Friday, June 25, 2010

SURPRISE! (Birthday #2)

Hey! I found out why Freeze Frame Friday happened yesterday instead of today. It's because today is my special-day! Today I am two years old.

It's been a whole year since my last birthday, so I wasn't sure if it was anything to get excited about. I kinda remembered something about having to wear a cone on my head, and that worried me a little. But then Dutch told me a special box came in the mail yesterday. A big, tasty smelling box. Just for me. From my friends Spencer B and Bellatrix!

How cool is that?

But before I could open my special box, my human said I had to celebrate my birthday. This made no sense to me, because I thought the box from Spencer B & BellaT was celebrating my birthday.

MY HUMAN: before we open presents, you have to wear the hat.
ME: the hat?
MY HUMAN: the scary, shiny birthday cone. Remember?
ME: oh. Yeah. That hat.

Somehow my human, who loses EVERYTHING she touches, managed not to lose the scary shiny hat I had to wear last year on my birthday. And she made me wear it again. Because I guess that's what you have to do on your birthday before you're allowed to eat your presents.

My birthday hat is more stupid and less scary than I remember it. But I wore it. Not happily, but the humiliation didn't last long and when it was over I got to open presents. And eat.

First I ate a special Happy Birthday cookie the nice Pugnacious lady slipped into our shopping bag. Then I opened the box from Spencer & BellaT. There were yummy snacks inside, a very cool unstuffed chicken, some freeze dried bullypenises and a extrasuperspecial note that says a donation was made to ARF in my honor. The note made my human leak a little (in a happy way, she said), but I was too busy chewing on on one of the bullypenises to get all leaky.

But when my human said that Dutch hijacked The Daily Puglet last week to ask everyone what to get me for Birthday #2, I did get a tiny bit leaky (and totally warm & fuzzy). So I gave him one of the bullypenises and a bite of my Pugnacious cookie. I also let him wear this very neat stay-cool bandana SpencerB & BellaT sent so I can keep cool in hot weather... and look cute like Bellatrix.

You're really supposed to wear the stay-cool bandana around your neck - but you're also supposed to be pug-sized to wear it. Please don't mention this to Dutch. Even though it wasn't hot out, I could tell he felt cool with it on.

If you haven't turned two yet, I totally recommend doing it as soon as possible. If you've already turned more than two, maybe let the rest of us know what that's like? Specifically, is there a hat involved??


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! Love following your adventures!

Corrine said...

Happy Birthday, Puglet! I'm glad to hear you got so many yummy goodies for your special day and that you were kind enough to share them with Dutch.

Here's to 2!

allijag said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! You are very obviously loved by many - and you are so lucky to have a brother like Dutch, and a human like yours! :)

Lola said...

Happy Birthday, Puglet! I've had 3 birthdays- they have involved many treats and toys, but no silly hats. Wishing you a great special day... and many more!
Lafayete Lola

Anonymous said...

Happy #2 Birthday Puglet. We get crazy stuff on our birthdays too... but no silly hats, we feel for ya pug. Enjoy your Special Day, from Ellie 5, Emmitt 3 and Eli not yet 2, the San Antonio pugs.

Ollie said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!
I can't believe another year has gone by since you you wore that silly hat.
I would have loved to send you something but I don't think the humans on either side of the border are smart enough to figure out how to get a package labeled "Puglet, San Fransico" to your front door.
So instead, like Bellatrix & Spencer, I made a donation in your honor. I picked your local rescue group Rocket Dog that you had mentioned in a previous post.
Wishing you and your pack a wonderful adventure packed day!

Anonymous said...

i turned 2 last year and yes, there was a cone hat involved:

happy birthday puglet,
miles and the gang

Salinger The Pug said...

Happy birthday buddy!!!'ve accomplished a LOT in your two years!!! We hope your day is PERFECT and that mom loses the shiny cone of shame!

Tell Dutch that we like his "babushka"! HAHAHAA

Enjoy your birthday dude!


