Friday, October 26, 2012


Well, I'm not sure exactly how much a-little-bit-fat weighs. But according to the stupid scale at cousin Sophie's PetSmart  (and my human), I am officially F-A-T.

And that's after peeing/pooping, without a leash or collar. Yeah. I don't even want to think about what Detecto might have said if I hadn't spent an entire day fetching my butt off.

Right now I'm trying to convince my human that Eat Coast scales are not the same as our scales back home and cannot be trusted. Not sure she's buying it though. She's still feeding me, but it's been nothing but dog food and carrots since the Whoopie Pie.

This is not the time for carrots. I might never set paw on the Eat Coast again and definitely can't leave with an empty stomach...


Robin and Randy said...

I have to say Pug - you are one beautiful Pug and I DO NOT believe those east coast scales. Have a baconator on me!

Sorry Gnat said...

Pugs would say "eat coast," - fun post

Noodles said...

Oh Puglet,
That's a lot of fat.
At least carrots are yummy?
Love Noodles

stellaroselong said...

I think those scales are big liers there is no way you weight over 18.3 lbs. Those are midwest scales!
stella rose

Sammy and Neko said...

Holy sh*t Pug!! That's a sumo weight, boy.... diet?

Anonymous said...

I hear ya big guy. I'm tipping the scales over you, but I'm tall for a pug (that's what I tell my mom). Kinda slows ya down, so good on you for all the fetch. And as my sweet Daisy always tells me "Scales lie."

Scooter Pugman

Spencer Woo said...

Pug, something you should know: muscle weighs more than fat! Yes! The more fetching the more muscle and voila! Heavy muscle pug! Tell your person Spencer Woo said so :o)

~From another muscle heavy pug