love you and your human.
Keep up the good work.
Love Noodles and Mommys

Hugo the Portland Pug said...

Puglet and human,

Don't you worry about how long things take. We will get there eventually! Your human is awesome and doing a super amazing thing and that's not something that happens overnight. We support you <3

Ps I think that's ME in the picture with my donut!!!!!

<3 Hugo the Portland Pug

Noodle (and Ellen) said...

My mom and I agree with Noodles--this project is huge and we're so excited to be a part of it!
To both Amanda and Puglet - if you need anything at all when you're in NYC please don't hesitate to ask! We can't wait to see you again (we lived in SF for a couple of years and had the pleasure of meeting all three Daily Puglet contributors at Pug Sunday).
You're doing a great job and we know that the end result will be truly magnificent! You can't rush a masterpiece, and a masterpiece this will be!!
Hang in there!
Noodle (and Ellen)

Floris said...

let's try again to comment (I've tried before but they always end up lost in cyber somewhere). YOU ALL are doing a great job! Pug, Dutch, great human and terrific 999.... keep cool and keep breathing, xx

Pearl and Tessa said...

As long as she is taking care of you guys, and herself, that is what is important. It is a HUGE undertaking...and we have total faith in her!

Take care of yourself Amanda

Pearl and Tessa said...

PS....we still want to know who KIM is!

And, if there is anything our human could do to help you, please let us know.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug- I know what it means to have a broken brained human, too! My human had the c-word in her brain and had 2 surgeries- sometimes people think she's not very friendly, but really she's just shy... because she forgets what she was talking about and stuff and it's embarrassing.
My human met yours and thinks she totally rocks. She even sent her a picture of my mini human and me from the East Bay pug Sunday.
If you guys need any extra help- ya know- the gimpy brained kind- tell your peeps to get ahold of my peeps, and we'll come right on over the bridge and see what we can do to help.
(Lafayette) Lola
the not perfect either pug

Anonymous said...

Amanda, pug and Dutch....

Take a breath...it's all good. Don't let one (or 2) cranky pants leave a bad taste....good things come to those who wait.

Bouncer, chaos and hu-mom...
Fort Lauderdale...

Augustus said...

Great job Puglet, you managed to make my human leak! We agree with all the others who are saying that we are fine with this project taking whatever time it needs to take and I'm so sorry that you and your human have been made to feel bad. All of the humans (and some of us pugs) mess up sometimes, and I think the finished product is going to be AMAZING and WONDERFUL. Shoot, even if it never gets fully done, look at all the pugs that are being helped with the money that is going to the rescues.

I guess some updates along the way might have helped, sometimes those of us who are not actually doing the work forget exactly how much work there is being done. I know my human has been *waiting* for, like, a year or something. First she waited for the project to start, then she waited to register, then she waited to get the instructions, then she waited for the day to come, now she is waiting to see the pictures... but whatever, right? We all had to learn to wait for Christmas and bacon and babies being born and just about anything except surprise parties, so the grumpy gusses need to just remember that they are not the only ones waiting and that waiting isn't the end of the world anyway.

A needs to take care of herself or none of this is going to matter to anyone. She needs to focus on her health, then on taking care of you and Dutch THEN maybe on the 999 others.

Is there anything any of the humans can do to help ease the load? Like take over the rewards mailing stuff or, well I don't even know what all there is to be done, but if it's stuff like putting shirts or tags into boxes and mailing them then I bet my human could manage to help. Please think about it, please?

Anonymous said...

Hey This is Grumpy from Ft Lauderdale Fl. I would love to say something different but I agree with all the other post. Amanda you have taken on an amazing project. Don't worry about anyting but being true to yourself.You know how you want the project to turn out, you are the artist. We are 100000% behind you! Take a deep breath and move forward. Have a safe trip, hope Pug will make it. Come back to South Florida my house is open to you anynow time, no notice needed! We can get some great yogurt at Yougertland!! Amazing flavors, pugs will love!! If I can help in any way, you just let me know. I've got your back! Margie

Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Oh, Pug, and Augustus up top, my human is leaking too. We know what a HUGE undertaking this project is, and we know the finished product will be superawesome. We love you guys and are sending some major juju to your human. We are all the way down in Florida, but if we can help out, in any way at all, please let us know. We have all the faith in the world that whenever 1000 Pugs is finished, it will be wonderful, especially for all the pug rescues you guys helped out.

Love, Otis

Anonymous said...

Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy. ~Robert Anthony

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln

Great things take time. Love Molls

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where the northern NJ shoot is? Our grandma lives in the area and might want to go see pugs and watch...

Thanks! Bouncer and chaos

Unknown said...

Aww Puglet, NO ONE could ever hate Miss Amanda! When we met the 3 of you here in Seattle, we immediately fell in love with Miss Amanda, Dutch, & you! Miss Amanda is the sweetest, nicest person in the whole wide world! Take care of Miss Amanda, give her lots of licks, and stay by her side always! Black Pearl & Otis

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Pug, we have to admit we begged through two emails about finding out our location so we could get a hotel. We are sorry if it came off as bugging. This is one big crazy project that only a totally crazy person would take on. But crazy people are the best artists. And that's what your mom is. Besides, pug people are crazy anyway.

If the upset folks are like us, they are probably just so excited that it makes them anxious. It's hard to believe that pug people would be mean about it, but maybe it's kind of like pugs and food. We can get awfully anxious and crabby about our food. Let's hope that it all blows over soon.

We can't promise to be angels at our shoot, but our mom promises to bring some food for your mom or coffee or whatever she needs. Heck, we'll bring adult diapers if that would help!

It's more important that your mom gets her rest and doesn't do permanent damage to herself. Everything else can wait.

Anonymous said...

Pug, your human IS super human. We didnt find out about you or the project until recently so we weren't able to try and get a chance at being hams in front of Nikon, but ever since day one when we read all your archives and stared following, we fell in love with you, Dutch, and especially Ms. Thumbs; she's quite a lady!

She's taken on a tremendous feat with no help and is sick on top of it. Anyone who's even half a pug person should have compassion in their heart and know your human would never do anyone wrong.

Please take care of her with extra pugger TLC. Yours, hers, and Dutch's health (and sanity) is most important!!!

