Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Even though you all made me feel a lot better about Frank and his amazing new trick, I just couldn't stop thinking about all the cookies and attention he'll be getting. So I spent the whole entire day yesterday trying to master the rollover. I even asked Dutch for help, but still never got past the cockroach phase.

My human could tell I was frustrated, so she suggested I learn some other new trick. Something even better than Frank's amazing rollover. This seemed like a much better idea than spending another minute stuck in cockroach pose, so I asked my friend Google for some ideas.

Google must have been having a bad day or something because "learn how to dance" was the best idea on a very short list. But I figured dancing was better than cockroaching so I watched a video and learned a fresh new move called The Cabbage Patch.

If you've never Cabbage Patched before, it's waaaaay easier than rolling over and has the potential to score you just as many cookies. Maybe even more. Here's the video I learned from, if you want to give it a try. The dance teacher lady is kinda weird, but she makes The Cabbage Patch supereasy to learn.

Take that, Frank!


Anonymous said...

You sure are a dancin' fool, Puglet! Your human caught you at a great angle :)

Have you heard anymore news about the secret? Any updates on the interrogation? Pugs need to know!

Noodles said...

OOOOOH! That dancin' lady is a bit scary. But you look uber cool doing the cabbage patch. I think you deserve a box of cookies for yourself!
Luv ya Puglet - RAD!!!

Ollie said...

Dancin' Kim & the Rad Dancers made my human nearly fall out of her chair. She's laughing so hard that other humans had to come into her office to see what's going on. I haven't seen this kind of work stoppage due to giggle fits since the YouTube video of a Ukranian polka band doing Katy Perry's Hot 'N Cold.
Thanks to you, all this extra good cheer will probably score me bonus lunch food from everyone and not just the usual carrot sticks :)

Chicas Libelulas said...

You Rock !!!!!!!!!
You do the Cabbage Patch alot better than that Dacing Kim!!!

Spongy & Licky

THE PUGLET said...

I'm glad you like the dancing. But do you think it's enough to out-trick Frank?

Dutch pointed out that a dance move from 1987 isn't exactly "fresh", but my human says that might explain Dancin' Kim's hair. No idea.

martha said...

This video is so.., so...., so darn funny! It's much more amusing and entertaining than anything at all currently on tv or in the movies!

Lola said...

WAY fresh, Puget! And my mom says your moves are 'hella tight'.
Lafayette Lola

Suki said...

Puglet - you have some awesome moves! You definitely out-tricked Frank. Do you ever watch Dancing with the Stars? Maybe you could try Ball Room Dancing?


Crabbie Chris said...

Hehehe mom says she misses the 80's for sure. Something about Madonna and some fingerless lace gloves. Dad says he's sure there are some pictures out there of mom in neon, good times! I love that video too much! The only bad thing? I love to eat cabbage and I thought "cabbage patch" was a place to get me some. Oh well.

SpencerBartholomew said...

My goodness.....was that a joke? Ha- that was hilarious!! My mom picks me up and makes me dance with her a lot...nothing like dancing kim though!

Christine said...

I think you should post a clip of you attempting the rollovers :P

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you rock! The Cabbage Patch! Who woulda thought! You are rockin' that Cabbage Patch!

Anonymous said...

You are totally fresh! In fact, you are rockin' that Cabbage Patch so well, you might just single-handedly bring it back. You are stylin' for sure, Puglet!

Let's hear it all for Puglet and his tight dance moves!

PS I think you've out-Franked Frank.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, my mom thinks you are waayyy too cool to revisit the '80's. Yipes that Dancin Kim lady has REALLY BIG TEETH! I'm going to hide under the blankie now........

Christy Wong said...

Hi Puglet!

My mom thought Dancing Kim was hilarious. I'm actually learning how to dance too! I just spin around in circles (like chasing my tail) and I get a treat! You should try it.


pugsx4 said...

You need to get a gold skirt like Dancin Kim.
Totally Rad!