Monday, March 4, 2013


So I don't know exactly what went down on Friday because a certain human wouldn't let me anywhere near her thumbs. Apparently it had something to do with jackals and a camel with a broken back.

Confused? Yeah. Me too.

I just know my human finally had it with mean people and kinda snapped. I don't know who she was talking to on the phone or what they said to make her leak so bad, but I did hear her say something like:

Maybe the (HBO word) jackals will leave me alone if they knew how much my life already sucks.

I wanted to know more about the jackals, but when it comes to humans there are times when you ask questions and there are times when you just try not to breathe too loud. This was one of the quiet breathing times. So I breathed quietly into my dog bed, let her hijack my blog and waited for (whatever) to be over.

Then my human's head exploded and she fell asleep.

She hasn't been sleeping much (at all) so we slept until the next day when my cousin Sophie's mom called to make sure things were ok. She ordered my human to step away from the Other 999, get caught up on sleep and stay off the freaking internet until Monday. Ok, I added the freaking part. But I guess moms know stuff so my human did what she said and we all took the longest most boring nap ever.

Today when we woke up, my human didn't want to turn HAL4 back on. It's all just bad, she told me. I'm still in quiet-breathing mode so it's not like I could ask any questions. Thank bacon for Miley's mom - she just called and said we need to get back on the internet ASAP. I don't know what else she said, but I'm pretty sure it must have been something like:

Something really good has happened.

On went HAL4 and about two seconds later the started leaking again. I kinda thought the leaking was over but I guess this was a different kind of leakage. The kind humans do when something makes them feel really good. Yeah. I know. It's confusing. Humans can be like that.

Anyway. I don't 1000% understand what or how or why or who or... uhm... yeah. Let's just say Miley's mom was totally right. Something really good really did happen. YOU happened. To me. And my human. And I guess Dutch too. It's going to take some thinking to find words big enough for what I want to say so for now I'll just make the letters as big as I can and add lots of those ! things.


I know when one of the mean people called you all sheep for believing in me and my human, they meant it to be a bad thing. But they obviously don't know squat about sheep. Sheep are warm and fuzzy and people like them so much they lay in bed at night and count them. Weird, I know. But that's what Google told me.

The best thing about sheep? They stick together (technical term: flock).

My human likes sheep so much there's a painting of them in our house. She bought it at a charity auction a few years ago to help kids who have cancer. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but that kinda makes me think sheep have special powers to help people or something. 

sheep power
I've never met a jackal in the fur, but I know a thing or two about them from watching Animal Planet. Like how they only show up when somebody gets hurt and nobody is ever happy to see them. Not even the hyenas.

Google says jackals are opportunistic scavengers who don't hang out in groups because they have no social skills. I say jackals don't belong here on our blog. Because here is a place for warm & fuzziness. Here is where kindness and goodness and awesomeness flocks. More than flocks. It kicks butt.

Take that, jackals!


Anonymous said...

We love u dailypugletšŸ’›Amanda and Duch☀

LadyBug said...

Good for you Puglet! Please continue to take care of Amanda for us as she needs you very much.

xoxo Hugs & Bacon xoxo, LadyBug (#925 - the T & Co pug - or so my diva brain thinks)

Leslie in NY said...

What a beautiful post Puglet, yes the sheep are here for you! We LOVE you and Thumbs and pink loving Dutch. Listen to your mother Miss Amanda! Rest and recuperation are necessary.

Barbara said...

I hope it helped.

We love you. Don't give up. Some people are just (insert HBO word here).

Happy to be a sheep,
trixie, minnie and jeep

Anonymous said...

Proud to be a sheep!

JessieJane said...

Keep the spirits up, there are more supporters than people against.

Puglet and Dutch keep Amanda well.

Daisy Dog

Anonymous said...

Dearest Pug,
Someone named Laurie helped us all help your mom. We don't know Laurie personally, but she is an angel. check out angels on google. Your friend google probably has a lot to say about angels.
Your mom is awesome and does so much with just this blog to bring happiness to so many people, really before the project and since this blog is where people go for their daily joy! The writing is amazing and there is no way we could not stand by your mom and you and Dutch. We wanted you to remember we love you tons and completely support what she has been doing with this project. If just one pug is saved isn't it all worth it? Really love you all tons!!!!!! and Laurie for the help in the helping!!!