Baxter, Cole, and their momma

PS. Even though we're not two of the 999 our human says she'd be glad to help with anything she can from our coast. Travel safe!!

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

Dear Puglet's Mom, B&D's mom here. It makes my heart hurt that this post/explanation was even necessary. Far from leaking, I am burning with anger. Your schedule would cripple 3 humans! I only wish I had known about the project soon enough to take part. Take good care of yourself, Amanda; your boys need you =)
Love always, Bruno, Diesel & Mom ♥♥♥
p.s. Had to delete most of this; no need subjecting everyone to my rant =P

Bailey and Buddy said...


Please tell your human that we think she is amazing and this project is totally awesome. Also please tell her to take care of herself!! We've seen what happened to Frank when he broke and we don't want to see that happen to your human!

Buddy & Bailey

Anonymous said...

Awwww Puglet, I had so much fun meeting you and your human in MN and will wait just a long as it takes to see my pictures! Your human has taken on so much, my hope is that everyone else understands what a big project it is. There are bigger things to worry about in life...like finding bacon. Yoda

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Puglet - We totally understand! Ellie is #439!! Your human needs to do whatever it takes to make sure she is taking care of herself!!

We know that this project is a HUGE undertaking and we are patient and know that the pictures will just be amazing!!

To anyone who is impatient... We have to go poodle on them!!

You have our support 100%

Pugs & Kisses,

Cindy, Brutus & Ellie

bmccloy said...

Dear Puglet!

We are super excited to meet you... we've got a little countdown going - 5 days! And you tell your human that if she needs any help, before or after her next big shoot to just let us know. We are super excited to meet you both (sorry Dutch isn't coming) and want to help you in any way possible.

Can't wait to see you!!!
Lola & Otis

A Tail of Two Curls said...

This project is a huge selfless thing to do and I don’t know another human that could or would do it. You have all our support and anything we can do to help we are more than happy to do it. People love to put down others that do while they do nothing! Miss Amanda is awesome and I know this will all come out well. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, sometimes it takes a bit longer and that is fine. All our love and puggie kisses, Joey, Zoey, Daff and Cass.

Noodle said...

OMD, Pug!! No one here could hate your human. She's awesome!! We've been seriously worried about her and secretly sending all-purpose juju. You let her know that we are TOTALLY available to help in any way--even if it's to go poodle on some haters!!

Take good care of your human, Pug!

Your buddy,

Aussie Pugs said...

Dear Puglet, Dutch and Thumbs

You guys are amazing! people who are whinging have nothing better to do with their lives and can't see the bigger picture!!
1000 pugs is a great awesome fantastic project! and yes all fantastic projects take time.
plus i think your human is a perfectionist! so that takes more time!
Just chillax, go with the flow, eat some bacon and try to ignore the mean spirited people. life is too short.
love Rexi, Ella, Brutus and our human!

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet! Your human is awesome and should be given some sort of Congressional Medal of Honor or something for everything she is doing to help out the less fortunate pugs among us. Anyone who gets angry or snaps at her should be scolded and sent to their crate without dinner. We know we'll get to see the awesome pictures when they are ready. We aren't going anywhere and will wait as long as we need to.

Bacony kisses,
Daisy and Lily from Seattle

Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Amen to all the happiness and goodness on the Daily tonight.

Sabrina said...

Hiya Puglet!

Sorry your human has had to deal with all these issues (I mean the health stuff and the people stuff). Its a pretty big project, and Beulah (#893) and I (and maybe Barney) are still really excited to just meet your human in the skin! If your human needs any help on the Saturday shoot in Toronto, please let us know! Beulah is getting shot first thing in the morning so we can certainly stay for a while to do whatever your human needs!

I know your human might be down about some of the criticism, but she should know that there are probably more people who are just like us! We're so excited to meet her that we're driving in from 5 hours away!!! Don't let the stuff get you down--most of us are excited to just be part of the project!

Suzy said...

Your human is AWESOME, Puglet! And who's that precious pug angel in the first of the super-secret pics? She has the most amazing tongue BOL

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Tell your human that we're all feelin' for her on this one. I'm stressed myself...and not nearly for the same amount of stuff as your human is dealing with...but stress sucks. Tell human to rest and relax. The true friends will be supportive and the dickheads will be dickheads.
Much Love,
Mama Mindy :)

dw said...

Puglet, even humans without gimpy brains have problems with how much time projects will really take so there's no worries! Things will get done when they get done. And it seems as if your human has her priorities straight - take good pictures of the other 999 puggies so when the project is totally put together, everything will look fantastic, even if it takes somewhat longer than expected to get there.

*btw, did you hear about the potential bacon shortage on the news????? Horrors, I tell ya, horrors!*

Get Better said...

Oh, Puglet, this made me so leaky! I hope your human gets feeling better soon, we totally stand by her side. Thank you for and Dutch for being there for her!!! We love all three of you so very much!

By the way, can we say these top secret pictures are the most superawesomest? WE can't wait to see the finished project, but of course we can wait, it will be worth it!!


Anonymous said...

Puglet, if we could, we would send all the juju in the world to heal your human. But she is never broken, never. We love you!

Judy said...

I appreciate the update on your huge pug project. We are just so excited to have participated and can't wait to see the photos of our Charlie girl. We are the couple that won the extra photo slot in Seattle in June. I can't deny that it would be fabulous to know our number and see our photos, but we completely understand that not everything works as smoothly as planned. after all, we are humans too. we just let our pugs and non-pugs take the lead and show us how to relax and go with the flow. there will be nothing but understanding from our corner.

and, if there is anything you need help with, please let me know. i am very, very good at shoving paperwork around and would be happy to help in any way.
hugs to you all!!!

Crabbie Chris said...

Hiya Pug....your bestie here! I'm here to help any way I can, like licking bacon flavored envelopes!! I also know my mom is ready to help when your mom comes back from the other coast. Mom and I are here for you and your mom....so safe travels and I anticipate chewing on you when you get home.

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

Your human is very special, and only truly special people can take pictures as great as your human. She brings out the personality of every dog in every picture she takes. We love to look at how she represents puggy and doggy kind. No one should grrrr at her. She does so much and asks so little. We appreciate everything she does, not only with this project, but the blog and the pictures. She brings sunshine to our days!

