Friday, February 15, 2013


So, I was kinda excited to start spreading some Other 999 love on the dreaded facebook yesterday. But then some stupid update thingy obliterated half the website and she was up all night trying to unbreak everything.

Anyway. She finally got it finished. Re-finished. Whatever. And since I know everyone here wants to see more pictures and stuff, I want you to be the first to know there's a bunch of new stuff over there to see. A lot of it is just words. And I'm not 100% sure if they even makes sense. But there are some pictures to look at too. It's all on under the part that says PROJECT RECAP.

I'll get miss grumpy thumbs to help me write a real post after she cools it on the HBO words. Unless the earth gets hit by another meteor and we all blow up.


Unknown said...

reading the recap now but having to take a moment when i read vinny from atlanta said goodbye. i remember him (i helped you with the reflector that day) and it breaks my heart that sweet senior guy is gone. but i know his family will cherish those pictures of him that you took. thanks for all you did this last year. most people would not have dared even try such a daunting task.

DMBY said...

Pug! The update is amazing. You and your human are amazing. I really hope all the people with whiny thumbs get to read it and that is helps them have some perspective. xoxo

Idaho PugRanch said...

What an amazing project. Unfortunatly we did not live close to a photo shoot, but we contributed to the kickstarter fund. The pictures are soo wonderful, we know the book will be well worth the wait. Thank you Amanda, Puglet and Dutch.
birthday hugs
Bailey, Hazel, Greta and Mom Linda

Noodles said...

Puglet cut Thumbs a break. She has been under a lot of stress which is no good for her health or her mind. A picture is worth a thousand words, anyhow; so just keep posting pics of you and let the pictures do the talking.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug-
We read the recap thing this morning. We weren't part of the Project, but followed it because we were so excited about it's awesomeness. We have always had so much faith in your human and her greatness. We can't wait to see the book.. and are so happy about all the goodness and nice things people have come to the DP to say in the last few days. I know that sometimes the nasty comments seemed overwhelming, but even when when people were being mean, a lot of people came here to show love and support.
We believed in you before the project started, and we believe in you today.

Lafayette Lola
and Tiffany

Mercy's Mom said...

Dear Amanda,
Just finished the recap and I'm a bit leaky.... Besides being beautifully written, you told us behind the scenes things I suspect none of us could have imagined! I think you should be very proud of yourself and not focus on the parts that didn't go as planned.

Whenever the book comes out I will be buying several copies. I hope you'll get income from the book sales; you deserve it!

Mercy's Mom

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Miss Amanda,

It's February 15th so ....

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

your human is so good with words. i'm hoping that the upset few will read it and realize that she is HUMAN and makes mistakes. i'm so happy even just to see the new pictures on the main page! i know the book is going to be INCREDIBLE and i'm on the edge of my seat to see my girls pictures! love, rae and Phyllis (#216) and Priscilla (#217)

Mary Ann said...

We weren't part of it either, but we have read the comments too, and we would like to buy it!

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Happy Birthday to You
You're amazingly cool
You finished the project
and your pancreas didn't kill you

Yippeee !!!!

Roxi, Riley & Lea

dcmto2003 said...

Just finished reading the Re-cap, in tears. My cataracts are fogged.

Awesome, awesome, and awesome!

Max and Lola's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda & Pug, just finished reading the Recap too. It was wonderfully written.

I am so sorry for all families who lost their pugs - my eyes are leaking & my heart is breaking for them :(

I hope you are feeling better. Happy Birthday & many, many more!!

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Butch and Sundance said...

OMG!!!! You are making my Mommy cry! Even though our Mommy has never met you, or Amanda, or Dutch, you are all in her heart. The recap was wonderful...Mom plans on ordering more than one book, thats for sure. Love ya lots from Wisconsin, Butch and Sundance and Weepy Human.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda & Puglet,
Our mom just finished reading the Recap her eyes and nose are both leaking, tissues are flying all over the room. We couldn't be a part of the 1000 pugs but mom promised us we can get a copy of the book.
Ok, now its time to tell mom to wipe her nose and eyes, well maybe not in that order, nose first and she would get snot in her eyes.

