Wednesday, May 29, 2013


meat coma
My human hardly never knows what day it is but the 3 day weekend has her all sorts of screwed up. And I don't usually take advantage of her gimpiness... ok, sometimes I do. Whatever. But there was wild meat in the freezer and I didn't want to wait for it.

ME: we're still having Wild Game Night tonight, right?
HUMAN: it's not Wednesday. Is it?
ME: uh, yeah.
HUMAN: oh. Then I guess we are.

In case you missed it, Google helped me guilt my human into eating wild animals. It's supposed to make her feel better. Kinda like the liver, but less gross.

The store had all sorts of wild meats, but my human was kinda freaked out about eating something you only ever see on Animal Planet. So instead of coming home with something really cool, like camel or kangaroo, she got elk. I guess she met a bunch of elks back in some place called Colorado. They used to come down from the mountains in winter and scare the horses or something.

No idea.

But back to the meat. In case you never get to eat wild meat, it's not much different than regular meat. Elk looks a whole lot like cow, if you ask me. I was too busy swallowing to taste anything but I'm pretty sure it tasted like cow too.

My human didn't think you'd want to see the elk. I thought it'd be pretty lame to tell you all about Wild Game Wednesday and not show you a picture.

ME: you have to show the meat!

HUMAN: (silent)
ME: people want to see meat!
HUMAN: nobody wants to see a bunch of bloody meat.
ME: hello! people aren't the only ones reading this blog.

wild meat!
Of course I was right. I mean, just because I don't have thumbs doesn't mean I'm not a genius. Or at least more genius than a human with a gimpy brain.


Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

SHOW US THE MEAT! You did just that! are the best Pug and you know what we want to see. I mean it is Wild Game Night! Gotta love it! AND, gotta love the Puglet!

Unknown said...

Puglet, I'd MUCH rather see pictures of meat than your face with cow pudding on it! Eeewww! We're glad you're enjoying your meat coma from wild game night.

Sue, C. Penfold, and Lucy

Anonymous said...

Pure genius.

Anonymous said...

Pure genius.

Sabrina said...

Puglet, that is one crazy cute pic of you! Thanks for letting me see the elk. Not that I really needed to see it, but it does remind me that elk is tasty.

Glad you're back to being semi-daily!

Anonymous said...

Dude! That's the meatiest meat I personally ever saw. Well, okay, I didn't see it in person but your thumb's photos are so real. Elks are very strong so maybe your thumbs will get stronger too. Hang in there and enjoy the moment - which looks pretty juicy!
Your friend, Chubby T. Pug

Sabrina PugTails said...

Of course we want to see the meat!
My human will have to clean the lick-marks off the screen, but that's her problem not mine.

Noodles said...

Puglet, you ARE a genuis. I am totally drooling over here while my Mommy is uber-gagging. That's a veghead for you.
Keep the pic a-comin' I say. It is the closest I will EVER come to meat and wild yumminess.
Love Noodles

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

Wow, the elk meat looks awesome, but I'm a carnivore =P I hope it helps your mom feel better! I love scrolling down & seeing your happy, poo-covered face. It makes me smile every time =)
Love always, Bruno & Diesel's mom ♥♥♥

Unknown said...

Ya know Pug, I like not knowing when the Blog will show doesn't have to be's like a great treat when there's a post for the day! So don't let your human feel guilty anymore! Oh and you're right, I love those photos of wild meat...just wish I could smell them also!♥Ginger Pug

Anonymous said...


We want us some elk!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pug, not going to try any of your food recommendations because based on your picture from yesterday with cow pies all over your adorable smushy face, you might not be the authority on what is tasty!! But we still love ya anyway!

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

Jazz Girl Pug said...

Our human Guardian has Gus eating raw rabbit (not sure if it's wild, though) because of his allergies. Shhhh..don't tell Gus, but she sneaks me some in my food bowl,too. She was eyeing photos of the camel and kangaroo on your blog the other day, and I saw her lick her lips. But we don't live in a place that has camel or kangaroo or elk, just bison. :( Maybe humans don't like the pix of the elk--but Gus and I licked our lips at the sight!

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Yep your right! Have to see a pic! I'm on a raw diet, yummmmmmm,mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Love your blogs 2

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Well, you look look very contented, Puglet.

Elks are huge by the way, WAY bigger than cows.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Your meatables look wonderful Puglet! I hope your human gets things figured out soon. These last two entries had me giggling. A liver named Justin? Oh my. Too funny Dutch. Glad to see entries coming in since I really miss my puglet if I don't get a fix. :)
with Madgie, Emmett, Rosie, Jake, & Dalia the Iowa herd of troublemakers

Sammy and Neko said...

Your human cooked that?? Nicely rare, seared perfectly.... can I come over to eat them with you??

Anonymous said...

See if you can get some duck meat.
We LOVE that with Sweet Potatoes.
Pearl, Mac, and Trixie and our human Sherry

Buford T. Justice said...

Buford t. "Meat Man" Justice

Miley said...

Sorry for the comments all being late. I'm on my way to party with Suki, Arnie, and Gracie. Thumbs can't drive and do the comments thing at the same time.

Pug Slope said...

Love that photo of you in "Meat Coma," Puglet. That's a good place to be.

And thank you for showing the meat. Humans just don't understand.


Mercy said...

Oh, Miley, you little Party Girl!


P.S. Do you have the red clutch?