Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey everybody, Dutch here. Pug said I could take over today so I could tell you all about my birthday. And also because he destroyed one of my new birthday toys and is trying to get back on my good side.

Turning six wasn't much different than turning five, except for having to share my day with Pug. I'm pretty used to that though - I've gotten very good at sharing. So we split the birthday cookies The Man bought me. And I let him play with the new loofah dog our cousin Sophie sent. But I drew the line at sharing one of the toys my human gave me. I mean, it was MY birthday and I wanted the crab to be all mine.

Please don't think I was being selfish. I had good reason for not wanting to share: the pug is a toy destroyer. If it's stuffed,
he unstuffs it. Squeakies get de-squeaked in minutes. My new toy was stuffed and it squeaked - and I wanted it to stay that way.

I did my best to keep the birthday crab safe. This is a little embarrassing, but Pug is way more alpha than I am. A lot of people think I must be top dog because I'm so much bigger. Doesn't work that way. See that face I'm making in today's picture? That's my best (and only) defense against the pug.

And you see this mangled toy?

Yeah. That's my new brand new birthday crab after Pug got through with it. I seriously need to work on my scary-face before my next birthday.


Stubby said...

Hi Dutch! I'm glad you had a great birthday. That crab sure looked nice in the first pic, but now it looks like it's ready for the trash. You tell Puglet to chill out with the toy destroying.

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: Mom and Dad had no problems due to the Bay Bridge closure this past weekend.

THE PUGLET said...

Brother Dutch says:

I know! I only got in about 20 minutes of new-toy time before he killed it. Sometimes my human can fix the toys (thanks to Pug, we have a lot of toy amputees) but this one was beyond help :(

Glad your peoples didn't have bridge problems. They still haven't fixed it!