Monday, October 8, 2012


All sorts of stuff happened over the weekend. But I said we'd have fudge, so today we have fudge. And not just any fudge -- this is pug fudge. Well, I guess it's really for humans. But when you have a human who doesn't like fudge and feels kinda guilty about giving away your treats to 999 other pugs, all fudge is pug fudge.

Especially if the fudge has bacon in it. Yep. You heard me. Baaaaacon!

MY HUMAN: Can I have a sample of anything that isn't chocolate? It's for my pug.
NICE FUDGE LADY: Of course! What flavor do you think he'd like?
MY HUMAN: Uhm, he eats poop and rocks. Anything is perfect. 
NICE FUDGE LADY: Well, we have maple-walnut. Do you think he'd like that?
MY HUMAN: Definitely. He had a maple-bacon donut once and loved it.
NICE FUDGE LADY: Oh, we have bacon-maple too!
MY HUMAN: Seriously?

Seriously. I mean, who wouldn't like baconator fudge?? 

I don't exactly know what fudge is, but I do know it's supertasty. At least the bacon kind is, I haven't tasted any other flavors. Kinda hard to explain, but it's like peanut butter that doesn't stick to your snout. Except it tastes like, uhm, fudge. If you want to try some, you can order it from the Nice Fudge Lady's website

I'm kinda in a food mood, so tomorrow we'll have real live NY pizza... and this:



Meredith LeBlanc said...

PUGLET!!!! We have had so much fun hanging out with you, you are awesome! You deserve all of the bacony fudgey goodness, ever!

We really appreciate all the hard work you, your human, grand-human, and Sophie have put in, even in the rain...

Kisses and hugs! xoxo
Scarlet & Meredith

Mary Ann said...

I know two little girls here who would be very interested in pug fudge! The first picture is darling!

Unknown said...

Great meeting you yesterday!

Moxie Paul

Angie K. said...

Love this blog! Makes my day! Enjoy the fudge with bacon!

Beatrix's Mom said...

Puglet, if you're having pizza in NYC, can I suggest Mariella Pizza on Lexington Ave between 71st and 72nd Streets? IT'S SO GOOD!!!! My parents are hooked and whenever we visit my grandparents we get it. My mom swears it's the best pizza in NYC (she's a native NYer and is very serious about her pizza). In fact, we're going in 2 weeks. I can't wait for pizza!

StaceyH said...

Name one time when a Pug is NOT in a food mood?!?

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Puglet, sorry the weather did not cooperate for you this weekend. NJ in October is beautiful but the weather on Sunday was more like early winter ...... Glad you made it to the boardwalk to see our side of the coast. Beach Haven rocks! And bacon fudge rules !! Have fun and be safe as you head up into New York.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Sammy and Neko said...

Pug, you eat better than hour humans.... they are jealous of you... us too !

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Fudge, pizza, donuts...I'm going crazy just reading about this stuff...I want to eat some of it! Can't wait to hear about the best donuts in the world! What are donuts???? So glad you are getting to test it all for us Pug!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet -
Tell the truth, did you ACTUALLY TASTE the maple bacon fudge or did you wolf it down? I generally do the later and it really frustrated my Mommys to no end.
Some day I will have bacon. Had a hot dog. . . time for the bacon.
Love Noodles

stellaroselong said...

I went to a fudge shop yesterday and mom did not give me any fudge, but today just dad was home and he gave me and sammer some real bacon..holey moley!!!!!!!!!!
stella rose

Southern Fried Pugs said...

We completely missed the donuts! And the fudge. *Sigh*

It was unbelievable to meet you, Miss Amanda, your grand mom and Sophie. We had a taste of how you live, with people constantly taking pictures of us. The attention was nice, but sure wish we could have had more treats!

Hope your shoot on Monday was drier!

Laura A said...

I'm glad it wasn't chocolate fudge for your sake. Maybe I'd like bacon fudge too.

I'm so glad you've been posting. It made me feel better. I got a new job so I'm not feeling so broken now, too! I hope your "humunk" (that's what my cat calls me, she's heard too much about "chipmunk") isn't so broken now herself. Hugs to you both!

Wilma said...

Pug. You so earned all the bacon in NY for being such an amazing host. I am still reeling over having been lucky enough to have met not only you, but your human, her Mom and Sophie. You are a true gentleman, and it is so clear how much you looooove your human. I can't wait to see what kind of magic your human works with me, Brigitte and Sluggo. Sorry for eating all your treats. ( they are really tasty!) who knows, now that we are such well traveled pugs, maybe we will come all the way out to your neighborhood some day!
P.S. if you really want good pizza, you need to come to New Haven CT the birthplace of American Pizza. Would have brought you some, but Sluggo got pancreatitis once from eating pizza crust and ruined it for all of us!

Bailey and Buddy said...

Puglet - We loved meeting you! You did not disappoint! You are awesome and we had a blast at our photoshoot!

Anonymous said...

sounds excellent puglet! but always pass on anything with walnuts in it. walnuts are bad for puggies, like any nuts except peanuts. Peanuts are just perfect for puggies. but NO walnuts! :)

Mubi Chitose said...

Hey Puglet!
It was a great honor meeting you in fur on Sunday. You really carry your celebrity with charm and grace. Your human and grandhuman were amazing, and cousin Sophie too!

The weather was too bad, but what's little rain when you're making art and history! 1000 Pug Rules!

Your Pal, Socrates

Suzy said...

I am a little concerned that your human doesn't like fudge. But at least she gave you some to try xoox

Kates said...

Puglet - it was great to meet you on Saturday! You looked really handsome in your new outfit - I won't spoil the surprise by saying what it looks like!

Annie enjoyed sniffing you and some of the other 999. Your human and grand-human and Sophie are all really nice - you're a lucky pug!

Thanks for everything! Oh - and stay away from skateboards!!

Pug hugs!
Annie and Katie

Anonymous said...

I guess I would be the "nice fudge lady" mentioned in this post. Thank you so much for bringing your puglet to our fudge shop, Jersey was definitely not ready for his spunky personality! I'm honored that we were included in his tour of the Jersey Shore. Please come visit if you're ever in the area!