Thursday, March 27, 2014


feeling not so cute
So last Friday my human says to me, we're finally going to do something fun today! I'm wasn't sure if "fun" was a code word for "exciting" because we learned with Ernie that "exciting" can also be code for "stupidly cute puppy".

ME: will there be puppies?
HUMAN: Miley's mom will be there!
ME: didn't Miley have puppies? Is this some kind of a trap?
HUMAN: (silence)

Human silence is never a good sign. And what you don't know because I wasn't here to tell you about it back in November is spotted Miley had little Mileys. A whole pile of them. Yeah. And any human will tell you the only thing cuter than a puppy is a whole *bunch* of puppies. Not fun.

Ok. Now back to last Friday. We end up at the beach, there aren't any cute puppies and I'm happy. I get a little worried when Miley's mom's Yukon pulls up because there might be puppies in it, but I love Miley's mom and the Yukon is like a giant cookie jar so it was hard not to get excited.

Until I saw Yukon had a puppy sized crate in it. Awesome.

Well, lucky for everyone, Miley's mom only kept one of the puppies. His name is Jardin and, well, he's a ridiculously cute puppy. What else can I say? Except my human made me and Dutch share our toy with him. 

And then he stole it.

When we were done playing and every human in San Francisco had oohed and awwwed over Jardin and his ridiculous puppy cuteness, I had to sit next to him for today's picture. My human called it "puppy therapy" but I call it cruelty to Pug. 

Seriously? I'd rather supermodel a pair of hot pink heels than have to pose next to a puppy.

Don't get me wrong, Jardin's ok. And I'm sure we'll be supergood friends when he's a little older and not oozing cuteness. But right now he just makes me feel... not so cute. And who wants that?


Anonymous said...

My oh My! Jardin is already a rival Supermodel, Pug. He looks fabulous in that picture (don't worry, so do you!)

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Oh are still cute! How can you NOT be!!! But you know puppies will always be just that much cuter for some reason, but you sitting next to one has still got to be a really cute pic no matter how ya look at it!!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
I love Miley's human as well. We got to go to the baseball game with her and Honor. Those puppies are a cute bunch but for my money. . . it is you all the way.
Love Noodles

Pearl and Tessa said...

Very cute Pug, Jardin accentuates your good looks!

We had one of those whirly things hit near us last night. We were so scared, thought we might be going to the land of Oz like Toto...but everything is find today! But, just in case, does Dutch have some Ruby shoes we can borrow?

Deb, Pammy & Coco said...

Puglet, you have cute down pat. You are a pug!! Pugs are cute no matter how old or young they are!

Jardin will turn into a Dutch some day which is fine but you are PUG!!!!!!

Barkley's Mom said...

Oh Pug...You could never be NOT cute!! You are absolute cuteness 100% of the time!!

Unknown said...

Seriously, Pug? You are so way cuter. Not even close.

Robinette said...

Puppies are always a ton of major cuteness. But you know Puglet? Pugs are ALWAYS cute, no matter what their age. I don't think you have anything to worry about ;)

Frank The Tank said...

Well what can I say?? My Mum saw the puppies and went SQUEEEEEE but she really loved to see you all playing! I cant believe that You and Dutch HAD TO share your toys with Jardin, but it sure looks like you all had fun together? Did Jardin like Dutch more than you?? Nopuppy can resist the Pug charms and being half pug myself I should know!
Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh ohhhhhh, he is CUTE!
But Pug, you are still our number one !

Sammy and Neko
How's mama Miley doing now a days??

Anonymous said...

Oh Pug, you're so silly!! Pugs have such a HUGE advantage over puppies, cause they're pugs. You win every time! You're the winner in our book. Dutch is our first runner up though.
Megan w/ Madgie, Rosie, Emmett, & Dalia