Your San Antonio Pug Pals
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

I read the re-cap. All I have to say is Amanda, you are the best! Don't care how long it took or takes or whatever. You did something AMAZING and everyone, including yourself should feel very proud of what you accomplished! I know I do. I only wish the best for you in all you do in life. Lots of pug luv to you!

Daisy and Lily from Seattle said...

Oh My Dog!! Our mommy just read Miss Amanda's recap and now she can't stop leaking. It's freaking us out a bit! She says she is so sorry those mean people had to be so mean to someone as kind, warm and generous as Miss Amanda, then she muttered something about Karma.
She also read aloud the stuff about the photo shoots so we could remember how much fun we had and realize how much work and effort went into making us 2 of 1000.
Puglet, your human is beyond awesome. We don't think there is even a word invented to describe how great she is. She deserves nothing but love and kisses from you and Dutch, always. The world could use more people like Amanda. Take good care of her!

Daisy and Lily from Seattle

Meredith LeBlanc said...

All I have to say, is I love you guys. We love you guys, the crazy little dog, Scarlet, and me.

Thank you for doing this big ass, crazy project Amanda. You rock, you, the keeper of the Pugs.

Meredith & Scarlet

Caylee and Chloe said...

Read the recap this morning as well, and boy there was an aweful amount of leaking here too. My son was also in a horrific accident ten years ago,resulting in a bad brain injury. Thank you for posting some of what it is really like. You are an amazing and talented woman...we honestly didn't expect to see the results for a much longer time given the huge project we knew this was!
We love you and Puglet and Dutch, and this blog is a delight to read every day.You three bring joy and delight to so many.... hang in there and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Hugs n love from Caylee,and Chloe

Anonymous said...

I too have leaking eyes from reading the recap.

Amanda, you are AWESOME!!!! You took on a project that 99.999% of us wouldn't even think of attempting. Sure it didn't go exactly as planned, but you made it work!

You are my hero, and I for one, can't wait to get my copy of the book as soon as it's available.

ChazthePug said...

The recap was quite inspiring! Amanda, you have massive amounts of drive and dedication! I have loved this blog from the moment I found it (and continue to enjoy it daily). You really capture the pug spirit! I cannot wait to purchase many copies of your book!!!

Boo Bear said...

OMP!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY BEJESUSPUGS! Read the recap Amanda, WHEW! I think the majority of us participants in the project KNEW you had committed to WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHH from the get go.. We KNEW the project would get done, even if it meant the death of you, the person DOING THE 1,000 PUGS PROJECT!! Seriously i am SOBBING right now and can't stop.. The FIRST picture of ONE of the 1,000 made me BUST OUT IN TEARS!!! I have goosebumps that WON'T GO AWAY!! Just by seeing ONE BEAUTIFUL AMAZINGLY PHOTOGRAPHED PUG!! I seriously don't even KNOW how i will even manage to LOOK AT, let alone OWN THIS RIDICULES FABULOUS AMAZING IRRESISTIBLE BOOK!!!
SERIOUSLY, I can't even begin to tell you HOW EXCITED (and STILL very PATIENT!)i am to see even ONE more PHOTO OF A BELOVED PUG!!!!
So your planning and updating sucked, YOU DON'T SUCK, you are an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER with a HUGE HEART! So BIG it illuminates through to our Pugs.. I have a GOLDEN RULE I LIVE BY.. If my Pug is Happy and Healthy, IM GOOD.. YEP PLAIN AND SIMPLE GOOD!
Can't wait for the AMAZING pictures and ALL THAT LOVE IN ONE PLACE, WHEW, NOW THIS COULD CAUSE A METEOR FIREBALL ALL should be concerned with.
It is ALL ABOUT THE PUG, and the LOVE OF A PUG! Thats it, and if id NEVER seen a picture from the photo shoot, and never heard from you again, SO WHAT, I STILL HAVE MY PUG AND THE LOVE OF MY PUGS, isn't THAT WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT???? Even when they venture off to Rainbow Bridge, I STILL HAVE THEM, and NO ONE, not you, or a photo shoot or even a meteor fireball can EVER EVER take that away from ME! I am the luckiest person alive!
Thanks Amanda, and to ALL MY PUG LOVING friends who CELEBRATE the LOVE of their PUGS!! XOXO
Much Love,
Momma Michelle, Boo Bear (Proud Pug #395)& Ace of Hearts (Proud Pug #384)Hamilton in Minneapolis

Mercy said...

