Friday, May 23, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: the time Pug kinda freaked

Happy Friday everyone! The traffic people just said it's a holiday weekend so I'm extra happy to be here. I hope you have a happy whatever holiday it is! I also hope it has something to do with food so Pug will find something to eat and stop with all the calorie math. It's like living with Rain Man.

Anyhoo, it was bath week at our house. It all started last weekend when a drunk person puked on the cars in front of our house and Mazda was one of them. Pug got all excited because he thought we were going to a drive thru. Until things got a little scary...

And Pug kinda freaked.

PUG: hey, this isn't a drive thru - it's an ALIEN ABDUCTION!!
ME: I don't see aliens.
PUG: first they're going to STEAL us, then they're going to PROBE us!!
ME: where do you see aliens?

I don't know how we've never been to a car wash before, but somebody really should have explained it ahead of time. I wasn't worried about aliens, but being stuck in a dark tunnel with a freaking Pug is not a good time. I know he thinks I'm a wuss, but who was terrified by the car bath? Not me.

Our baths were not as exciting as Mazda's. Or scary! But we did go to a dog bath and that was new. I promised Pug I'd let him complain tell you about it next week for a small bite of his 350 calories. Have a fun holiday and see you next Friday!

With Pink,



chinapug1 said...

Rain man?? Love it.
Youngstown Bunch

Butch and Sundance said...

Puglet...don't feel bad, we HATE it when Mom takes us thru the Drive-thru about FREEEEEEEAK!!!!!

Amy in Colorado said...

I think the car washes are scary too, and I'm a human! Happy whatever weekend. Love you, Dutchie.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, Dutchy~ and all the DP fans out there!!

Sammy and Neko

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Oh Dutch...the car wash freaks my sister Lucy out big time too...but not me! I just sit there and take it like we are driving thru the park! She pops her eyes out like we are going to explode or something! Thanks for letting us know Pug freaks too! You guys have a great holiday too!

Noodles said...

Happy Memorial Weekend Dutch!
Party Safely!
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

HaHa the car wash adventure looks like fun. We never go cause Dad can't handle 3 pugs in one car.
Happy Memorial Day.. make sure you fly an American flag this weekend.
Pugs & Kisses from
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli

Anonymous said...

That look in Puglet's eyes is priceless! can't wait to hear how he covers it up next week

Anonymous said...

Dutch, that first picture of you looks like joy!

Anonymous said...

We try to leave comments but they never seem to appear.
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I have an adventure for you. There is some one in San Fran putting $100's around the city and leaving clues on Twitter I think under #freecash.

The puggles of Myrtle Beach said...

Hi Puglet and Dutch! It's us, Those Jersey Shore Puggles, except we don't live in Jersey any more. We live at a place the car brought us to that took a million hours to get to. It is called Myrtle Beach. We missed you. You both look great.
Roxie, Riley and Lea