Molly and Gus said...

We believe that good things happen to good people, and that good people deserve to have good things happen to them. Tell your thumbs that we love her and that our humans think the world of her.

Molly (#185) and Gus (#22) and Stan, the not whole number Pug

Hugo the Portland Pug said...

YAY!!!!! We are so glad there are happy tears instead of not so happy ones! We love you! Here's to things looking up!

<3 Your Portland sheep

Unknown said...

And I will do it all over again!!!!!! Now I am leaking at the happiness we have made.....REALLY LEAKING!!!!!!!

I can't thank everyone enough for standing up and believing in Amanda. You are ALL AWESOME and I will NEVER forget this experience.

Laurie Cowhig, Buford T. Justice, Bambi-The Agility Pug, Miss Lacey Pug, Tre-The Boston, and from the Bridge-Miss Peg and Per-Li-Mae

Anonymous said...


So great to see your handsomeness...and that sheep painting rocks. We don't waste our snorts talking about people who suck at life; our thumbs says it's not worth our time.

Sooooo...for the LOVE AMANDA, PUGLET, and DUTCH FLOCK...I know we are here to stay!!!!

Keep resting...the world, at least the one where people function with common sense and compassion, won't end because pictures are delayed.

We love you.

Baxter and Cole - Eat Coast (and their human too)

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

I'm thrilled to be part of Puglet's flock!

Judy said...

sleep and sheep, both good things!!

Bailey and Buddy said...

Bahhhh!! We love being sheep! And we love puglet! I am so glad your human is feeling better. We were so worried about her!!! Puglet, you need to promise us that if your human ever needs anything you will let us know!!

Reading the mean blog posts reminded my human of what her father-in-law always said, " There's always one more a*%hole than you counted on". That quote always makes her laugh so hopefully if someone posts something ugly you can think of that and laugh :).

Paula from DE said...

At work we had this guy who came to work on the retention pond, he had a baby sheep with him, it just followed him around everywhere he went. I talked to him and he said the baby lost his mom somehow, and he saved the baby. The baby was loyal and followed him everywhere, I think because it knew he loved the sheep. You reap what you sow. And you are blessed by the love you have already shared. Sheep are smart and resourceful. And will always love you back. Hmmmmm sounds a lot like the pugs who love you too.
Proud to be a sheep!

Megan Friedheim said...

Isn't it crazy how we sheep, from all the corners of the world (posting from Winnipeg, Manitoba in the middle of a crazy snow storm!), could get together in the name of LOVE COMPASSION SUPPORT BELIEF AND ALL THINGS HAPPY?!

I am proud to be a DP Sheep. Amanda- your blog has brought me happiness since 2008 when it helped solidify my decision to get my pug, Lola. You have seen me through several moves around North America, let my kindergarten classes in Las Vegas know Flat Puglet, inspired me, cheered me, and made 10 minutes of my day- almost everyday- a happy place to be. I could write for days & not be able to see way you guys mean to me!

To Laurie & Miley's Mama- thank you all for giving us some guidance and a way to HELP. I know we sheep were feeling pretty helpless in the face of the recent ugliness... And you helped us feel empowered and cohesive again. To all the sheep like myself- I love I think we have all become friends as a result of banding together.

I am so glad this is a happy place again. Truly. We couldn't be a 1000 Pug in the fur but tonight, being a sheep is pretty darn outstanding.

Pug hugs & happy dances, the Friedheim Family (Stephen, Megan & Lola the Pug)

Unknown said...

Dear Puglet,

It makes us warm and fuzzy to know there are so many awesome sheep in your flock! We love you, Dutch, and your rock star human.

Love and cookies,

Unknown said...


Suki said...

Hi Pug,
We love you all at Casa de Pug! No matter what you can count on us!
Your Human is such a wonderful inspiration. Give her hugs from us.


