Friday, March 21, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: my date with Ernie

Hello again everybody! Today came fast this week, didn't it?? Well, I know Pug already told you about our new neighbor Ernie and how we had our first date. But you can't always believe everything Pug says and here's some of what he didn't tell you. 

#1: Ernie has fabulous taste in toys
Any boy with a leopard spotted rhino and pink pig named Kosher is obviously special. Ernie *really* wanted me to play, but I don't do that until the second date. Instead, I played hard to get and pretended to want a nap.

#2: Ernie is nice and sweet and likes to share
As soon as he figured out I wasn't ready to play, Ernie snuggled up with me for a nap. His bed is big enough for both our butts, but probably not for long. 

 #3: Ernie is a giant 
Now now, but soon. Our human says you can tell by looking at his feet. They're only 12 weeks old and already bigger than mine. 

I wish I could tell you more about Ernie, but his bladder is smaller than his feet so our date didn't last long. I had such a good time, it was almost impossible to leave when it was time to go home. I'm so glad we only live a few houses apart. Hopefully we will have a second date soon!

Pink pigs + leopard rhinos, 



Anonymous said...

WHAT is Ernie doing in that second picture? The look on his face is priceless!

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Love your date story and the butt pic!! LOL! You have to have a second date so we can see more of Ernie and how much he grows! You two look good together!

Anonymous said...

Om mu gosh, you two are so cute together : )
Happy weekend~

Sammy and Neko

Ollie said...

He has a pink pig and is sweet & polite? All signs point to two very special SF dogs that were destined to meet.

South shore pugs said...

Ernie is lucky to have you as a friend Dutch. We love your Friday posts. Lots of kisses, Rudy and Billie

BTW -is that your heart shaped spot by your tail we see?

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Awww lovely .... great to have new friends xx

Sorry Gnat said...

we had a boxer who dated a great dane, named Shervey. We lived in a large house, and could see through a bay window, Shervey's long form coming to pick up Gretchen, the boxer. We'd yell out, "Gretchen, Shervey's here," and slam would go the back scree door, and this team would cavort together for ours.