Pug, we didn't know it was your human's birthday! My Mom and I wish her a very happy birthday and hope she gets a bacon cake and shares it with you & Dutch. Be sure to give her lots and lots and lots of kisses because she sure is a superamazing lady!!

Kisses, Kisses,

P.S. My Mom says to tell Amanda to print out all these wonderful, heartfelt posts and tape them all over the Casa. When she is feeling blue or dissappointed in herself, she should reread the posts and know that all the pugs and humans and non-pugs know she is an amazing person and she enriches all our lives every day.


Unknown said...

I'm Pug #345.

Pug, remember that your mom, her nikkon and her thumbs probably saved several pug's lives. That doesn't mean she's bad. Anything (repeat: ANYTHING) that saves the life of a pug is worth doing.

My mom and I can wait...This pug knows that good treats come to pugs that wait. Hugs Miss Amanda...and Happy Birthday!

Bruno and Diesel said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda!!
This is a special day for all of us, because YOU'RE so very special. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here!
Wish we could give you kisses in person, but this way you don't need a towel (Diesel's tongue is as big as my whole head).
xoxox and love always, from Bruno & Diesel ♥♥♥

Laura Bee said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm happy to see all of the support is pouring out. I know you are so close to all of it now, especially the hard parts, that it's tough to have perspective.

My wish for you is that soon you will see that the good is so much better and bigger than the bad or the ugly. I also hope that you will reap both emotional and financial rewards from the latter part of the project (the book, etc). There is nothing wrong with making income from the investment of time and money that you've put in over the last year.

I wanted to also tell you that my dog's photo shoot (and meeting Puglet and Dutch) was the highlight of my 2012. It was a year with lots of sadness for me, and that day at the Seattle Center helped me through.

I'm sure there are millions of stories out there like mine, and I hope you get the chance to hear them all.

+ Shop dog Otis Redding from Seattle

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you look a little grumpy! Cheer up it's Friday!!!

Candace and Chiquita said...

Just read the recap and couldn't quit shedding tears while I read it...tears of joy for how much you love pugs...tears of happiness to know so many know the blessings and love a pug brings to our lives (because pugs are freaking awesome)...tears of thankfulness that we got to be part of 1000 pugs...tears of sadness about the pugs that are no longer here but will be immortalized through this project...and tears of love to know that as soon as I read all about the project (including the good, the bad and the ugly) that I could immediately stop and hug my pug.

I know this didn't maybe go how you envisioned it all, but what you have achieved and will continue to achieve through the book is more than any of us could imagine.

Thank you for all you do!

Candace and Chiquita (pug # ??? in Seattle)

beebop said...

Amanda - I don't have a pug, but am the grandmother of two. I contributed to your kickstarter campaign because I thought it was a great idea. It became clear when I saw the schedule that it was going to come close to killing you. If people would have stopped and looked at the schedule and stopped thinking about themselves, they would have realized what a daunting task it was.

As I read your recap, I started having leaking eyes as well. I have a husband who had a head injury, and while he looks and acts normal to most people, the family knows what long term damage there is. Keep your chin up. You did an awesome job with this and the book will be your legacy.

Buford T. Justice said...


Thanks for just being you.....

Laurie Cowhig


Meeko Pug said...

Ay Puglet
I just read the recap and as Ive said before, your human is a GENIUS! Gimpy brain or not, you guys have shown the world what my human has known for 25 years..

I cant wait for the book. My human will have to buy at least 6 to give to her family...all owed by pugs!

Happy Birthday Miss Amanda

Mubi Chitose said...

Dear Amanda,
I am grateful for what you did. The sacrifice you endured for the celebration of our funny, beloved, little dogs. The Pugdom shall forever be in your debt!

And I want to plead with those who were angry to forgive. As Amanda admits, as she does in the recap, there were mistakes, and misunderstanding.