Bruno and Diesel said...

Yay Puglet!
We're sorry Friday got so bad it broke your mom (and you had to breathe quietly), but we're really happy the internet made her feel better! 99.9% of pug people are awesome!
Love always & forever
Bruno & Diesel ♥♥♥
p.s. Laurie, mom emailed you for info on the 2nd, but never heard back. Did her message go to your spam box?

Molly and Gus said...

PS: our thumbs said that your thumbs need to respond to two emails by the 10th of March, but if your thumbs can't get around to them our thumbs will take care of it. Kinda cryptic, I know, but we are just the messengers. We think it has to do with gifts for you and Dutch but we don't want to ruin the surprise for you guys!

Wags and licks,

Molly and Gus

Anonymous said...

Sheep Rock and negators beware! We stand by our own! And the love of the pugs will over come any obstacle!

Marina said...

welcome back pug, dutch and amanda <3

Anonymous said...





LOVE said...

Jackals be gone!!

Sheep rule the flock!!

Yes, we stick together and we love and support you.

You know the good ones, and there are many...the jackals are few...

Peace, Love, Happiness...LOVE

Anonymous said...

About a year ago, I "rescued" a pug. Immediately upon meeting, it was clear that he rescued me. No matter what my day (and there are quite a few bad ones), I always come home to a puppy who meets me with wagging tail, adoring eyes and unconditional love.

I stumbled on this blog, and besides being a bright spot in my day, it made me realize that adoration, unconditional support and unconditional love isn't just an attribute unique to my pug, but to ALL pugs - and (until recently) their guardians.

The recent hatred spewed by some alleged pug guardians on this blog really upset me. BUT ... the overwhelming support and love from most pug people shown on this blog overshadowed any negativity and restored my faith. I leaked, and leaked often, - especially recently.

Puglet, Human and Dutch are amazing, and so are the pug loving people who follow this blog who have banded together to support and seek ways to help those who need it.

NO ONE deserves to be abused, least of all cuteness personified Puglet, amazing Amanda and pink loving Dutch!


Anonymous said...

We love you puglet. King Edward the Pug say's to take care of your human.

Jane said...

Puglet's Flock Rules!!!


Unknown said...

To Bruno and Diesel's Mom,

Yes, it was in my spam folder......I just sent you an email.....sorry about that


Anonymous said...

Thanks Laurie, for being so awesome :) You helped make this happen.

Sheep #789 said...



Proud to be part of Puglet's Flock.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Banish the jackals from Puglet's kingdom, and let the sheep rule!!
Glad to see you got your blog back my pal:)
You and Dutch take care of your Momma and rest up,
Luvvies from Eddie the Pug

Peggy2957 said...



Janelle said...

I'm new around here, having found it through the 1000 pug project, but I didn't realize how worried I was about you and your person, puglet, until I felt so relieved to read this post. And I think sheep are pretty cool too. Many, many blessings,

Janelle and Zeke

Pearl and Tessa said...

Ok, now our human is leaking. It's great to know that so many care and love you guys. It's just us so sad that just a few jackals can make it so miserable. We love reading you every day and are so grateful to be part of the 1000. We will be sending some help as soon as our thumbs figure out Google+ lol. Take care of your thumbs Puglet.

Pearl (sheep #71) and Tessa (sheep #72) and Kris (their thumbs)

Mortimer Pug said...

Pug Power!

Snorts & licks from Morty in the UK.

Minnie and Max Pugs said...

Let us know if you need sleep lessons, Auntie Amanda. It's what we do best!

Toet and Jessica said...

BAAAAA... once more, from the Netherlands! I'm going to say YES to a second doggie today, a rescue from Spain. he isn't a pug but has a puggie tail and I hope it will wag as much :)

love you lots!!!!

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

We love you, Amanda, Puglet and Dutch. Kept doing the great thing you do.

Rambo, Miss Ellie, and Denise (thumbs)

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Puglet!
you are amazing we love you here,Stay strong little one, I'm Welsh so I just love the sheep!
Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

Mercy's Mom said...

