Friday, April 25, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: life is a delicious patch of poppies

Friday. San Francisco. Rain. Yes, RAIN! Here at my house. Right now. I really thought we were done with the rain. But I suppose the grass and flowers like it and I like them so maybe getting wet isn't the most terrible thing.

(Pug says: yes it is!!)

Nothing too miraculous happened this week. We went on a mini hike over by the cows. I rolled in a patch of yellow poppies, Pug rolled in mystery poop. He got in trouble and had to take a bath, I got my picture taken and made my human smile. 

Hmmm. What else. Well, I've been doing a lot of grass eating lately. Please don't tell pug because he'll make fun of me, but grass is my bacon. Especially fresh spring grass. Delicious!

I think today I'll take an extra nap or two. I might even put on the bunny hoodie because rainy days make me chilly. I'm sure Pug will tell you all about it if I do.

Love + Poppies,



Anonymous said...

Be careful with the grass eating, Dutch! My dog ate so much grass he made himself sick, sick, sick! 3 days of vomiting, 2 vet visits and $500 worth of x-rays later the vet decides that the grass eating was causing the problem.

Mercy said...

Dear Dutch,
I would love to be in San Fran....even if it's raining. Your pictures are beautiful - especially you smileing in the poppy field. Oh studmuffin, you are so wise and soulful. I think grass is good to eat too - very low fat (as opposed to bacon) and redially available/ I LOVE DUTCH FRIDAY !!!
Kisses, Kisses,

Unknown said...

Rain is a good reason for naps. Poppies are beautiful to lie in. Grass is great to roll in. Happy Friday, Dutch. I also love Pug.
Studley (aka Stud Muffin)

mlb7791 said...

Dutch....I love love love the picture of you with the poppies!!! Makes me want to kiss you!!

Anonymous said...

How are you feeling after the big surgery, Dutch? Hope all is ok... have a great weekend!

Sammy and Neko

Amy in Colorado said...

The picture of you rolling in the poppies made me happy too, Dutchie. Hope you and Puglet and Amanda have a beautiful pink weekend!

Anonymous said...

Do you guys go hiking with cows over by my house?
I go on a hike almost every day.. usually with my most favorite teenage girl.


Paula from DE said...

I love that crazy eye picture in the poppies!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Love the poppies picture! Made me smile too

Ollie said...

Sometimes its hard to believe you guys actually live in a real place: Dutch in the poppies and P & D on the hillside...looks like heaven.