Pugs2Luv said...

Pug, we totally understand having a gimpy brained human. Our human is broken too. It is hard for humans without brain injuries to understand what it's like for people who have them. On the outside, everything seems normal; if they only knew the chaos going on inside their head and the rest of their body. Zoey is so used to our human's broken brain that she knows when it is about to shut down & won't leave her side. We know that your human's health is delicate and the most important thing. We are here to help, so maybe your human can focus on getting healthy (which is a full time job in itself when you have a gimpy brain). You have a staff of friends(human and pug) ready to be put into action. Phoebe wants to know about bacon envelope duty.
Give us a call when you get home & we'll get it done. Hang in there. Z & P

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your human that the jerks out there have the nerve to criticize her! Some people know when they can get by with giving people trouble. Wish she had the temperament to just pull anyone from the book that had any problems with the way she is handling things! If Amanda hadn't put together this project, people, most likely, wouldn't have ever had professional pictures of their pet taken! They need to relax OR maybe not participate!!!!

Charlie the Pug's Human

Unknown said...

Hiya Pug,

The highlight of this project for us was meeting you and your awesome human, and hanging out with Lisa from Pacific Pug Rescue, and meeting Rose Pug Riveter and her awesome mom, and taking photos of your human taking photos, and schmoozing with you and your human and the other pugs, and raising money for PPR. The rest of it is gravy. Hmmmmm. Did someone mention gravy?

Sending bacony-goodness thoughts your way. And love to your human!

xoxo, Scoutie (#503)

Buford T. Justice said...

Pug and Amanda (and Dutch),

This was an amazing project from the start and WAY bigger than ANY of us imagined......The people who are unhappy or critisizing you have different issues to deal with and you can't change that.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for bringing such an amazing idea to light and just know that we LOVE YOU no matter what!!!!! We'll see our pictures when they are ready and we'll wait as long as we have to.


Buford T. Justice, Bambi and Miss Lacy Pug (Tre the Boston and Laurie the human)

Anonymous said...

Amanda, Puglet , & Dutch,

I 1000% support your project and am so honored to even have the opportunity to be a part of something so special.

I took a literal leap of faith at our photo shoot in Seattle! I took it because I believe in what your doing!

Please take care of each other and get healthy!

Your Friend, Pugasaurus Rex

Buddy said...

I ditto 99% of what Noodles said. The 1% I don't and won't do are spreadsheets. But totally happy to mail stuff!!!! Or Email for that matter. Let us help you thumbs. :D We all love you and want you to be happy and healthy!!!!

Anonymous said...


This is Sophie, one of the 999 here in Portland, your human took my picture, actually a few pictures. She was really nice and she gave me a lot of treats, which in my book is pretty great. Anyways, my human thinks your human is pretty terrific and understands that this was a massive undertaking and she knew that your human would have the pictures ready when they were ready. So from one pug to another, as far as humans go, they can be inpatient, and think they are the only people in the world emailing and that your human has to drop everything she is doing to answer that one email. Humans also forget that this project was for a worthy cause, helping our kind in need. But, my human has had faith in your human this whole time and continues to do so. So tell your human, she is amazing for what she is doing and to keep up the good work and we look forward to the time that the pictures will be ready. Hey, if you ever make it back to Portland, lets have a bacon maple bar at Voodoo's! My treat, or my humans as I don't have pockets!

From your friend in the North West
Sophie (and my human Holly)

Jenn & Magnum P.I. said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear people have been less than kind. But being a designer myself, I completely understood and remained patient knowing your human was totally overwhelmed and had probably underestimated how long and strenuous this project would be. It always takes two to three times longer on something than I originally estimate. Being human has its drawbacks, like needing to eat and sleep. If you didn't have to do those, then maybe there might be enough time to get everything done. Stupid sleep. Not to mention the attention you, the awesome pug needs. Mine always seems to know when it's time for a play break. Magnum P.I. will sit there and bark at me and whine until I peel myself from my computer and play with him. He's just so awesome for that. Gosh, I wish there was something I could do to help you out. It was so lovely meeting you and your human and getting the photos taken. Please tell her to feel better and take all the time she needs. We are so honored to be part of this project with you and all 999 pugs. Just know, that there' no way to please all 1000 people, there will always be a percentage that are a little anxious and nervous and mean for whatever reason they have. But please know that there is a much larger percentage standing behind your human and fully supporting you guys 110%. This message made me cry because I myself have felt this frustrated. But, Amanda and you, Puglet rock! I mean all the pugs you've seen and all the pugs you've helped with the donations is simply too incredible to describe in words. I salute your human and wish her all the best. Seriously, make sure she feels better very soon.

Best wishes,
Jenn & Magnum P.I.
Two of your biggest fans!

Anonymous said...


I know your human is doing the best that she can and my humans and myself are 1000% supportive of what she does. We want her to finish the great work she started.

Can you do me a favour, one pug to another? Can you please ask your human to contact my humans. They pledged $500.00 (I think that's what it's called. I only deal in treats) for your human to take pictures of me in Toronto, but they have not received an e-mail saying when I am to meet your human. And they're super worried because there are no times left in Toronto. My humans have tried to contact your human, but no luck either. My humans are getting sad.

They LOVE the project and they supported it from the first day, but they are worried that they paid a lot of money and they won't have a picture of me.

So if you can tell your human to talk to my humans, we will all be as happy as pugs in rugs!


Jac from DE said...

Awwwww Puglet, Dutch and Amanda

We just want you to know that you all are soooo loved by many.

What you are doing with 1000 pugs is just awesome!!!!

Pug, make sure thumbs takes care of herself.


Stan Milhous and his Mom-Mom

Nugget said...

Oh Puglet, this makes me leaky. Please give your human lots of kisses. She took on a HUGE project, and so what if it isn't moving as quickly as she'd planned? It will still be completely awesome when it's finished and we can't wait to see it. The most important thing is that she takes care of herself in the process.

And to the people who made her feel less than awesome, shame on them.

Chin up,

Nugget and his human

Christa said...

