Friday, May 16, 2014


Happy Friday everyone! And I mean HAPPY. Last night the fog blob came and took the hot away and now I can finally breathe. I'm still very concerned about global warming, but at least I'm not panting in our living room. Soooooo glad the melting weather is over. 

Now, can we talk about something even scarier than global warming? Snakes. They hissssss like cats but are much, much creepier. They also have no legsNO. LEGS. 

Soooo creepy!!

And scary. And mean. Pug said I'd be mean too if I didn't have legs, but he can be quite mean and has four of them. 

My human said the snake was only acting mean because it was afraid. Afraid? Of what? What's scarier than a snake?? She said the snake probably thought I wanted to eat it. Ew. Who would want to eat something that looks like this:

Alright, perhaps Pug would want to eat it. But I came in peace. I'd never met a snake face to snout before and wished to say hello. I think it was the snake who wanted to eat me. 

Google says some snakes can kill you. Like rattlesnakes. And cobras. My human swears we don't have cobras in San Francisco and this was a gopher eater, not a rattlesnake. I don't know how much she really knows about snakes but she did check for a rattle. After mr. meanie almost took my face off. 

Rattle or no rattle, cobra or not - I definitely DO NOT recommend meeting a snake if you don't have to. 




Meredith LeBlanc said...

eek! We're not fans of snakes in our house either, be careful Dutch!

Meredith & Scarlet

Charlie the Pugster said...

SNAKE!!!!! Stay away Dutch! No legs---yucky!

Anonymous said...

We heard some parts of the world consider snakes as "food". hum.... only if it is dead and does not look like live snake and taste good, we may try it... but live ones? H*ll no!!

Sammy and Neko

Have a great weekend !

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Totally agree Dutch wise one. Your mums right though it was prob scared! STAY AWAY! Lots of deadoy ones here in Oz. Take care 💗

Anonymous said...

We have a snake that lives with us, in our house. We used to have 2 but one died because she was old. Our human had her for 17 years! Our snake has never tried to bite our snouts off, but they do smell funny!

Mercy said...

Dear Dutch,
No legs IS very creepy. How can they move around without legs? Do they stay in one place all their life? If so, maybe they only live a minute - that would be good I think. Anyway, it's all very confussing. Let's go back to talking about global warming instead.
Kisses, Kisses,