Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I forget who recently confessed to walking around with a christmas-y collar in July because their human thought the xmas lights were chili peppers, but the confession got me thinking...

What does my collar say about me?

Unlike Dutch, who has a neckwear collection the size of China, I only have 1 collar and 2 harnesses. My human says it's because I have a fat neck and it's hard to find collars that fit me right. But the collar I do have is cammo and I guess that kinda fits me.

My favorite harness has skull+crossbones. Someone gave it to me after I defied death during my boy-part-removal-heart-attack. I also have a faux Puppia (apparently, the faux version fits the fat neck better) but I hardly ever wear it. Not sure why because it's super-sporty looking.

The skinny neck collection.

Mr Skinny Neck Dutch has a ton of collars. For some reason, he wears a lot of pink. Including a totally embarrassing Princess collar he got as a gift after faking a limp and ruining a camping trip. He says his favorite piece of neckwear is a gross blue sparkly collar. My human keeps threatening to throw it out, but PetSmart doesn't sell them anymore so Dutch insists on keeping it.

Most of his collars are pretty manky, now that I think about it. His 7th birthday is in like 2 weeks, do you think I should get him some new neck wear??

Anyway. Do you have a favorite collar or harness? What does it say about you?

* * * UPDATE * * *

If you haven't checked out the Virtual Pug (and other dog and cat) Sunday gallery, it's gotten VERY cute. So cute that it's reached maximum cuteness capacity (100 cute limit).

We just added a second gallery to accommodate all this cuteness. So if you haven't sent in a picture of your cute virtual self, hurry up already!

Email your cute virtual self to: dailypuglet2@dphoto.com

Links to both galleries:

GALLERY #1: dailypuglet.dphoto.com
GALLERY #2: dailypuglet2.dphoto.com

If you have no idea what on earth I'm talking about, read this:


There's also some unidentified cuteness happening in Gallery #1, so if anyone knows the names of the mystery pugs, please make some noise.


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

My favorite collar is a pink heart one I posted on Friday in it. But I can't wear it due to my collasping trachea issues. Oh well I keep it around to looks at it. I really like your cross bones harness Puglet!


THE PUGLET said...

Cute! I bet Dutch would really like that :)

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Oh most definently dutch needs some new wears.
The first 4 are definently too girly.
Do you all have a favorite team (football, baseball, etc.)? That would be appropriate. Or dark colors look really nice on boys and they can still do the bling. Just no more PINK!!!
George: Blue harness & lead
Gracie: Pink harness & lead
Toby: Black Harness & lead
Lily: Red Harness & lead
Mimi: Fuschia Harness with zebra stripes & lead
Pretty much George is all blue because he's all boy. Gracie is all pink because she's our petite princess. Toby is in black because he is one photogenic pug and the black highlights his features. Lily is in red because she's hot tempered. Mimi is in fuschia with zebra stripes because she is our wild child. Believe it or not...either God was pulling us toward these colors for each pug because he knew their personalities or the colors morphed the pug into the personality...we would go with the first since the personalities were already there to begin with since the whelping box.
Okays. We's done with our long posty.

Licks you Laters,
The Slimmer Puggums

THE PUGLET said...

Hmm. I bet Dutch would pick the fuschia with zebra stripes. My humans says he has very "European" tastes (??).

We don't really do sports at our house, but maybe a nice blue like George's would be good on Dutch. Maybe people would stop calling him a she. Although I get she'd all the time - and I have cammo + skulls!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is a pale blue with darker blue/purpilish polka dots, Tessa's favorite is blue with swirly brown squiggles...both from upcountry. Mom is promising us both the pug collars you saw at Pugnacious for Christmas. We also have matching toile white and black frenchie looking collars. Neither one of us likes harnesses...but we do have car coat/harness thingy's for the car and areas where mom is really worried about us slipping our collars. She calls them sport bra's

Anonymous said...

I just recently broke my Disney leash that said Who's walking Who, so now I just have a plain old brown leash. As far as my neckware, I don't wear collars b/c of the fat neck thing so my harnesses are a blue puppia (that doesn't fit right now!) & a rusty orange harness. Very boring. My human needs to get me something 'bad' to wear like your skull & crossbones!


pugsmom said...