Sorry there are some people that are not happy, but you cant please everyone. Your health is super important and that needs to be a top priority. If you are not healthy none of this will ever happen. So make sure you drink lots of water and take lots of pee breaks and get yourself well!! There are plenty of people that love you, love your pups and love this project. So dont let a few Debbie downers make you feel bad.
love and juju,
Christa and Cletus pug 176

dcmto2003 said...

Hi Puglet,

As for your broken human, our Mom loves the line by Leonard Cohen: "There's a crack, a crack, in everything. That's how the light gets in". Your human is letting the light in, with her wonderful project.

Max and Lola in Toronto

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Our Mom couldn't even read past the first few paragraphs before her eyes started leaking really REALLY bad. All she kept saying was that your Mom is SUPER and all those whining complaining morons out there are just mean and self centered. We love you. We believe in you. And, now we have to go lick tears from Mom's face .... yum!

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Cleopatra and her mama said...

So let me get this straight - your human took on this huge project. She did it to be nice to pugs. Thousands of pugs will benefit from the money she's raising. Some pugs will have their entire lives saved because your human cared enough to put herself in a highly stressful (although probably enjoyable due to all of us cute pugs). And someone is complaining that it's not done yet. Did they have a sitting with your human? Did she take as many pictures of them as she did of me? If so, that's a heck of a lot of pictures!

When we left my sitting, my mama said she'd never met a photographer who was so good with dogs. She said I'd behaved unusually well, despite all of the cool things to sniff, and places I could have run off to. I told her it was because the smells and other dogs were far less important than the real reson we went to the sitting - to help pugs that don't have good homes and soft warm beds.

So my mom is super anxious to see the photos, because she loves pictures of me. But she knows they will be well worth the wait, and well worth the money she spent to have my sitting. Tell your mom that she should take the time she needs, because in the end they'll be the best pictures because they were taken with the best intentions - love!

...and tell her to buy you another Baconater.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Pug, we love you, Dutch, and Amanda. We're so glad that you've shared your human's trouble; sometimes when we share things like this, life starts to get easier. We're so looking forward to seeing you and her in Boston for our shoot. This is a wonderful project and needs lots of loving support. We're here for you all!

Meredith & Scarlet

Laura Bee said...

Puglet, I hope that your human has the chance to read all of these nice things people are saying here because they are all true. My human is an idea person like your human and she can get in over head with projects too. It's OK though, my guy human tells her the world needs idea people.

She wants to tell your human it's OK to take some of the help that's being offered. She says to Google the word "delegate."

Otis Redding the shop dog in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Puglet - I'm SUPER stoked about being a part of the 1,000 Pugs project, and my mama doesn't care if it takes a longer than expected time to get photos, etc.

We'll see your mama in Toronto with a HUGE smile and some butt wags, and keep on pugging!

Lola Pug

Deb and Pammy said...

Puglet your human is superhuman. Thinking of this enormous project and then deciding to do it is superhuman. It will be great when it is done, whenever that is. Imaginary deadlines don't exist when it comes to creative projects. We support and encourage your Mom no matter what. Listen to the good comments and ignore the bad. They are not worth it.

Deb and Pammy

P.S. You and Dutch are really cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm a person with a tendency to overcommit and then enter an avoidance phase, so I sympathize. May I make a few suggestions?

1. Use your words. As much as possible, keep your clients and supporters informed. Not just here (I had no idea this blog existed), but on 1000 pugs, FB, kickstarter.

2. Get help. It's not too late! I'm not sure why you would think it's too late. Get an assistant to update your web sites, answer emails, and email clients with a more realistic estimated timeline for their photos. Get a therapist or life coach to help you with strategies for completing the project, if necessary. Build Team You! You shouldn't have to do this alone.

3. Give people realistic completion dates. From some of what I have read, it looks like you have been behind from the beginning, yet months later when you took my pug's picture you promised me a link in a couple of weeks--something you must have known wasn't possible. It's hard to tell people what you think they don't want to hear, but it's tons better than not telling them.

4. Understand that you are breaching contracts and disappointing people. I know it's hard to put yourself in other people's shoes when you're hurting, but while it's one thing to read someone's justification for why they haven't done what they said they'd do, it's so much better to receive an apology, a plan, or a transparent process for getting it done. (For example, a meter on the 1000 pugs site that says how many photos you've completed and how many are yet to be completed, or which cities are completed or whatever.) I don't know if I should expect my photos in a month, a year, or never. If it's the latter, I'd like to know soon so I can make other plans to get my pug documented in his old age before it's too late.

Best of luck to you in finishing this big project.

Unknown said...

We were #614 and #615 at the SF shoot.While we can't wait to see the pictures (of course they are beautiful, it's us, Pugs!) we are more anxious for the final product, the book. Keep plugging away Amanda and Puglet and Dutch. This is a huge undertaking that was almost destined to be behind right from the start. The scope of this project almost dictated that.I am shocked, SHOCKED, that there are pug people complaining. Don't they have better things to do? Like feed their pug and give them treats? I know in out house that keeps our human busy practically 24 hours a day.
Donner and Boo (the Reno NV Pugs!)

Anonymous said...

There's a little blue and yellow fish named Dory that wants me to tell your human...umm I hope she understands this...but here goes..."Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."
Hope that makes sense.
Kris in Oklahoma

Sabrina PugTails said...

First of all, I want to give your human huge fluffy hugs and tell her to get better. I love her almost as much as I love you!
Please tell her to try and delegate some of her day-to-day work to others. I know she had an assistant just before our shoot in Minneapolis who was very helpful.
And tell her to talk to the sponsoring rescues and ask for their help too. Her job on picture days should be to take the pictures and that is all. Tiffy's mom did a great job in Minneapolis keeping track of all the pugs and humans who came out. She needs that in every city and I don't think it's too much to ask for.
Heck, send me the contacts for those remaining rescues and mum will get on the horn and demand their help. It's the least I can do.
And lastly, please remind your human that all of us here in Pugland love you and your human. What she has created in this project is something GREAT. Both in ambition and in specialness. I know she never expected such an overwhelming response. She told my human that she figured she'd have to scramble to fill the full 999 and here she is with a huge waiting list of pugs begging, pleading and willing to give a lifetime of cookies to be part of this.
Despite all the long days and the many sick days, this still should make your human's heart swell.