Jackals beware! You mess with our Amanda, Pug & Dutch and we will rise up like we just did with a show of solidarity and support for Amanda. If you jackals creep back onto Puglet’s blog I am going to TOTALLY ignore you – you are a waste of my time. I’ll use that time talking with Pug, Dutch, Amanda and all my fantastic cyber buddies.

Bless your heart Laurie for leading the flock! You were our shepherd and showed us how to help Amanda. I will be raising my glass of wine after dinner (or maybe before dinner if work sucks today…) to YOU!!!

To all my D.P. buddies, I think there is something else we can do to help Amanda. I have a background in publishing so naturally I’ve given a lot of thought about the book. The book may be a ways off but eventually Amanda will start having conversations with publishers, if she hasn’t already. One of the first things they will talk about is the price point for the book. Knowing that Amanda is a loving, caring person, my gut reaction is that she will want to make the book price “affordable” for all.

Step back a moment and let the facts sink in. ONE THOUSAND COLOR (repeat it, C-O-L-O-R) photographs. That is going to cost the printing company some bucks and I think Amanda’s ballpark price (which she mentioned long ago) is not going to give her a decent financial return. In fact it’s possible she will make very little off the book. The book is where SHE SHOULD get a financial return to recoop her money losses from last year AND put a REALLY nice nest egg in her bank account.

“Affordable” is nice but it won’t give Amanda a decent financial return. I want Amanda to get a REALLY GOOD return on the book, and I know all you guys do too!!!

I’m asking all my D.P. buds to publish a post to “strongly encourage” Amanda to set the price point where she WILL GET A SOLID FINANCIAL RETURN !!

I’ll pay whatever for the book (right now I’m planning on buying 4 but I think that number may go up). I can go without buying that killer pair of shoes or a new plasma TV or whatever so that I can buy the books at whatever price point. Geez, we’ll have a few more mac & cheese dinners in my home for awhile if need be.


O.K. flock , back me up please! Let Amanda know you support a higher price point for the book and want her to profit big time from the book.

Amanda, I’m sending you a ginormous (as Pug would say) hug right now! You are a wonderful, wonderful lady!

Thanks everyone for reading this long post.
Jane Grining & Kisses, Kisses from Mercy

Meredith LeBlanc said...

We totally agree with Jane about making the book return the rewards of Amanda's heart & soul hard work.

We LOVE you guys, and Puglet, you are the best!

Meredith & Scarlet

Michele said...

I am completely and totally awed and humbled by the momentum to give Amanda and the crew a hand up has taken. When people say "there really is good in the world," they have no idea what that really means until something like this happens.
Puglet, let your momma know that goodness does prevail. We are all so proud to be a part of this project, and while our enthusiasm may have, at times, had us chomping at the internal bits with anticipation, health and well-being are always, always most important. Continue to take good care of your momma, encourage pug naps (Eddie the Pug and his brother, Hajie, have taught me the benefits of this wonderful pug treat), keep her eating, and remind her regularly that she has many, many people who are behind her all the way...without judgement.
Peace, all! This has been an exciting ride!

Sammy and Neko said...

We love you~


Sammy and Neko

wombat said...

If the book is published by a publisher instead of Amanda doing it herself, then what she needs to be worrying about isn't the price of the book, it's what the publisher pays her as an advance.

Amanda, if you are not working with an agent who can help negotiate, don't undersell yourself! If you've got more than one offer you are in a great negotiating position. And make sure a lawyer with experience in publishing looks at the contract if you don't have an agent. You've done an amazing job of going it alone so far, but I hope you will get some expert advice on this. If you have no one else to ask, get in touch, I can probably help a bit.

TriHardChris said...


Behold the power of the pug! Take your time, get your rest, block out the jackels...keep your eye on the end game:

"1000 Pugs" a photographic journey of cuteness, by Amanda Bradshaw". How freaking cool is that going to be?!?!?

Have a great day....

Chris Matthews, Bouncer and Chaos...

Noodle said...

Baaaa, freakin' BAAAAA, mother-jackels!! :)

We <3 You!

