Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Who's a sissy?
Hello everybody! Me again. Dutch, I mean. Now I know you all love me no matter what. And I know you know that Pug doesn't always tell the whole 100% truth. About me or anything else. But that doesn't mean it's ok.

Do you remember that thing I said about almost-death being life changing? Well, the New Dutch is stronger and wiser and many other-er things. New Dutch is still a little scared of farts, but not afraid to speak about things deep inside his head and heart.

Today the New Dutch wants everyone to know the truth about being a big spotted sissy.

  • It was really really hot the other day.
  • Pug was dying too, he just didn't tell you that.
  • Just because you want to take a nap on a cool sidewalk on a hot day doesn't make you a sissy.
  • If I'm a sissy for getting hot, Pug is a sissy too.
  • There's nothing wrong with being a sissy anyway.
  • I'd rather be a sissy than a poo eater.

I think that's all.

Peace, love & Justin!



Anonymous said...

You go Dutch! Poo eater, you are too funny. You are just 'keeping it real' and 'telling it like it is'!! I love it :)

Ann, Fro, Mol & Cleo

Sammy and Neko said...

Dutch, you are so handsome and wise. What else do we need??
We love you mucho.



Anonymous said...

RuPaul wants you to SISSY DAT WALK, GURL! Much love to Dutch and Puglet.

Paula from DE said...

Dutch I didn't believe you were a sissy, I mean you just had major surgery, and it was a long walk and Africa hot. Pug just embellished a little, but I know he doesn't think you are a sissy either. He was probably concerned, He just has to keep up his manly supermodel front.
Love ya!

Suki said...

Hi Dutch,
Africa hot weather is serious weather, we don't want you melting. I seak from experience. The summers in Austin are Pug melting. I usually only go out early in the mornings for adventures, then the rest of the day I hibernate & watch the food channel & hope to see someone cooking with bacon. Hope you get cool temps again! If you have any extra ones you can send them here.


Anonymous said...

"than a Poo eater"!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dutch, personally, the picture of you writhing on the sidewalk is hilarious! Love it.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Dutch, we think you're very smart and so not a sissy for taking it easy on a WAY hit day.

We love you!
Meredith & Scarlet

Barbara said...

No one really thought you were a sissy - we all know Pug doesn't always tell the real truth. Plus, you're right - better a sissy than a poo eater. Pug really needs to get counseling for that. We're glad you're both back and that your mom is doing good too.

Rachel's Thoughts said...

I'd rather be a sissy that a poo-eater too Dutch! haha

Human of Baxter and Cole said...

Dutchy, I think it quite wise of you to cockroach on cool pavement. Glad you are feeling up to walks and hope you enjoyed the Justin even though it wasn't the Justin you were expecting! Puglet's looking pretty hot in that photo so we know it wasn't just you!

In love in pink!

Beatrix's Mom said...

Hi Dutch!

It was hot! There's nothing wrong with wanting to cool off.

Like Austin for Suki, it's non-pug-friendly hot in Miami ... well, most of the year. My mom makes sure I don't spend too long outside. My dad, on the other hand, wants to drop me off in the Everglades for a weekend, to teach me to be tough. Something about alligators. He thinks I can take them. I Googled them. He's insane. If being a sissy means not getting eaten in the Everglades, I'm all for it!


chinapug1 said...

The Youngstown bunch's mom asks: I'm learning new words...doing the cockroach really made me laugh. I have a question about another word. First you have to understand that this blog is the first place I look when I get to work and being I am at work, I don't have a lot of time to look thru previous comments. I can see what doing a "jimmy" is from the pictures, but how did that name come about? Thanks, Janet

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

LOL! That was a good one Dutch...rather be a sissy than a poo eater. Got cha Pug! We do like to eat poo...what is up with that? Yep, that is all.

Anonymous said...

We know that sidewalks are cool when it's Africa hot, and we don't blame you. We do it too!
We always thoght it was doing the lizard, but now we know it's doing the cockroach.
Pearl, Mac, and Trixie