Sorry Gnat said...

Human, Dear Human, Dearest Human,

You are a saint and your beloved Pug worries. Please drink lots of water, and know that the anonymous amongst you are rooting for you terrifically.

Anyone who makes Pugs more glorious is a saint. It is possible to make a Pug more glorious, I don't know, but you lighten up the world.

Laura A said...

I'm sorry your human is broken and not up to her normal speed.

It happens to all humans. We are all imperfect. (If you want proof of that, you should have seen my relatives trying to decide what to eat in a cafe the other morning at breakfast. Gimme a break. And nobody even ordered bacon. No wonder I'm more than a little bit broken too!)

Hang in there, Puglet, and tell her we know that photographing 1,000 pugs and finding the most beautiful images has to be a challenge when all pugs are beautiful, all the time.

You can't see, but I'm sending you both a head tilt.

Lana, Satchel, and Owen said...

Greatness takes time and we can all wait. We would all much rather have a great project that took a little (or a lot) longer than anticipated, than a so-so project delivered on time.

Amanda, Puglet, and Dutch come first. Your health & sanity, food and potty breaks take priority.

Most projects take longer than anticipated and nothing ever goes as planned.

Anne said...


You tell your momma to hang in there! I wondered how any one human could do all of that in 1 year. We are PATIENTLY waiting for our proofs. I know they will come and I know they will be awesome because your mom is a super awesome photographer :) Drink PLENTY of fluids and rest when you can. Tell her it is still possible to die of exhaustion in the modern era and to take it easy when her body tells her to! And remember:
"Illegitimi non carborundum!"

That's a mock-Latin saying for "Don't let the bastards get you down!".


Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness....your poor human...we are all waiting patiently for this wonderful effort by her, cause life will be oh so much wonderful with a book of 1000 pugs. We all totally understand that this project is HUUUGE, just like you can get with too much bacon! Hang in ther puglet and give your humans tons of kisses and snorts and sneezes in her face! We all love you...Butch, Sundance and their mom.

Jaco said...

We are amazed with you and your mom (and Dutch too!) and are so looking forward to seeing all the pugs, and even some special pugs we know. Take the time you need and don't let your human make herself sick - or more sick - over this. We think life is like a visit from the plumber - "It's gonna take longer than we thought and it's gonna cost a little bit more." It's like our mantra. And you know what? When you start getting the cranky folks (don't want to call 'em haters, but that is the popular lingo for this), you know you're actually doing something! We love you and your human, chin up, chin up!

Anonymous said...

Are you there, Pug? It's me, Lola, again. I just wanted to add from yesterday that my mom says it's really hard for humans to admit to other humans when they made a mistake and that it was really big of her to come on here and say to people that she's sorry (especially people who have already been not-so-nice). Sometimes just saying that you took on too much and letting people know that you're in over you're head can make it a little easier, so we hope people give her a break, and wait. We've all seen her pictures here- and they will totally be worth it!

ps- if you're a human at an up-coming shoot, remind Amanda to drink and pee and rest so she doesn't break again!

pugfish said...

You tell us who is dissing
Miss Amanada and we will be on it! Miss Amanda is the best saving pugs and getting sick sometimes doin it. Who is ever complaining is souless and is taking up valuable space on the planet!!
We support 1000% Miss Amanda!!
PUGS R US and a doxie 2!

Augustus said...

Lola, that's a great idea! In fact maybe the humans in the upcoming cities can make an effort to bring Amanda some water and food? It's a lot easier for each person to bring one fruit and one bottle of water than for one person to try to find enough food and water for a whole day, in a strange city. And let her have time to go pee! She is bound to take even better pictures if she isn't crossing her legs or fainting of hunger.

Anonymous said...

From Chiquita da Pug in Seattle:

Pug, please tell your human she is doing an AWESOME job and you and Dutch should take very good care of her! Give her some puggy hugs!
They are the BEST!!!!

holdin27 said...

Hi Pug,

Just my 2 cents, but I think the project is a beast that turned out to be much more complex than anybody originally thought, and it is obvious your human has been putting her all into it - that's all anyone can ask.

I'm so proud Lucy was #43, you can't rush art...


Beatrix's Mom said...

Just adding another voice to the crowd: the 1000 Pug project is a fantastic idea that is going to be amazing when complete. And when it's complete is soon enough for all the things like t-shirts and such.

Saving rescue Pugs, which is what the money we all paid is doing? That's so much more important than having a thing that is just, really, more stuff.

Sure we want to see the photos. But your human's health is so much more important. And sanity... that's just crucial.

Good luck, Amanda! You're doing a fantastic job.

And Pug and Dutch, you're her furry angels - make her laugh and life is good.

Beatrix and her mom

Anonymous said...

Puglet...Your humand is working very, very hard to get this wonderful project done. We are all very patient waiting to see this monstrous feat! Tell her we all love her and we know she is doing her best. Please give her lots of pug kisses, snorts and sneezes. We love you, Butch, Sundance and their human.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, your human took on a HUGE undertaking, just like you get with too much bacon. Please let her know that we all appreciate what she does, every day with the posts, and we will be more than patient to see this monstrous, wonderful work of art when it is done. Please give her lots of pug snorts, kisses and sneezes. We love you, Butch, Sundance and their human mom.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, your human took on a HUGE undertaking, just like you get with too much bacon. Please let her know that we all appreciate what she does, every day with the posts, and we will be more than patient to see this monstrous, wonderful work of art when it is done. Please give her lots of pug snorts, kisses and sneezes. We love you, Butch, Sundance and their human mom.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, your human took on a HUGE undertaking, just like you get with too much bacon. Please let her know that we all appreciate what she does, every day with the posts, and we will be more than patient to see this monstrous, wonderful work of art when it is done. Please give her lots of pug snorts, kisses and sneezes. We love you, Butch, Sundance and their human mom.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, your human took on a HUGE undertaking, just like you get with too much bacon. Please let her know that we all appreciate what she does, every day with the posts, and we will be more than patient to see this monstrous, wonderful work of art when it is done. Please give her lots of pug snorts, kisses and sneezes. We love you, Butch, Sundance and their human mom.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, your human took on a HUGE undertaking, just like you get with too much bacon. Please let her know that we all appreciate what she does, every day with the posts, and we will be more than patient to see this monstrous, wonderful work of art when it is done. Please give her lots of pug snorts, kisses and sneezes. We love you, Butch, Sundance and their human mom.