Bailey and Buddy said...

OMG Noodle, you cracked us up!!!

dcmto2003 said...

Amanda, do pls consider getting a GOOD agent for your book. You will, of course, have to pay commission, but a good agent will take a lot of the weight off your shoulders in dealing with publishers and getting the best deal. I also agree with other bloggers that you should have any contracts "lawyered", if possible, and that you set the best reasonable price for your book.

Best wishes from the mom of the north Toronto pugs, Max and Lola

Debbo and Rocky said...

Big sheepy hugs to Amanda and Puglet! Don't forget how awesome you are. We love you.

Unknown said...

Dear Puglet...

At first when you said sheep are warm and fuzzy, I thought maybe we had two. but then you said people like them...and I think my fuzzy things have too many pointy ends to be considered lovable by human told me that they're called cats. We have two. I think we're infested!

My human told me that she is a sheep, and darn proud of it. Funny, I thought she was human...can you be both?

My human says that I should suggest that you get a GOOD agent...cause your book will be a best seller. She told me every pug is the cutest pug in the world to their human. This means you'll sell a TON of copies...there are too many humans that have worlds without pugs. My human also suggested that there might be some sheep that would be willing to make sure that there was enough money to publish the book if it came down to that. And she knows of at least one book store in MN that would probably DIE to have someone as cool as your thumbs come and do a book signing in their store. :)

Puglet, you've worked hard this week. I hope you get some bacon. GOOD DOG! Way to take care of your thumbs.

-HRH Cleopatra T Pug - #345

Amy K said...

We love you, Amanda, Dutch, and Puglet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amanda for all you do!
Thank you Puglet for making me smile.
Thank you Dutch for being so pretty in pink.
Thank you Laurie for helping us help.
You're all awesome.
Daisy's Mom.

Unknown said...

Book signing! Great idea!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Brutus & I are happy to be part of your flock Puglet!!

Mom just placed her order for her favorite pic of me from the shoot!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Ellie (#439) & Brutus

sue and the gang said...

we love you Puglet and Dutch and Amanda you are a super lady you are a very special person that does great work

Jeannette said...

We love being sheep too! We believe in you Amanda! we hope that things only get better for you :) We also believe in Karma.
That's all,
Milo and Layla (both part of the 1000)and their humans in NJ

Maggie & Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

I just love you Puglet! This was a great post! We love Amanda so much that we don't want any of those mean people in here to upset her. All this fuss has messed up my big announcement of having another pug in our house. I did tell everyone here last Fri but then things sort of blew up. So today I am introducing Lucy to the blog...she will be with me now when I post. So glad Amanda cried for the good things that happened here...that makes us all happy.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Daily Puglet, Lucy pug! You're going to love it here!

Lafayette Lola and fam

Butch and Sundance said...

WE just kicked some Jackal Butt!!!! BAAAAAAH!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! We love you Amanda, Puglet and Dutch!

Mercy said...

Congratulations to Lucy's human for the new addition to your family. Welcome Lucy! We are a nice group, you'll like us.
Kisses, Kisses,

Janice, 2 Pugs and a Boxer Mix said...


Now, everyone knows that it is true when we say, "Pugs Rule". Sheep aren't too bad either. Congratulations, to each and everyone that reached out to Amanda. We would not know what to do without Puglet, Dutch and Amanda. As we say in the south, "God don't love ugly".

Kara Muir said...

However long it takes :-) Just know that you are appreciated. I am glad you are feeling a bit lighter today, I am sure Puglet and Dutch are too. Too bad you didn't have a documentary team covering your journey, I think it would be a really good movie. Keep getting some sleep and it is obvious that the many supporters outweigh the few negative Nellies. Thank you again for all that you have done and all that you are going to do. My husband and I keep looking at the Portland pugs especially number 450 (our girl). Take care please.

Unknown said...



PS. you guys are AMAZING!!!!!!! the requests to help are STILL FLOODING IN!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, Puglet, and Dutch,

We LOVE you and are proud to be part of the sheep.

