Monday, April 14, 2014


So, it's Monday. And I'd say happy monday if I was happy. But I'm not. Nooooo. Not happy at all. Because somebody decided to buy me a new kind of food and whoever made this new food put bits in it. Totally nasty, completely un-eatable bits. In. My. Food.

Yeah. I know.

ME: I think my new food is broken.
HUMAN: broken, how?
ME: there's all this nasty stuff in it.
HUMAN: you mean the bits of healthy fruit and vegetables?
ME: fruit and vegetables? In my food??

In case you don't know how I feel about fruits and vegetables, I like carrots and blackberries. That's it. All the rest are gross and I hate them. Like, spit them out kind of hate. My human knows this. 

She didn't even have to read the bag to know how much I'd hate this new food. I mean, you can see the all the nasty bits without opening the bag. There's even a picture of what's inside. Blech-y bananas. Evil apples. Pukey peas. And a bunch of other stuff I don't even know but obviously hate because it's a fruit or vegetable that isn't a carrot or blackberry. 

And still. She bought me this food. Ugh. 

Of course I was so starving to death this morning, it's not like I could *not* eat it. I tried spitting the nasty bits on the floor but it's kinda hard to eat and spit at the same time, so I focused on the eating and tried to forget about the bits. It wasn't easy. 

The worst part is my human probably thinks I like my nasty new food because I ate a whole entire bowl of it for breakfast. I don't know what's going to happen when I have to eat it again for dinner. 



Anonymous said...

Pug, you look skinny... can we send you some SPAM?

Sammy and Neko

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Oh no! What ARE you going to do when you have to eat it for dinner? And then again tomorrow? You will definitely need some bacon soon cuz you are going to be losing more weight as the days go on with this new food!!! Feeling for ya...for sure!

Anonymous said...

This is not fair!!!!!!!!!!

dw said...

I see a carrot on that bag, Pug!

Ollie said...

I totally get it, fruits and veggies are ok but there has to be a limit. I mean, we're 99% wolves and wolves don't eat grass. Right?
Side note: I eat grass.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you'll get used to them - they're good for you!!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Oh man, Pug, that is LAME!!!! We need to send you bacon to put on that nasty food to hide the fruits and veggies.

Meredith & Scarlet

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

If you look sad enough, maybe your Momma will take you to the drive thru to get a burger!
Luvvies from,
Eddie the Pug

Jane & Mercy said...


Unknown said...

What's wrong with Bananas?? We LOVE them!! What kind of food are you eatting? We eat yummy lamb & Rice by Merrick and we LOVE IT!! Good luck with Dinner , and I have to say you do look a little on the skinny side.
Frank of "The MacKay Pugs"

Jaco said...

Oh man Puglet - Jaco loves his Castor and Pollux! He thinks those bits are more like treats - and he doesn't even eat fruits and veggies that are table food (okay, an occasional carrot). I hope you learn to love it!

2 Punk Dogs said...

You look so sad! Maybe you can switch back to something you like more?

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Pug, you may just have to eat a little so she gets it!!!!!! Condolensces, we get yummy barf!

Pug Slope said...

Hi Puglet! Sounds like you need a trip to the "HOUSE OF MEAT" stat. Or at least a Baconator to get you back on your feet. :)