Oscar the Pug and Margie said...


Please let your human know that my human and I support what she is doing 100%. Any large scale projects take time and there are ALWAYS unforeseen things that happen. We enjoy reading your Daily Puglet and it makes my human laugh! You are doing a lot of good for people and their pugs in this world! Take all the time you need for this wonderful project and most importantly, take care of yourself.

Oscar (Pug #707)

Anonymous said...

Puglet! Your human is doing a great thing for the entire Pugdom. Let us not forget that she's not doing this for profit but to benefit Pug Rescues.

And this is a historical undertaking! 1000 Pugs! It's a great celebration of Pugdom, and we should all thank Puglet's human for endeavoring on such epic undertaking. It's not really about 1 pug (no, not even you, Puglet!) Or the 1000 Pugs who gets their picture taken, but it's really about ALL PUGS -- and by extension all dogs, and animals loved by people.

Without an amazing amount of LOVE such things are not possible.

I am sure that everyone who contributed, didn't do so thinking, "What's in it for me?" They wanted to help because they love Pugs. I hope we can keep remembering this.

And Puglet's human, please, please don't forget there are so many who want to help! You are not alone!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Speaking as pug #148 of this project I am proud to be involved in...I say take all the time you need Amanda! My human and I loved meetng you when you were here and you are making so many pug lives better with this project, so don't worry about a thing and just focus on taking care of yourself and getting and staying healthy. WE LOVE YOU! Take care of her Puglet!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I know it's overwhelming and stuff, but know you have a ton of humans and pugs who want to help - use them. It's hard for us pugs who were photographed in March to still wait to see how our beauty shots turned out. My mom's been on bed rest for over 4 months so she can tell you how slow that time can seem.

Tell your mom to keep up a monthly progress report, even if it's no progress and the other humans will be nicer, they just love their pugs so much they want to see how things turned out.

Good luck and mom says she understands the gimpy brain as her has turned that way too. Something about a baby that's coming, whatever that is. She just hopes I'm around to see him (that's scary that it's a him, I hope it's not another pug to bother me like my sister does) and my pictures.

Miley said...

Hey Buggy, Puglet here (via Miley's human's thumbs) Please take care of my human while she is in Canada doing the photo shoots. I have to stay in the states with cousin Sophie. Have fun

Pug-A-Boo said...

Wow all these comments--so much support! I think what your human has undertook is awesome exposure for how wonderful pugs are and I am so glad she is doing it. Maybe one day you will get to visit Mountain Pug Club in Missoula, MT. More support and power to you :)

Pug Slope said...

Hi Puglet (and Dutch and Amanda)!
We applaud you all for all the hard work you are putting into this project. I know it's hard enough just keeping a blog updated let alone undertaking a project the size of 1000 pugs! We can't wait to meet you guys in a few weeks when you make it to NYC! If there's anything I or my 'rents can do to help, please let us know.


Harry the pug from Oz said...

Hey guys, soooooo sorry to hear that. My mummy has had a broken paw and has had to really take care of herself. We hope you start doing that as without your health life is hard. Lots of people want to help, sooooo hoping Amanda can delegate. Love and licks xxxxxx. Soooooo love this blog. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

We totally understand things can take longer then we expect. And to bad for those that don't! We hope to see u puglet in Boston and we could help with watching your for a bit! I bet a lot of us would.

Anonymous said...

We love seeing all the support for Miss Amanda and Pug and Dutch. Makes us all warmy and fuzzy

Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Have a safe trip to the other coast. We love you guys and know that everything will be 1000% awesome.

Love, Otis and his human

Mel said...


We're thinking of you, Dutch and Amanda while you're working on this mammoth project.

Much love from down under,

Kai, Opaka, Mel and Nye.

agent99 said...

#435 and #436 here...... Yeah, we're DYING to see our photos, but we know it will be worth the wait. There are SO many people who excited about this project& support all the hard work! Yes, it would be more fun to get more frequent updates,but we all understand.
We think it would be easier for everyone to be patient if your human told us when bad things were happening, but in the end, we understand.

Gen & Foo

Barbara said...

Puglet, I'd like to apologize for all the hurtful comments left by humans yesterday. I don't know what they said, but it makes me mad that some humans forget that there are real people and pups behind these blogs.

I am sorry that they hurt your moms feelings. We still have a hard time when someone leaves us a nasty comment. It it not fun, and I don't see why people can't just leave instead of being mean.

Please give Dutch a hug, a big kiss for you and tell your momma that even though I live a couple hundred miles away, I can help however I can.

Don't give up Amanda. Everyone has a gimpy brain, not just you. People can be selfish. Take your time and try to have some fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Dutch, and Amanda,
Please take care of yourself and get all well. Do not worry about negative things. Things are fine, we believe in you and what you are doing, it is a HUGE job.
We love you and are sending lots of pug hugs and kisses to all three of you.
Pearl, Mac, Trixie, and our human Sherry

Anonymous said...

Thanks Puglet for the Anatomy Information. I'm studying the nervous system and that explaining really helped for my exam on Monday regarding the Executive Function of the Frontal Lobe.

Pugs really are smart.


Paula from DE said...

Pug, your human is awesome! She is so creative to come up with all this stuff almost everyday on the fly! I hope she knows how much we reading appreciate her!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
My humans got a call! Thank you! They are now very happy because your human will take pictures of me in Toronto.

We Toronto pugs promise to take care of you and your human as all good pugs do.

Thank you very much,

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

OMG...this blog has been blowing up!! BUT with so much well deserved LOVE and support for Miss Amanda and 1000 Pugs:)
Puglet and Dutch, sounds like all of you need some major snuggle time and rest. The book and everything else will be finished when the time is right bc it is a HUGE life-changing project.
As someone said earlier, we ALL are broken in our own way, and that should be understood. No one should have to explain...
Much love and so honored to be #2/1000
Your Pal from Waaaay Baaack,
Eddie the Pug

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Pee Ess
We are leaking big time...after re reading all the comments and support for Miss Amanda and her project. Love all the Lovers and tell the others to get a life or help out!
Enuf said.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
My name is Luigi and my human parents are Sheila and Phil. We are all looking forward to your book. Most of all we just want to tell you to take a deep breath and relax. Give yourself a break, you have been working so hard and it is OK even when things don't happen exactly to plan. It will get done. Don't let the meanies get you down...most of us "love puggies" are kind and understanding. We believe in you, stuff happens
Luigi. Phil and Sheila

Lauren said...