3pugs2luv said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Puglet! We hope you have a wonderful day full of happy surprises. It is the very least we can wish for you Puglet. You make all our days wonderful & full of happy suprises. We've had many birthdays around here; Zoey:7 & next month Phoebe will have had 5. We can report that hats have been involved. We feel it's a small price to pay for all the treats you get. Happy Birthday again.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

pugsmom said...

We've been checking in every 15 minutes all morning waiting for this post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! What fun you are having and how sweet is Dutch and your human to plan all this and keep it a big secret until today. I'm going to be 5 next month and now I'm really looking forward to it. I never had a party, but now my human is saying, "Why didn't I ever do that?" Boy am I excited and so is Kizzy. You and Dutch have a great day and we'll be thinking of you.
Phoebe in Oregon

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day. The hat is a small price to pay for goodies.

Arnie & Gracie, the agility pugs

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Happy birfday Puglet! And yes we hve to wear a hat every year...but this year Mom already packed the hat for the move...I will miss out hopefully. We hope you get to eat some yummy birfday presents!

Sequoia (and Tuni)

dw said...

Happy Birfday, Puglet!!!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Puglet! I can hardly wait to see what kind of excitement and adventures you'll have, as you are already a pretty wise and worldly pug.
Much love,

KF said...

Puglet at Two,

Here's wishing you many more special cone-hat days yet to come.

If Jenny and/or Gracie did not send cards and presents, it is because they have poor taste. Puglet has the best taste in taste, so the loss is all theirs.

If you blow out candles, here is a wish recommendation: All bullies should be freeze-dried.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet. Thanks for making us smile.
K, A and Noodles (soon to be 1 year old)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! Hope you and brother dutch have fun on your special day! I'm A boston beagle from kelowna bc canada and im 6. I always got lotsa special things on my birthday and never had to wear the shiny cone hat.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet and thanks to you, Brother Dutch and your human for such a fun blog! If hat=treats, go for it!

Crabbie Chris said...

Happy Birthday to yooooou!!
Happy Birthday to yooouu!
Happy Birthday dear PUUUUUGGGGLLLLEETTT!!!
Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!

Gosh you totally make me anxious for my birthday...I mean treats and presents? I mean that's like a pug's dream come true!

You say you're 2? I don't think you look a day over 9 mo! I hope you have a most magical day Pug and I'm glad you got such great things. kisses to you (it's ok Spencer I'm not cheating!)
xoxoxo Belly

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not the cone of shame! lol You make us smile every day Puglet. You touch a lot of lives and make them brighter because of it.

Here's to the best second year a pug could have!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet. My sister and I just think you are sooo hot! How about an older Pug? Since I am a rescue girl (from Mexio no less, I was "meximut of the month" from CWOB)and I had some issues in my earlier life, we are not sure what day my birthday is, so we celebrate it on my adoption day instead. I will be 2 years adopted in October, but I am somewhere around 4 years.

Happy Birthday!!!


Kitty+Coco said...

Yup, had to wear the torture cone on my birthday at the end of May. The words "look of hate" were referenced. Yesterday, we saw how you looked with pointy ears. Today, we see how you look with no ears. Verrrry interesting. Happy Birfday Pug!
Sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)

Pee S. Your mom likes to say bullpenises

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! I am also a rescue Pug and came from Seattle Pug Rescue. I live in Kirkland. I just turned 1 and got lots of presents, but no hat. Good thing 'cuz I would have had to eat it. I am making a donation to SPR in both of our names to honor our birthday month!
P.S. my name is Frankie, so I really like your friend Frank. I would probably hump him, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Puglet!

From Chang in Chicago

Stella Louise said...

Puglet, you need to start warning readers when you are going to post adorable pictures of yourself in a birthday hat. My head almost exploded when I looked @ that picture.

Happy Birthday cutie!

Stubby said...

Happy birthday dude! I can't believe you're only two! Wow! I can't remember being two, or even 2+2, but I'm told it was an awesome time to be me. Live it up and party like a rock star!