Pearl, Mac, Trixie and our human Sherry

Unknown said...
This is horrile. Any Dallas people able to help foster or?

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I feel so sad that you have to go through so much when you are only trying to make this world a better place for our fur babies to live in. There are lots of good folks out there who are there for you. We so very much appreciate all you have done and are doing. Can't wait to buy the book & pics of my puggers. I think some good advice to get an agent.

Frodo says "BAAAA" I think that is we love you in sheep :)

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

Harry the pug from Oz said...


Yes were looking forward to the book and hope Amanda can at least make a profit.

Were from the land of the sheep and while a good metaphor theyre also known as stupid lol. Lets not overuse.

From Ozzie Sheep (aka Paula and Harry Pug)

Anonymous said...

A big shout out to Lucy Pug and lots of love to Amanda, Pug and Dutch and all the members of the DP Flock!
Your Friend, Chubby T. Pug, Dakota and Maggie (not a pug but a Frenchie, but we haven't told her that yet)

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

SHEEP POWER!!! It's a good thing!!

Love to Puglet, Dutch and Amanda

From Sophie (A pug in sheeps clothing)!

tubby3pug said...

Ive never commetned before, but I have a blog, urban hounds. I was very happy with the photo shoot and am very happy to wait for the picture. I cant understand why people are upset, but please dont let a few cyber bullies bother you. After all kickstarter projects in general are meant to have wiggle room. You are doing a great job Amanda and puglet

urban hounds

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Puglet We are a proud member of you flock.
We love you, Dutch, and Ms. Amanda.

M3 crew

Unknown said...

This is my first time writing something but I just had to do it! A huge THANK YOU! to Amanda. What a wonderful blog this is. It truly brings joy to my day. It makes me laugh and cry. I love Puglet and Dutch and Amanda. I am so grateful to be part of the 1000. I want to support Amanda in any way I can to get her book published and make her a lot of money. She has done a wonderful thing for all of us Pug lovers. Thank you!

Pug Slope said...

I'm a proud member of the Daily Puglet Flock!


Oscar the Pug and Margie said...

So happy to see such well-deserved support! We are a proud member of your flock, too! Baaaa from Pug/Sheep #707!

cristina said...

We support you 100%! I was upset that we found your blog AFTER your tour, we would have loved to be involved as Rocky is quite photogenic- his fb album is entitled "this pug should be a model" anyways if you need rocky to "take care" of anyone let us know, hes quite tough. Ugh not really at all hes actually a mush ball.. but if you cover the bad guys on cheese he might at least lick them :) sending our love,
Cristina and Rocky

Sabrina PugTails said...

Something you may not know about sheep, Puglet is that they are very protective of each other.
When faced with a predator (i.e. jackel) the herd will form a defence-chain, creating an effective defence with the strongest of the herd surounding the weaker, staying in the midst of the circle.
I think this exactly the reaction that happened when the jackels started bullying your human. A whole flock of us sheep formed a big circle with your human in the middle.
I am proud to call myself a sheep and be part of the DP flock.
Sabrina #9

Boo Bear said...

SOOOOOOO HAPPY THE "TRUE PUG LOVE" is coming around Amanda! You SURELY DESERVE it and KNOW this is the reason you even thought of let alone DID the amazing project!!

Please continue to GET REST and take your time!!

Loves to you, Puglet and Dutch!

The Hamilton Pug Pack in Minneapolis
(Boo Bear, Ace of Hearts and Momma Meesh)

Anonymous said...

Amanda, Hang in there!!! Don't be so hard on yourself! the pictures I've seen on the blog are wonderful! I can't wait for the book! I don't get to read it everyday but, Puget's blog always brightens my day!

Barbara said...

PS: There better be some bacon in this for you and Dutch.

I miss Dutch. Can you get him to post a picture soon?


Caitlin Williams, MFA, CPC said...