Honestly, we had such a nice time up in the city on Peabody's photo day (#42!) that I'd wait years to see the end result happen. You were so wonderful and patient with our late arrival (super sorry about that) and our deaf, shy, senior, and I'm so sad to think that what was such a cool day for my old man has turned into a giant looming time monster for you. As someone who is chronically bad at judging time, my heart goes out to you. Please please remember that your health should never get put on the back burner, not even for grouches who think that pressuring you for super-human speed (on a GARGANTUAN project) will make things snap into place. Patience, people.
Sending positive vibes from Palo Alto,
Lauren and Myles

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug and family... I found your blog a few months ago. I think what your hu-mom is doing is great and people should just be patient. Love your blog. Take care, Patty xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would criticize your human, I have no idea. Obviously someone with no inkling of what's involved is a project like this. I think your human is having a serious meltdown trying to perform this task, needs to take better care of herself, ignore the critics and give herself more time. We are patient. As anxious as we are to see the finished project, we are even more anxious that Miss Amanda take the care of herself that needs to be taken. You, Dutch (yes, even him) and Miss Amanda have brought so much to our lives, but we don't want it at the expense of a broken human. If only you had thumbs, you could make breakfast in bed for her. And if there's anything we could do, perhaps you could use your humans' thumbs and let us know.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would criticize your human, I have no idea. Obviously someone with no inkling of what's involved is a project like this. I think your human is having a serious meltdown trying to perform this task, needs to take better care of herself, ignore the critics and give herself more time. We are patient. As anxious as we are to see the finished project, we are even more anxious that Miss Amanda take the care of herself that needs to be taken. You, Dutch (yes, even him) and Miss Amanda have brought so much to our lives, but we don't want it at the expense of a broken human. If only you had thumbs, you could make breakfast in bed for her. And if there's anything we could do, perhaps you could use your humans' thumbs and let us know.

badgerlaw said...

Thank you Pug for explaining executive function for the blogsphere. I have problems with executive function too and I know how hard it is to get stuff done/ Tell your human to hang in there and let others help her with the small stuff (mailings appointment scheduling etc) so she can focus on the big project. hang in there pug you deserve Bacon for your loyalty love Badgerlaw

badgerlaw said...

as for brain injuries I can relate I have cerebral paulsy asperger's syndrome and ADHD. I am also a sucessful attorney. I manage this by asking for help when I need it and having others help me with organizational tasks. Tell your human that she is special but never broken

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

LOVED that last statement from Badgerlaw: you are not broken - you are special.

OMD, our Mom's eyes are leaking really badly AGAIN. She has to stop this! Now we have to go lick her face, AGAIN. We're losing feeling in our tongues .....

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet's Human,

I am sending you all the good karma I can find. And it seems like a lot of it is going to find you based on all the comments posted. Your generous and creative spirit is a gift to us all. Thank YOU. Please take care of your body, mind and soul-Pug and Dutch need their Human.
Pug kisses from Jackson the pug and his therapist mommie

badgerlaw said...

whats your address puglet in case i want to send you some bacon treats

Sammy and Neko said...

We can wait longer, no big deal, meeting you and your human was fun. Pictures can wait.

Much love

Sammy and Neko

Irene said...

Dear Puglet's Human,

This is an awesome project, and it's completely understandable that it is a huge undertaking for one person to process through the photos within the time frame you initially stated. If you need any help whatsoever, i.e. an extra pair of thumbs for any administrative needs, I'm just across the Bay. I can't wait to see my pug niece's photos, and I'm sure everyone would be delighted once you have an opportunity to properly give the photos the love and care they deserve.

Best wishes
Rucky's auntie Irene
Pug #330
also an old friend of Mochi and Noodle's mom :o)

Anonymous said...

I am an old pug now and can't see very well anymore, so I don't often write. I am a faithful reader, however, and a 1000 Pugs supporter even though I can no longer travel to have my picture taken. On behalf of my rescue foster brother and, of course, myself and my humans, I wanted to add my very best positive thoughts to Amanda and Pug and Dutch. We are all behind you to the end, no matter what. We have faith and we have confidence that all will be well on every existential level. Your admirers -
Chubby T. Pug and foster brother, Tucker

chistery said...

PUGLET! Don't you worry! Because even if your mommy can't spell tubby and has brain melt and can't come to San Diego, we LOVE HER! SHe is the best damn pug photographer (and one of the best photographers, frankly) we've ever SEEN! We LOVE HER! And this is LOTS OF LOVE and hopes that her gimpiness is soon healed by the literally thousands of pugs and owners who read about all of you(yes even you Dutch!) every week! XOXOXO Love from the Pug Emperor Chistery and his Prince Regal Oliver (who is also the Court Jester)

Anonymous said...

Your mom has done a wonderful thing by taking on this project! We love her for it!!! Rescues appreciate the donations they have received!!! I can not even imagine the amount of time that goes into it. I know she will have an awesome finished product, take her time and get perfection! so, if us pug lovers have to wait a bit longer for pictures we will! Life happens!

Unknown said...

Hunter S Thompson said 'Anything worth doing is worth doing right'. Doing things right takes time - I'd rather wait a year for great pictures than a month for okay pictures. But that's just me. This was a huge project for one person - but it was worth doing to help the pugs. Thanks for being willing to do this and know that you are loved and supported by lots of people.

Anonymous said...

HUMAN, PUG, and DUTCH!! We love you!! If it weren't for you, my human would be sad!! Seriously! You are the sunshine on her cloudy day!! Hang in there Amanda. You are a ROCKSTAR! Don't let anyone get you down.

~Emelina and Massimo

Anonymous said...

