Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I think my human has finally lost whatever brain she has left. It happened this morning during our morning pee walk and went something like this:

HUMAN: Awwwww.
ME: Yes?
HUMAN: Not you. The squash. How cute is that!?!
ME: (confused)

I'm pretty sure she was awwwing about a little plant that was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. Things like that make me smile inside, she said. Ummm. Ok. We see plants all the time. I had no idea what the big deal was.


I really had to pee and just wanted to get to the park. So when my human asked me to pose next to the plant, I didn't ask any questions. That's when I saw the little note stuck inside:

Ok. So maybe that is kinda cute. For a plant anyway. My human really wanted to bring Acorn Squash home with us - until I reminded her our house is where plants come to die and dead plants don't make anyone smile.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, Are you a spoil sport?

Hugo the Portland Pug said...

Aww! How sweet! I wish my grandma wasn't so far from SF. She has the greenest of green thumbs! My mom on the other hand, not so much.


Noodles said...

Puglet, you shoulda brought it to. My house! My Auntie T has the greenest thumbs ever.
Love Noodles

Rachel's Thoughts said...

Aww, so sweet. Little plant...I hope it found a home! I live in a little studio in the middle of a good sized city but I still insist on a few tomato, pepper, and lettuce plants. :)

Meredith LeBlanc said...

That is sweet! And we love acorn squash :)

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Totally Adorbs!!

Vinny said...

You need to embrace your "inner puppy". A time when everything was good, you were happy all the time & you were optimistic about everything. Give it a try?

Pug Power!

Anonymous said...

Okay- that IS pretty darn adorable!! :-) The Pug makes the photo, of course. Pug, you should have begged to bring it home... With a little bit of love, it may have yielded many tasty eatables! Love, Megan F. & Lola Pug

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug-
Squash are super duper easy peasy to grow, but they need lots of water and TONS of space to grow. We grew pumpkins a few years ago and the plant grew to be ginormous! We had all of our friends with kids come over to pick their own pumpkins and finally had to pull it up. It still had about 30 not-ripe pumpkins on it when we dug it up. We saved some seeds in the freezer so that one day, when we figure out where we might have more space for them, we'll do it again. If you don't have a lot of room, squash is a no-go. Mr. Acorn Squash is crazy cute though. I hope he finds a good home soon!
Lafayette Lola

Sorry Gnat said...

Bring it home and watch its leaves grow and shade you!

Anonymous said...

We know what you mean Puglet, our Mom can't keep a plant alive no matter how hard she tries. So we live in a plant free house and just have PICTURES of plants.

Pearl, Mac, and Trixie

rosa said...

This post really made me smile, inside and outside

rosa said...

This post really made me smile, inside and outside

Bailey the Pug's Thumbs said...


I feel ya! My human always "aww's" at flowers and plants. She's a photographer too, although, she has Canon. I have to pose by flowers and plants all the time for her and Canon. If we passed an adorable Squash and note like that, I would keep pulling her towards the park. She killed a cactus once- serious black thumbs and paws live in our loft.

Much love and kisses,

Bailey the Pug