But please ask yourself, could you have done what she's done? Maybe yes, maybe so, and even better.

But really? No one could really know except those who actually made the journey. And no one, but Amanda has actually done this enormous thing.

1000xPugs! Imagine! It's a true wonder. And all done by one person!

I think in this internet age, we are all becoming somewhat impatient. People forget that everything can't be done instantly by a click on the mouse.

NO machine could have taken those pug pictures, and this project was not sponsored by some big business with unlimited fund and unlimited staff.

Besides, didn't we all know that this was suppose to be a 1 year project? I wish everyone could have remembered that and waited at least a year before they got upset.

I am assuming that everyone who participated in the project did so because they love pugs. Even those of you who became frustrated, upset, and angry.

I sincerely hope that for their love of pugs, those who became unhappy are ready to let go of their frustration and anger, and rejoice in the happiness that their pugs bring to them, and in sharing of that happiness x 1000 with the world through what this ridiculously, foolishly, brave photographer has achieved!

Amanda! Socrates and I love you! Don't beat yourself up for the mistakes you've made. The good that you've done is so much, much more. You should be super proud of what you've done.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Happy Birthday Miss Amanda!!
I would love to jump all over you and cover your face with slobbery kissses:) My momma and I hope you have the best of whatever kind of birthday you want, even though Puglet probably wants you to buy him some bacon or a "golden chicken"! Thanks for the shout out in the 1000 Pugs recap...the beautiful writing caused some serious leakage, where's the kleenex when you need it?
Much love,
Eddie the Pug

Southern Fried Pugs said...

I am offering to give one person who is still complaining and claiming to be scammed their money back. I'll give you your $50 back, the pug rescue still gets to keep their money. You will not get your picture and your pug will not in the book with all the other pugs whose owners had an ounce of compassion and patience. I don't want my pugs to be included with yours.
So email me, the person who keeps ranting on Twitter and creating a hateful Facebook page. I will gladly give you $50 to go away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, Puglet and Dutch,

My mom is leaking like CRAZY- that was so inspiring, sad and happy at the same time. Amanda you are an amazing person with such a huge heart and great spirit- I guarantee that you have changed tons of pugs (and people's!) lives for the better! I don't know you and didn't get to participate in the project (I'm a chihuahua) and you have changed mine and my mom's lives for the better. You see, I was hit by a car and have brain trauma as well, and all I do is sleep all day! My mom wants to be half the kind-hearted person that you are. Please take care of yourself, be PROUD of yourself, and have a fantastic birthday!!! No one in the world deserves it more <3

Louie the chihuahua

Augustus said...

Happy Birthday Miss Amanda! You rock and as far as my humans and I are concerned you have not failed at this project in any way. My human is leaking, nay sobbing, from reading all the heart you poured out into the update. My human, who has no diagnosable limits on her abilities, can't even remember to take a picture of her kids every year on their birthdays, let alone try to edit any of them or put them into a book. In fact there are boxes of baby pictures in the living room, she says she'll put them into albums when the kids move out!

You are a success because you helped pugs, because you have immortalized them with your fantabulous photo skills, because you were so kind to their humans (and to them, I'll never forget how many treats you gave me in 15 minutes). My human was laughing one day because she read a comment about this being a scam and we wondered why you would have waited for us when we were late because of bridge traffic (stupid baseball) if you just wanted our money.

Anyway, We can't wait (of course we can, but EEEP!) to see my pictures and the book. Even when you got so far behind what people expected, it's very clear that you haven't skimped on the quality of work. This experience was fun for our family, it made us feel special to be in the presence of such a talented photographer. We only wish we could have helped in some way, though we understand why we couldn't. Hopefully you can recover from this and maybe we'll see you around at a pug Sunday or Pugapalooza or some other super fun event.

Final words. Puglet, we love you. Amanda, we love you.

Jess & Toet said...

That recap was poetry, and a big inspiration for me! You might think writing all the ugly like this would de-spire folks to do something big and out-of-reach (and just to be clear, I'm not saying that this was out of reach for you!! you had the dream, you made it happen like nobody else could have) but to me it has the opposite effect.