Puglet, Dutch & Puglet's hard-working person: you are much loved in the pug world (even by pug lovers who currently are owned by cats, like myself). So loved, in fact, that Puglet's blog is a "favorite" on my Firefox toolbar so I can jump over quickly and read! And I love sheep so much (and anything with four legs and a face) that I don't eat them or their adorable babies. Sheep rock. Pugs rock. Pink-loving Dalmations rock, and their photographer people rock for taking big creative risks. Very admirable and awesome. Keep those thumbs working, and let go of the vitriol!
Kudos from another happy sheep,
Caitlin & the twin tabbies Abby & Audrey in Portland, OR.

Augustus said...

Well, I feel a little like a, well, a sheep for responding way after everyone else but I'd like you to know that my family are proud to be called your sheep too! I hope the book is published for real and goes on to make you a million dollars or more (I think that's a lot of dollars anyway).

Hang in there, we love yous guyses!

Auggie the pug and Emily the Boston and Missy the cairn and all our 5 sheeples that live here. Oh, and the cats too.

Anonymous said...

Im new to this blog, but i participated in the 1000 pugs project. Can someone give me the link to the gallery? I still havent received an email with the link like i was supposed to.

Princess Pug said...

Does anyone know what is happening with Minnesota's 1000 Pug pictures? The gallery is open, but my pug's pictures are not there! HELP!! Has anyone else had this problem. Will there be more pugs pictures added??

Anonymous said...

Only 34 pictures have been loaded to the Minnesota gallery. Waiting for more.

Anonymous said...

Princess trying going to then click in you cities link.

Lauren said...

We were SO excited to be part of the 1000 Pugs project, and guess what- we STILL ARE! Playing human to a senior pup means that I love the experiences I get to have with him, whether it's a trip to the river or a photo session with an awesome local pug freak. Amanda, this book is truly icing on the cake of what has been such a unique experience. I will happily wait as long as it takes to see this thing published. Some of us just never learned patience, apparently.
If the bad eggs start getting to you again, come down to Palo Alto! I'm a veggie, but I'm sure we have baconators down here somewhere. More importantly, we DEFINITELY have wine and great mojitos. My treat!
Sending hugs,
Lauren and Myles

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet!
We tried to convice our neighbor sheep that we should be in their flock, but they sent us back to you! We are working on our Baaaaaas. We are also trying the cotton wool approach, but Scooter Pugman just looks silly, sort of like a demented cloud.

Boring naps are OKAY for a while. Everything comes to fullness in time. So will Miz Amanda's project and health. In the meantime you and Dutch should just love her up (and maybe try some fake bacon on her)>

Thank you for all you do to make our human's day brighter. You rock.

Daisy in Sequim

Anonymous said...

Most people are truly more good than not! I am totally inspired by the love here on Daily Puglet and so is my mom! Love to Casa de Puglet,


Charles Muir said...

"You've got to look at the pug next to you, look into his eyes. Now I think ya going to see a pug who will go that inch with you. You're gonna see a pug who will sacrifice himself for this team, because he knows when it comes down to it you're gonna do the same for him."

It was Al Pacino who said that.

Go 1000 Pugs!!!

Abby the Pug said...

You Rock Amanda and Puglet!! Proud to be a sheep. We're behind you all the way. Keep your spirits up!

Abby the Pug and her human thumbs

Abby the Pug said...

We love the daily puglet and all you do for the pug world. Happy to be a sheep!! Keep your spirits up. Mean people will get their karma one day. Don't let them get to you down, we love what you do. The daily puglet makes us smile and laugh all the time. THANK YOU!!

StaceyyH said...

Would love nothing more than to be apart of your flock!
The highlight of our day is reading stories of Puglet, and yes, Dutch, too.
The SoCal 6

Tweedles -- that's me said...

i like being a sheep, and i betcha that the cranky pants can learn to be sheep too- if they want to.
i like being warm fuzzy and loved, and i like my friends to feel that ways-- so come on everyone- lets all be sheeps!

Ollie said...

To all the meanies out there:

Don't insult our intelligence. There are no fools here at DP. We know what's real and what isn't. No one's pulling the wool over our eyes (that's a beagle zinger I thought I'd throw in).

So pack up your negativity, take it somewhere else and don't let the door hit you on the way out.


And Laurie, thank you for helping us help.