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: Hopefully the Amish will not come back for Dutch anytime soon!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

HaPpY biRfDaY dear Puglet!!!!!

Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

Lulu The Black Pug said...

Happy B-day Puglet! My names lulu! i just turned 3 yesterday! On my birthday my human got me a bento ball and a henrietta chicken!



Anonymous said...


- your friend Tobee

Anonymous said...

Yipppeeee!!! Happy Turning Two Day! I love your Cone of Shame (if you have not seen it, Up is a very funny movie with several references to wearing the Cone of Shame - it's Pixar at it's best... made my mom leaky in a good way *and* laugh a lot)... Mom does not know my real birthday so we are going to have celebrations on the anniversary of mom adopting me, but we have not come up with a good name for that day yet... something like, Happy Recycled [insert name here] Day... would love some suggestions if you have any :-)

SpencerBartholomew said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the big TWO!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have lots of fun & your human gives you lots of treats!

From Stanley Milhous (also a pug)

Noodle said...


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! My mom is excited to look for a stay-cool bandana like yours. It's finally hot here in Portland and I'm going to need it! I hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Dusty Rose the pug
Happy Brithday Puglet! You have give me somethnig to look foword to on sunday because it will be my fourth Brithday and my human is throing me a big party with all my doggie and human friends. Don't wear about the hat I think it mandatory or something because my human said I have to wear one too! pugs and kisses Dusty Rose

steve said...

happy 2 human years, puglet. that makes you about 24 in doggie years. oh, and tell your mommy that we call our bully penises CIGARS. it freaked out one of daddy's friends to know that one of our favorite treats is a penis. hey, at least they're putting all the parts of the bull to good use and in china they use them as aphrodisiacs. !!

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Happy birfday Puglette! Todays are mamas b-day two...Mama #2 that is...hehehe!
Licks you Laters,
The Slimmer Puggums

Arlo The Pug said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! You're the best! Hope it's a good one!

Wilma said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!!!!
It's hard to believe a pug of such great achievement is only two years old. We can hardly wait to see what you accomplish in your third year. Thanks for all the smiles so far and we hope you had a great day. Celebrate all week! That's what I do. (and I don't even wear the hat!)

Anonymous said...

Happy B'day a day late Pug!!!!! Sorry I missed it yesterday, my human sister graduated from high school and mom didn't check the computer all day. Hope you had a great day and enjoyed all your treats & presents. You'll have to ask where Spencer & Bella bought that stay cool thingy - I need one. It's really HOT here.


Mel said...

Oh Puglet, I missed your birthday! I'm so glad you had a good one, even with a goofy hat. I can't help but think you look precious in it though. I'm really happy to hear that you got to eat treats even though you put a little bit on recently...everyone shouldn't have to think about that on their birthday.

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Happy late birthday Puglet sorry I miss the great day.....Hope you had a great day.. Thank you, Dutch and your human for all the fun adventures you take us on... Hope you have many, many more!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Steffen Photography said...

Happy Happy Day Puglet. I can surely say that every birthday has been fun, but instead of wearing a cone of shame my human makes me wear stupid bandannas......I eat some treats and my humans usually eat cake or something else that I am not allowed to have.I hate the camera so my human rarely takes it out except for my birthday, which always makes me nervous! I turned 9 this year and I can say that every year my life gets better and I get to sleep more in the day.....

Here is my 9th birthday in April! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUGLET...I wish many more days of eating cookies, running with the cows and snuggling with Dutch! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet. We love you daily!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Puglet. You are too cute!

Apollo said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!

I had to catch up on reading too many of your posts, so I'm not going to comment on all of them. I did check out the Pugnacious website. How cool that you're on there! I wish I could visit, but Mommy said you all are too far away - not even driving distance. You're very lucky to have so many surprises! I'm still waiting to find out about Seattle though!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Dear Puglet. I just realized something. You are the cub to my couger. *rour*
xoxox Aine.