With a B12 shortage my mind can be fuzzy and unfocused some of the time, but I CAN make great pictures and I DO love all animals (and most humans too) so I ordered the book on photography just now... :). Even without a 1000 to shoot, this is a big dream for me, YAY!

Have a very happy birthday, I hope your book will be available overseas too.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, my human read your human's recap and couldn't stop bawling.

It is so heartfelt for your human to put it all out there.

We have always stood by the love of all things pug!

SpencerBartholomew said...

Pug... the Recap is awesome! You, Dutch and Thumbs have our support totally... by the way, isn't is someone's birthday today at your casa? Love and Hugs to you all and hope to see you soon... Spencer B.

Natalie said...

The Recap is almost hard to read, equal parts smiling and crying. You have done an amazing feat Amanda, we applaud you entirely.

Thank you for being you.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

And Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!

Meredith & Scarlet

Punchbugpug said...

A lot of time and heart went into your recap. The project was HUGE and the book will be SO wonderful when it is completed. We can't wait to see our Stewie's photos and those of all our friends near and far!

Happy Birthday!

Paula from DE said...

What! Pug is it your moms birthday! Happy birthday to the most creative person ever!

Tara said...


Christa said...

You are awesome and don't ever think any different. Cletus #176 sent you something you should receive this afternoon if you could let him know that you got it via my email that would be awesome. We love you and hope your birthday is as wonderful as you!

Jac said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA. You are awesome!!!! So are Puglet and Dutch.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Your words were just beautiful and very open. You are truly a wonderful person to work so hard and give so much of yourself to a wonderful project like this. Even though we're in Australia and couldn't participate, we've followed from the beginning. We've seen the excitement of those booking in and going to their shoots, getting to meet up with other pug bloggers. It has been wonderful even vicariously and you did all of that. Shared so much joy and pug love. Thank you for being the awesome woman you are.

Unknown said...

Amanda you are truly an amazing and talented person. I am so thankful the seat belt saved your life because this world is much better with you in it. Be assured that I will be purchasing several copies of the book and hope that some of that money comes back to you to replenish your savings. Three cheers to you and all things pug!

Laura said...

Happy birthday, Amanda. We loved the recap...leaking was going on....both of joy and some sadness about how hard this past year has been. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we are so proud of what you have accomplished and just love how talented you are. I, myself, was one proud pug momma the day of Otis' photo shoot. You truly have a special gift and I can't wait for all the world to be able to enjoy 1000 pugs.

Love, Laura and Otis from the Sunshine state #268

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Happy Birthday Miss Amanda!! We love you!!

Mom just finished reading the recap and she is all leaky. We knew that this project was a huge undertaking and we are glad that you are finally breaking through to the other side and can hopefully start being able to relax a little bit.

Pugs & Kisses,

Brutus & Elle (#439)

lindamartin423 said...

Puglet, Dutch, and MOST ESPECIALLY Amanda - We love you. Let's say that again: WE LOVE YOU. You undertook a massive project in good faith and love. As one who has a tendency to have an idea and have it end up much larger than I originally thought (without a gimpy brain), I have followed your travails with interest and great patience. This IS all about the pugs. It hurts me that some of the Atlanta folks have been nasty. You were nothing but kind to Dewey and me. Dewey had just started radiation treatment for cancer when we had our shoot and you were wonderful. After reading about Vinny and some of the other pugs who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, I am so very grateful that Dewey, after his second surgery, has been declared cancer free. I look forward to seeing the Atlanta pics WHENEVER they appear. In the meantime, ignore the haters, hug Puglet and Dutch, know that the vast majority of us support you and think you are a brave and amazing person. We are grateful to you for your time, your talent, and your love. Thank you. Do not let this experience close your heart. You are a gift.

Tina and Brinkley said...

I hope the pug community joins me in thanking and congratulating Amanda from the '1000 Pugs' project for the successful completion of her monumental undertaking, all for the love of pugs. Her “project recap” allowed us a glimpse into what her life has been like for the last 13 months and beyond. Conclusion: she is an inspiration and one extraordinary lady. I hope many of the '1000 Pugs' followers who have been less than patient with her are now snacking on a little crow, offer her a humble apology and get ready to enjoy and treasure all the heart and soul she has given to this project.

