Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I know I shouldn't complain about our weather. I mean, it's better than a lot of other weather out there. It never really gets cold, it never really gets hot and we don't get stuff like tornadoes or blizzards. But right now it's really windy and raining. And it's been really windy and raining for the past few days and it's supposed to keep being windy and raining for another few days so... waaah.

I am officially complaining about our weather.

The big reason I'm complaining is because bad weather makes life boring. I don't like going out in it, and neither does brother Dutch or my human. Today we made a break for the beach when the rain stopped. Wind blew sand in my face the entire time and we only got to play for a little bit before the rain started pouring on us again.

I don't like being outside in weather, but being stuck inside is so BOR-ing. A pug can only take so many naps, y'know?
What do you all do when the weather won't let you play outside??


Sabrina said...

Ooh Puglet--we live in Ottawa (Canada) where we get all kinds of weather! Usually Beulah and I got out anyway, but experts do say that a half an hour of mental tasks for dogs can be as tiring as a walk of an equal or greater time!

Sometimes when we can't/I'm too lazy to go out we play games like where I put a piece of kibble in one hand and Beulah has to pick which hand it is in. Or I'll hide kibble around the house and she has to find it. Or hide kibble in some of the muffin slots in a muffin tin and cover the slots with tennis balls and let Beulah try and find them. You can also work on new tricks like roll-over or play dead. Or, when Beulah (and her lab brother Barney) are really crazy, I'll throw balls from the top of the staircase (you can do this is the hallway of an apartment building too) and make them chase them.

Sabrina (for Beulah the pug and Barney the lab)

Smushie Ranch said...

Puglet, we're only a few hours south of ya and it ain't any better down here in Morro Bay. Unfortunately, Gunther passes the time by sitting in his favorite chair that looks out in front of the house. When he gets really bored, he tries to convince people and birds flyin' by they shouldn't be there... He looks like an idiot. *sigh*

We got a couple walks in between the rain drops. But on our second walk we got caught out in the rain. mom made us run back home.. I was huffing and puffing the entire way!

Wish you and Dutch could come over for a playdate!


Rosie the Party Pug said...

I'm right there with you Puglet. We haven't been for a walk in a couple of days. My dog brothers don't like getting wet. I don't really like it either. Rain rain go away!!!

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh Puglet,
I hate the rain too, I get scared of the thunder and I don't get to go to the doggie park. Today mommy and daddy are taking me to doggie daycare to see if I like it. I know I will, then I get to have fun even if it rains.

Lola said...

Hi Puglet- we were in San Fran yesterday and passed a place called Fog City Doggie DayCare- looked like tons of fun! Mom says it sounds expensive, though. We got caught in sheets of rain over there. When it rains, I lay in my bed and nap all day- something about the sound of rain on our roof makes us all lazy.
Warm weather will be here soon, I hope.
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet - my humans will throw the ball for me inside the house and chase me around until we all get dizzy from running in circles around the living room, dining room & kitchen, but mostly I like to cuddle up in a nice warm lap and sleep.

Still pals - Frodo (we won't let a dame come between us!)

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! You can complain about the weather all you want but it's not going to change it. Believe me. I used to complain about it but these days I'm more mellow.

Today it's sunny and 36. It's not too windy so it's pretty nice out. When I went out at lunch I didn't want to come back in.

Being stuck inside is boring but at my age, I can't nap enough. Mom says I sleep more then most cats, whatever that means. And of course there's always eating. Since I'm stuck inside a lot I like to have some Popeyes handy. Just in case, you know.

Stubby xoxo

pugsmom said...

My human is soooo lazy. She doesn't take us for near enough walks and we LOVE them!! Here in Gladstone, Oregon we had wind storms for the last two nights. I barked at the blinds hitting the wall every time a gust blew. If she would close the window that wouldn't happen, but no one listens to me. Today it's in the 40s and there are going to be scattered showers. I'm going to go beg for a walk right now before I have to take a shower. Good luck finding something to keep you busy.

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I forget to tell you that my dad flew into San Francisco this afternoon. He was delayed in Chicago because of the rain in San Francisco. He has his raincoat and umbrella so I hope he stays dry.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Ooooh Sabrina ~ I like how you think! Hide-and-seeking food around the house sounds like a really good way to kill time. And I especially like the muffin tin/tennis ball game. I'm TOTALLY going to beg my human to let us play that.

Heya Stella - I'd probably pull a Gunther maneuver but I'm too short to see out our windows. We live on a kinda busy street so I'm sure I miss all sorts of happenings by being a shrimp.

A playdate would be cool -- my gimpy-brained human wants to know if the monarchs are still at Pismo?? She thought they came in February, but just found out they LEAVE in February. She gets it wrong every year!

THE PUGLET said...

Doggie Daycare sounds like a BUNCH of fun. Let us know how it goes, Bellatrix. Ok?

Lola, thanks for the clue about Fog City. It probably is expensive, but maybe I can wrangle my human into letting us go once and awhile. Like when it's raining.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Frodo ~ Is OK, no hard feelings about Jenny. I get kinda bored with tennis balls. I mean, once you de-squeak them, what's the point?

Today we went shopping and my human got me something called a laser-pointer thingy. I have no idea what that is and she says I can't play with it until it gets dark. No idea.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Puglet we thinks rain is boring too! We play chase around the dining room table when its raining.

THE PUGLET said...


Popeyes sounds like a really good way to deal with bad weather. I asked my human to get me some Nuggets and she just laughed. Said all I've been doing lately is eating and sleeping. Something about a Sumo Diet???

I dunno.

I've been working hard to bounce off my tubey-ness. I don't want a diet!

pugsmom said...

Just when my human was starting to forget about that tubey thing, you bring it up again. Now she is talking diet.
That's OK, Kizzy and I got our dinner and then she took us for a long walk and we didn't even have to take a shower. We didn't poop either. We saved that for home. LOL

karen and capone said...

Do you wanna go out, Little Pugaroo?
Let's go out and about, Little Pugaroo
We'll stroll under my big green umbrella
And I'll wear my yella rainboots

When we're out in the rain, Little Pugaroo
We don't need to complain, Little Pugaroo
We don't care if the sky's damp and dark
It's a walk in the park for us two

Your cute little black nose is wet
And your tongue is wet too
But you're not drenched and dripping yet
Bah-doo bah-dum bah-doo ba Pugaroo

Do you wanna go out, Little Pugaroo?
Wander out and about, Little Pugaroo
I'll stuff white plastic bags in my pockets
For picking up puppy dog poo

Let's go puddle and play, Little Pugaroo
Splash our troubles away, Little Pugaroo
On a day when the world's soaked and soggy
What's a girl and her doggy to do?

When it's raining down cats and dogs
Are those dogs sweet like you?
Do you wanna go out, Pugaroo
Bah ba doo bah dum bah doo, do you?

(It's the beginning of a Rainy Day pug song!!! Not quite finished yet, but on it's way. -- Karen and Capone

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Capone - your human writes the coolest stuff about me! How did she know one of my nicknames is Pugaroo???

PS: My human says that would make an excellent children's book:)

Mr. Puggle® said...

play "light" with the human


Mr. Puggle® said...

hey it worked. just so you know i try and comment all the time but it won't work?

THE PUGLET said...

Mr Puggle >>

I tried to play kill the dot with you instead. Didn't really work:


Meeko Pug said...

Hi Pug
I know were complaining a long time ago and things may be better now, but... Miami weather is amazing! I too love being outside with my sister and her hubby. We love to sunbathe. If you are ever in these parts of the world, come visit!