Tuesday, May 14, 2013


where's the liver?

Ready to talk livers?

Ok. So I just found out livers come from baby cows just like the ones who make those tasty pies I like to eat during our hikes. Not sure how that works but since the cows were nice enough to give us their livers, I think we should name them.

Let's call liver #1 George.

Liver attempt #1 did not go well for George or my human. I'm not sure if she screwed up or what (she probably did) but let's just say there were loads of eeeews and grosses and I ended up with a belly full of George. Mmmmmm.

Bad for my human. Awesome for me.

I figured that was the end of the liver, but I guess my human is so sick of feeling like poo she'll do pretty much anything that could make her feel better. Even things that make her go eeewww.

Meet liver #2.

Things with Fred went much better. There was coconut oil, a whole bunch of lemons and way less eeew-ing. My human learned if you cook the bejesus out of a liver it looks, feels and tastes exactly like this stuff:
Um. I've never had tofu before but I'm pretty sure it doesn't do this when you cut it:

Bleeds like Fred. Tastes like tofu.
Mmmmmm. How can you *not* love something that oozes bloody juice? Anyway. My human loves onions but they don't love her so she hid half of Fred in a bowl of her usual rabbit food and gave the rest to ME. She said liver is "not so bad" if you drown it in lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and mangoes

Not so bad?? Are you freaking kidding me?! Liver is the BEST thing in the world I've ever eaten. Except for bacon. And maybe one or two really spectacular poos. And maybe some other things I can't think of right now because right now all I can think about is how good Fred tasted and when I'll get to meet liver #3.

The *best* thing about liver is Dutch isn't allowed to eat it. Uh huh. Something about it being too high in something that's really bad for Dalmatians. No joke. Spotted Miley's mom said so and she knows more about Dalmatian stuff than Google. You know what not having to share with Dutch means?

More liver for the pug!!


Meredith LeBlanc said...

I'm with your human, liver is geeee-ross! But if it will make her feel better, I hope it helps. I betcha Scarlet would like it too, but I doubt there's going to be liver in our casa anytime soon...

Meredith & Scarlet

Foodie Girl said...

Lucky you Pug!!! My mom hates liver too. She said that my YaiYai and Pop Pop made her eat liver when she was a kid - but she gave it to the dogs she had growing up.

My Pop Pop made me some liver when they were pug-sitting. And he cooked it with Bacon in the bacon FAT!!!!!
He got in trouble for giving me that - something about me becoming tubey.

Anyway, they are going to some place called Beantown this weekend and I get to stay with PopPop and Yai Yai - I'm sure I can convince them to make me some.

I do like Tofu too - my YaiYai makes it with some yummy pork soup and Thai veggies....


mjaroneski said...

You will also have to stop eating the opposite of super foods: anti-super foods.

Try not eating wheat for 30 days. (Yep, no bagels, no pasta) There is strong anecdotal evidence that it helps with many auto immune and inflammatory diseases. Look under Paleo and GAPS diet.

Ollie said...

My human says "major yuck"! I say "major yum"!

JessieJane said...

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf
is a good source of information about eating Paleo.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Ok even if it's SOOOOO gross to prepare I must eat asap!!! I don't like meat in general but liver mmmmm super yum!!! Pug you must try real polish KABANOS, I think it would make you go crazy extrasuperyum :)

Unknown said...

Dude, you're so lucky! The only liver Lucy and I get is "freeze-dried" treats-not bad, but not the real thing with oozing blood. My human remembers sitting at the dinner table until it was time to go to bed when she was a kid because she wouldn't eat the liver her mom cooked. She said you couldn't put enough ketchup on it to make it taste less gross.
C. Penfold McGee

Anonymous said...

Puglet - Your panegyric on liver is inspiring. Not getting any of that at my house, so I'll have to enjoy it vicariously through you. Pictures were so great I tried to eat my human's cell phone. Keep up the great reporting. All of us here hope your human and Dutch are feeling much better. My Frenchie sister has a huge crush on Dutch!
Your friend,
Chubby T. Pug

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

We are laughing so hard Pug! You are the best. Glad to hear how great liver is...not that we will ever get any cuz it is NEVER at our house. Just hope it can make your human feel better and if not, then...well, like you said, more for the Pug!

Anonymous said...

Sending some extra special juju to Augustus' foster pug sister. We hope she gets better soon!

Let's hope the liver does the trick, but just in case, we will send Thumbs some special juju too :)

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Michele said...

Not sure if there is a way to make this work with pseudo-meats, but figure it might be worth posting, anyway.

Rachel's Thoughts said...

Wow, liver looks awful.

Anonymous said...

My human just started living Paleo three months ago and says she has never felt better! And your human's salad looks very Paleo-friendly. She should check it out! My mom won't eat liver, though.
Lafayette Lola

Mercy said...

Augutus - we are sending all the juju we can manufacture!!!
Mercy & Vinny

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

You get to eat liver (now again) and Dutch gets to blog one day a week. Seems like a fair trade off.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Bunk said...

I can't believe your awesome luck! I wish my humans were sick enough to eat liver so that I COULD get some!!!!! Just a little!

Mercy said...

Hey Frenchie sister of Chubby -
HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!

KISSES, Kisses,

Augustus said...

Thanks for the juju! Polly is doing much better today, she did have pyometra so it was vital to spay her ASAP. She's back home with us and recovering well.

Part of her recovery is eating liver, and she LOVES it! She eats raw diced liver covered in a special green goo sauce. If it wasn't so gross and stinky I'd recommend it to Amanda. :o)

One thing that I found that surprised me is that blackstrap molasses has a TON of iron in it, a tablespoon gives you 20% of your daily value of iron, and unless you really hate the flavor I think it would be easy to add to things like oatmeal. I wonder if it maintains the iron if you make molasses cookies?? Yum! Polly just gets hers drizzled on her meals and she slurps it right up.

Hope Amanda feels better soon!

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Hi, so glad Polly is better! My mum loves chicken livers, stirfrys and curry! Pug if Amanda wants some recipes leave a message on my page! Love ya and Dutch and Amanda!

Linda said...

Blackstrap is good in hot chocolate, too! The magnesium is about as good for pugs and thumbs as the iron.

Pug-be sure to save some liver for another day. it can be super high in fat and cause pancreatitis. May not give you a belly zipper but would mean NO BACON FOREVER.

Leah said...

So I have a friend who is mostly vegetarian and what she does is she freezes the liver and grates it into stew/soup or stir fry. If you don't want to taste it, this is the way to go. This also ensures that your stomach doesn't react too much to the liver.