I posted this on FB in hopes that you would see it. Hopefully you see it here. Many thanks for all your efforts. Brinkley #???

Anonymous said...

Where are the vile spewing haters now?? Probably busy pulling their feet out of their mouths...


Judy said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda! Thank you so much for letting us inside your work and how incredibly intense all of this has been for you. We will wait patiently for the Seattle photos to be posted. But we are a bit nervous, some of your comments make us think we may have been lost in the shuffle. We never received an email with our number, we are not on your list of Seattle pugs. We won our shoot by placing the winning bid on the silent auction at the Seattle Pug Gala, our pug is named Charlie, a little black pug girl. We trust you have our photos, and Charlie will be in the book. We are so proud and happy to be a part of this project. Try to get some rest, we look forward to some exciting days ahead. Pugs and kisses, the Kelley family

rosa said...

You are AWESOME, Amanda. I can't wait for the book to be out but of course we can wait simply because we have faith in your amazing talent and persistence.

Chloe said...

Congratulations, Amanda! On a job well done! The world needs more special (and I mean special as in AWESOME) people like you.

Happy Birthday too!

Anonymous said...

SOOO can't wait to see the book!!! I will most definitely purchase!

thanks a billion Amanda, you make the world a better place!

I come to this blog for my daily happiness perk

Not THAT anonymous said...

Anonymous, the vile spewing haters are busy on Facebook, Pugspot, and every other Pug forum, attempting to get people to join in their vendetta. Even after the updates, recap, and communication they are still trying to move forward with some legal action. It makes me sick. I am pondering taking a hiatus from the Internet to escape all the negativity. It is everywhere I go!

I have faith in Amanda, and much love and respect for her. I can't wait to see my awesome pictures! Pictures that I have never doubted getting.

Amanda, you are awesome. Never think otherwise.

Aimee Dars said...

Your person takes beautiful photographs. What a worthy project, though so sorry that it was overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says, Amanda is the best!

Puglet, keep reminding thumbs how many of us love her and support her. She may need some extra pug-hugs till those idiots grow up and go away.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda, Puglet and Dutch,

I wish we could have brought you lunch on our photo shoot day. We began reading The Daily Puglet almost 3 years ago and we enjoy reading every post. I'm so thankful for this project you put together.



Frauntene McLarney said...

You might not like to lay your 'stuff' out on the internet, and frankly, I'm not sure those who were bitching were deserving of it. As an avid reader and follower for years, your truth and passion are inescapable in your writing and good deeds. This project is no exception.

Some may criticize, yet I admire. It takes a lot rebuild a life as you have had to, and I imagine very very few, if any others involved in this have had to overcome such trauma. If only those judging and threatening would have taken a second to empathize and understand.

Hugs to puglet, dutch and Amanda

Frauntene McLarney said...

You might not like to lay your 'stuff' out on the internet, and frankly, I'm not sure those who were bitching were deserving of it. As an avid reader and follower for years, your truth and passion are inescapable in your writing and good deeds. This project is no exception.

Some may criticize, yet I admire. It takes a lot rebuild a life as you have had to, and I imagine very very few, if any others involved in this have had to overcome such trauma. If only those judging and threatening would have taken a second to empathize and understand.

Hugs to puglet, dutch and Amanda

Anonymous said...


You are not just a good pug photographer, you are a genius.

I plan to buy several copies of the book: for ourselves, natch; for our friends in Germany who have a pug named Paula;, for my parents (whose idea of a real dog is a German Shepherd), etc.

Much love on your birthday


Anonymous said...

Puglet, I just heard about this large bright object that went over the sky of San Fran last night. That was a standing ovation for Amanda! Bravo!!! You are one lucky pug.

Pepper the Pugalier said...

Hi Puglet,

I haven't commented in a while, I've been busy running away from my baby sister's sticky hugs, but I just wanted to say that we really admire your human and think that she is doing a wonderful thing. We can't wait for the book to come out!

Love and hugs and licks from Canada!

Pepper the Pugalier

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet, there is so much LOVE here for you and everyone!!

We admire your human, you and Dutch for the awesome trio that you are and for all being the lovable bunch that you are.

