Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Always the poster dog. So unfair!

So, we all know Dutch is the skinny one and I'm... well... the pug. And most of the time being the pug is a totally awesome thing -- except when it comes to food and the dreaded scale.

FACT: when you're a pug, scales are not your friend.

Lately being the pug has reeeally sucked because a certain spotted someone lost a bunch of weight after his surgery and we've been visiting the scale more than usual. This certain spotted someone has also been getting to eat a *ton* of extra stuff while the pug starves to death.

FACT: if you're a pug, you are probably starving.

I guess me and the scale have been getting along OK (I'm still in the 25's) but do you know how much better life would be if I got to eat a *ton* of extra stuff without worrying about the next trip to the scale? Well, on yesterday's trip to hell / the scale, I saw this:

At least it's not a pug.
Ok, so maybe that dog on the box doesn't exactly look happy. But I figure if DogSlim is some sort of diet food, you can probably eat a *ton*of it and still get along with the scale. Kind of genius, right?

ME: can we get some DogSlim?
HUMAN: DogSlim?
ME: says it's a "natural low-calorie, high-fiber treat with added vitamins and minerals to help promote good health and proper weight".
HUMAN: so is a carrot.
ME: but I already eat carrots.
HUMAN: exactly.

SO freaking unfair.


Anonymous said...

Aww im sorry puglet, but moms know best <3 :)

Anonymous said...

Processed chemicals bad. Carrots good. Stick with the carrots

Jazz Girl Pug said...

And think about the carrot crunchiness, the sweet taste...vs yucky, stick to the top of your mouth powdery tasteless contest!

Paula from DE said...

Sorry pug but I agree with your mom on this one. Dogslim is probably bad for you in the long run like equal or sweet n low. We want you to have a long and healthy life so stick to the carrots please. Just think you are doing it for your sheep!

Atticus' mom said...

Your human is a smart lady :) I'm not overweight but I would love carrots I think. I will have to beg my mom for some. Thanks for the idea!! --atticus

Amanda said...

Carrots are actually pretty high in sugar so watch how many you eat of those, pug!

Try other veggies like cucumber, celery or green beans. They have much less sugar and are much better for you in the long run.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Carrots are my dessert after I chow down my dinner!

Unknown said...

Dude, is that one of those "clearance" stickers on that can? Probably means no one wants to buy it cause it's yucky tasting or it doesn't work. Stick with the carrots, my friend.

C. Penfold McGee

Noodle said...

Hi, my name is Noodle and I'm starving.

Rachel's Thoughts said...

You need a little treadmill Puglet! That way you can get your walk on while the Dutch boy recuperates. The Dog Slim looks a tad "rip-offish" if you ask me. ^^ I'd stick to carrots. Much aloha!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Pug, we like your figure, we say you're hot :) Scarlet likes banana chips too as a treat.

Meredith & Scarlet

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Uh...forget the Slim stuff...easier to just eat the carrot anyway, but we hear ya, and good try tho. Pug, we are still laughing at the trip to hell/scale that reference was just too funny!

Bailey and Buddy said...


We have only met once, but I love how you TOTALLY get me...I mean, I am always STARVING!

I try to convey this to my human but she always says, "how can you be starving all of the time? You just ate!" So, I start whining, scratching at my bowl, give sad looks, but I get nothing. Luckyily there are two unsuspecting toddlers in my house and when my human is not looking I steal their food. But what am I going to do when they get bigger and I can't take their food? I will probaby STARVE TO DEATH.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I totally feel you...There is never enough food!

Mary Ann said...

Hey, we need some of that here for Abby!

pugfish said...

That pug on the label isn't even overweight!
If they don't know their breeds what does it say
About the FOOD!!?
Joey & Sissy

Unknown said...

Pug, I could not agree more!

Cleopatra enjoys plain mashed sweet potatoes mixed with her some fresh garlic in there. She also digs the frozen treats I make - mixing two plastic boxes of gerber baby food (they are level two in the baby food scheme...) and three cups of rice crispies. I put them in silicone ice cube trays and it takes about 2 hours for them to freeze solid. Low Cal, Good nutrtition, and cold on a hot day!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I saw this DOG Slim @ petco today ... In the clearance section!!

Unknown said...

I was just wondering if your human has ever had lyme diseases test. I don't think that it is as big a deal in the west coast as it is in the East coast . But with all her traveling anything is possible.


Linda said...

Try pumpkin! It's like a carrot you slurp instead of chew. I get excited when Mom puts me on a "diet" 'cause it means pumpkin and green beans frozen inside my Kong! She never remembers to fill it otherwise.

BadAnnie said...

Dude Dog! What's wrong with you? Don't waste begging on DIET FOOD?? Do I need to go over there and smack the curley out of your tail?!?! Save the begging for stuff that is WORTH IT.... like BACON & McCheesy Burgers!

Your pal in Texas, Rocky
(using my human's thumbs)