We ditto Emelina and Massimo. The Daily Puglet has become our staple. Without Puglet, Dutch and Amanda, our days wouldn't be the same without our daily perks and laughs from your many adventures. You are the best thing we've found on the internet!

Anonymous said...

FYI, chistery, 'tubey' means puglet is looking more like a tube instead of having a waist!

Just thought I'd explain that one! :)

Hoping Amanda has time to read all these comments with all her superbusy photographing!

Minnie and Max Pugs said...

Stay calm and hug your pug. Love you, Puglet and human.

Kulik Photography said...

Having the opportunity to assist Amanda while in Miami, it was CLEAR AS DAY how passionate she is about this project. I was amazed at the ability to dedicate special time with each pug, while still trying to stay on schedule. Everything she did was loaded with intention of making things as perfect as possible. I don;t care if I have to wait a whole year (or more!) to see how she captured my pug, I know the end result will be amazing. I cannot wrap my mind around what a huge undertaking this project must be, and then to do it alone?! Psh! I think you are a superhero Amanda!

Unknown said...

Charley, Carole and I had a wonderful shoot. You are a great photographer- calm and good with people and pus. You made us feel special. and we will be thrilled when you get this project done and we see the book, the tshirt- the tags. bu really there is no hurry unless the mayan calendar is right.... her is charley;s video of his special day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj4jm6FVjpo&feature=youtu.be

Anonymous said...

What about us offering OUR thumbs on some sort of rotating basis -- just to help out during the tough patches?
I haven't given thoughts on how to work it out yet; but I'd love to be able to return some of the joy that Puglet (thru Amanda's thumbs) bring to us (ok, me). Thoughts??

Love Pugsley, Wednesday and their humom Dawnelle

Anonymous said...

Is everything ok? I hope so. The book will be great but nothing can top this so take care!

security said...

I learned a lot from your post.

Laura A said...

Puglet, I'm feeling broken today too. Please post soon, I need something to make me smile! (But no pressure on your human.)

Oakley and Swisher said...

Puglet, your human is an awesome lady for doing what she's doing. Look at all these comments. Nothing but love for her. Tell her not to worry, and you either. Everyone needs to be patient. One woman can only do so much. She's a soldier!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Dex&Thurmie said...

Dear Puglet & Puglet's Human,

We don't care how long it takes because we got to eat hot dogs and meet you and play with other pugs and did we mention that we got to eat hot dogs?? Even if we weren't allowed to take them off the plate (we tried though), it was still the bestest day EVER. We think you should come visit again, and bring more hot dogs!

Thurman & Dexter from Milwaukee

Jane becerra said...

Puglet...please take care of your Mom. She took some fantastic photos of my Chiquita in Milwaukee. She works so hard to make everything perfect. Tell me what I can do to help. Love,kisses and bacon to you & Dutch!

Anonymous said...

6 days, where have you been? I need y daily pug fix. Dutch will work too!

Anonymous said...

Pug and his thumbs are working hard on location for 1000 pugs. They will be back on the DP as soon as they can. It is hard on Dutch when they are away, so we have to be patient with him too. For all those who need a fix of DP, check out the archives and relive some fun times.

Anonymous said...

Please give Dutch a big kiss for being such a patient big boy :-)

Anonymous said...

Please give Dutch a big kiss for being such a patient big boy :-)

South shore pugs said...

Four more days until our photo shoot. We re so excited.

Love and licks,
Rudy 853 and Billie 854

J. Hall Papa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. Hall Papa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. Hall Papa said...

Apparently, I am one of the few people who is unhappy about the fact that I paid my money weeks ahead of time, drove 2 hrs for a photo shoot, and then 6 ½ months later have not received a single piece of correspondence regarding the pictures. I am sure that it is overwhelming the amount of images to sort through, but at this point it is ridiculous and unprofessional. Amanda has time to do blog posts almost daily, but not provide her paying customer’s their product? If we aren’t going to get the pictures, then I’d rather have an email that states the facts and just move on.

Janelle said...

I just wanted to say I was also searching out information about my pictures and got a link to this blog from Pacific Pug Rescue. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I too have a gimpy brain, and I think it is amazing to take on this project. The fact is my and Zeke's 15 minutes with Amanda was incredibly rewarding and I am still talking to people about it. Of course, I want to see my pictures and to see the project completed. I trust that is happening. Puglet, take care of your human and her kidneys! You guys have lots and lots of people rooting for you...

Janelle and Zeke

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update! I think that was super needed. Human just get worried is all. =)

Nan said...

OMG THAT IS AINE!with the hot dog SQUEEEE

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, Pug & Dutch,
I came across the Daily Puglet a few weeks ago quite by accident. I was surfing UTube for pug videos and saw the "green" video (which, by the way it totally awesome!!. That led me to the DP. I started reading the current posts and decided to start at the very beginning. I went into the archives and read the first day and I am this far so far. I can't tell you what joy it has brought me! A few nights I stayed up till 2am reading and I have I to get up at 5 to go to work! You obviously have a heart of gold to do what you do and to take on this phenomenal project. I was burning w/anger to hear that some people are giving you flack! I say *#%* 'em!!! There will be NO bacon in heaven (if they get there) for them!!!! The first priority is YOU !!! Although I'm not a part of this wonderful project, I would like to donate and also send a surprise to you & Pug & Dutch. Can you send me the address? my email is jbgejg@sbcglobal.net or jgrini@midwestern.edu I hope you get this even if it is late to post something for this day.Sending you baconloads of JuJu! Mercy (in Chicago) and her Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update. I know my brother & I have been dealing with a physically gimpy mommy, so we can somewhat understand your predicament. Though our mommy isn't necessarily mentally gimped, she does get that way at times from her meds. HEHEHEHE!

Anyways, I know my mommy was worried about the project too. Though she is so excited to see our beautiful faces captured so perfectly by Miss Amanda, she was just worried because she couldn't find out anything. So it's not so much impatience on her part, just worried that she missed something or that something bad happened to the whole project. So I can very comfortably say that my mommy feels so much better now that I showed her your update & she also found out that we weren't the only ones when she came across a forum on PugSpot.

Well, I have a brother to wake up & a cat to chase. Thank you so much for the update. I can definitely say my mom is very relieved! Please take care!

Much Love,
Willow, Biggs & Karen (my mom)