HUGS all around!

MortimerPug said...

Hi Puglet & Amanda!! We contributed to Kickstarter for 1000 pugs from the UK so we never even stood a chance of being in your book but we are so looking forward to seeing it in print.
We are amazed at two things:
1. how great you and your work are and 2. how awful some people are.
We're 100% behind you and your project, love Mortimer Pug and Family

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Dutch, & Amanda,

The update is amazing! Thank you for sharing so much with us. We love you!

Pearl, Mac, Trixie and our human Sherry

Unknown said...

To show our appreciation, Olga and Otto would like to send a little something to Casa de Puglet. If you read this, please send your address to our human at

Anonymous said...

amanda ~ although I was not fortunate enough to have been a part of your 1,000 pug project, you have done a kick ass job, even while under-estimating the undertaking of your project.

kudos to you, HUGE kudos to you, for sticking with it and almost reaching your goal of the 1,000. people can suck sometimes (or a lot) - keep your chin up and know that you rock!

Anonymous said...

the other MEANY anonymous is:(drumroll please)

Jane Kemp

I won't post her address, but it isn't hard to find. You know, the white pages and all.

gabyrose said...

Hello Amanda with Puglet and Dutch!
We live in Germany for over a year and read their blog. Today we want to tell them how great times they did it with the 1000 Pugs. Your work is just amazing, you can feel their love for pugs. The book will certainly be very great and work behind the scenes, you can appreciate not at all enough! You have created something magnificent, it can be very proud!
With best regards from Germany
Gaby with Finn and Kalle
a kiss for the pug

gabyrose said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

Gaby with Finn und Kalle

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, I am Tibus pug 895 and was lucky enough to spend some time with your mom in Toronto. BTW she gives out AWESOME treats, alot of them so she is a totally awesome person, my mom thinks she is awesome as well. My mom has been reading faithfully and patiently for updates and was super excited to see we should be able to see my pictures in March. She also saw the project recap and is even more impressed with your human. Such a huge project would have my mom curled up in a corner crying so we say "Way to go Amanda" all the way from Ontario. Honestly when my mom heard about the 1000 pugs she went a little crazy. She got so excited she was waving her hands around like she was trying to fly or something and a lot of people (me included) looked at her like she had officially lost her mind. So she says for such an exciting, pugtastic project we should all be thankful to be a part of it.

Pearl and Tessa said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Great to see the update and can't wait to see the gallery and book. Still need to order our prints, but we will wait till you finish the other 998. Pearl #71 and Tessa #72.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Amanda and Puglet and Dutch,

We are leaking from reading about all your hard work and amazing progress. You are a family and families that love each other can make it through anything, even cyber-bullying. Ms. Amanda, we wish we could have been in your shoot, but more than that we wish you could be healthy and happy again. And you will. Remember how Puglet, and now also Dutch, have saved you. They will do it again. You have angels behind you.

Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Unknown said...

Just saw the Dallas photos. Absolutely gorgeous! What a talent! Congrats on a job well done.

Unknown said...

Ube the pug loved the project update and, of course, his mug rollin' in the clover on the first page. Ube is proud to be the first (officially, #31) because, he says, "you always remember your first time!" Like when he first ate peanut butter straight from the JIF jar. That good. He hopes to see Amanda, Puglet, his friend Frank, and even that giant dude Dutch at a Pug Sunday soon.

Meeko Pug said...

OMG, OMG, OMG Puglet. I just found this amazing event in Miami. ITS BACONFEST! Its an outdoor concert featuring the Bacon Brothers...but who cares about that...THEY ARE SERVING BACON! Ok well, maybe bacon inspired dishes and Im not even sure I can attend but really....Baconfest...A guy can dream, right?


Anonymous said...

Some of the comments on here are so AWESOME. It's so cool to know there are so many AWESOME people out there and on this blog!

Miley said...

Judy Kelly,

Puglet has no acess to thumbs currently so as usual he is asking me to do stuff for him.

Charlie is in! Could you send me your email address?



Mpls Pug said...

What is the password for Minneapolis pugs? Today (2/25) is the day Amanda said it would be open, but I have yet to recieve an email! Help!!!