Friday, August 20, 2010

FFF: Wild Kingdom edition

SO, my human has been crazy busy all week. And her brain is pret-ty gimpy right about now. Yesterday she was too busy cheating on me with some little spotted dog to take any pictures of MY cute face, so I was worried we wouldn't have anything for Freeze Frame Friday.


But when we went out for our walk this morning, nature provided what my human did not: a photo op. Except it was more like a video-op because my human only had her phone and the camera on it drives her nuts.

So here's today's FFF, wild kingdom edition. My human apologizes for calling the creature in the video dumb. Turns out he was kinda hurt or something. And maybe blind because he ran into Dutch's leg. And then my human's foot.

No one - including the creature - was injured during the making of today's FFF. After it was filmed, my human carried the creature off to a safe place.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet!

Such adventures you have -- your human is funny "you need to not come near us", had my person cracking up. The mouse actually looks like it may have been out drinking all night, hopefully it recovers soon :)

I would have tried to attack .. erm, *help* .. the mouse like you did. Maybe next time.

Have a good weekend!
Molly in PA

Crabbie Chris said... first post went wrong...let me try this again. I think we need to be careful Pug. I mean you've got this weird woodchuck and I had that raccoon. Dangerous stuff.
Ok...onto the fun stuff. Spencer spoke to his mom, and he stated that he wanted me to go and meet Stubby with him. So his mom called my mom (who has to work tomorrow) and said she'd take me into the city to meet up with you guys. That's beyond awesome! So be prepared for some double-team action.

Pugs2Luv said...

Poor little critter. We hope he's okay.
Well, we begged & begged & begged...and guess what our human is taking the day off from school to make sure we get to meet Stubby on time! We can't wait & now Bella-T is going, this is going to be so much fun. We're gonna stay up all night! See everybody tommorow.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lost hamster. Hope he finds his way home!

THE PUGLET said...

WOO HOO! Bella T, Phoebe + Zoey. Stubby is going to be SO surprised.


THE PUGLET said...

PS> My human thought the creature looked like a hamster too. Even though some lady at the park swears it's a gopher.

Charlie said...

Hey Puglet... Must have been "wild life Friday" or something... Ozzie and I saw a hawk today when taking a walk. I took a cool picture of him. Go check it out!