No matter what I do I can't get to the Virtual Pug site. It just opens a solid white window, no pictures, no nothing. I'm so bummed. I wanted my picture on there.
I wear a blue collar. I'm a girl, but I was mom's first pug and blue is her favorite color. Kizzy wears purple, because her fur is black and it really stands out. Olita wears pink. She is brindle and pick looks very pretty on her, besides, she's a big baby. Dutchy wears a red collar with darker red polka dots. He is fawn like me and looks killer in red. Our halters and leads match our collars.
Phoebe in Oregon

Anonymous said...

We are like Dutch and have hundreds of collars. Our mom buys us new collars almost monthly because we like to roll in the mud, pull on each others till they stretch out or just changing things up for the season/holiday. Right now we are rocking these super cool ones made from climbing rope but we have the same color and humans can't tell us apart. We are debating on getting really pretty Lilly Pulitzer ones or braided fisherman ones from wagwear. We think Dutch would love a Lilly Pulitzer collar. The colors would pop on his neck and he would be so stylish.
Tiger & Tallulah

Skippitydodaday said...

OMG Puglet I am so like you! My older sister Mae has a like a gazillion collars and I got some of her boyish hand me downs. My harness matches my collar it is light blue with bones on it, it's kinda OK.

But this summer my human bought me a way cool one and Mae didn't get a new one at all, just me! It's a Tommy Bahama style with red Hawaiian flowers in a tan background! My new fav! It's totally surfs-up dude! Although there is no surfing in MN I hear that it is way cool!

Hang loose dude!

Clandestine Cats said...

Puglet, Did you know that cute animal pictures can be put on human clothes? Like we were way surprised to see one of us on a very clandestine black T-shirt that our human was wearing. We sent the picture to your Pug Sunday pet picture post just in case you are curious about something like that. Anyway, in a roundabout cat way we are suggesting you get your Pug Mug on a collar for Brother Dutch. We would ask our human how to do it but our human, like most Americans (we found out we cats came from Egypt a long time ago), only speaks one language and it aint Cat. So good luck maybe using your friend Google to see how to do a Pug Mug On Collar thing.

Unknown said...

If Dutch is Euro, he should like the collars at Lola and Foxy; they come in nice patterns and in Euro-esque color combos. They also have pink dinosaurs, if that's how Dutch rolls...
There are some cute collars on Etsy too. Sellers BowWowCoture and TerrierTrousers both have very bold mod collars.
I only have cats, but they still wear collars.
Kiwi is a big brown tabby, and she has a brown leather collar with low profile square metal studs. George Clooney is a tuxedo cat so his is all black. It had a little satin bow on it, but that didn't last long.
I'm glad Dutch follows his own style rules! More power to him!

SpencerBartholomew said...

Hey Pug! I have a few harnesses..I have a Buddy Belt that my mom only lets me wear occasionally because I can manuever out of it! I then have a simple black harness which was my very first one; grandma sewed a few patches on it for me. We called it my "speedo" because it looked as such! Recently, however, I've been wearing my sporty harness which gives me more coverage and my mom feels safe with me in it. It gives me a lot of comfy protection! I heard a rumor mom may buy me a really fancy collar for my 2nd birthday in Cayucos! Dutch looks dashing in his pretty neckwear!

Chrissi said...

I have a few puppia harnesses which I really like. And I have a nice turqouise collar by Trish Hampton and another by Cheengoo. My owners bought them in San Francisco. Best Regards from Switzerland Mathilde

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

I had a favorite collar! It was a pink coach collar and matching leash until our foster sister Zoe chewed it off of me in my sleep!!! All that was left in the morning was the metal coach tag. Right now my favorite is my pink and purple puppia harness.

Hunter has a super cute cupcake collar that she wears.

Lola Bugs

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to mention, Pearl also has a string of pearls with a blue leather braid, very fashionable, but very fragile...she doesn't wear it to the dog park!


Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet & Dutch,
I work at a store called Eliza B, in Newport, RI. They are based out of Essex, CT. In fact everything is handmade in CT, a rarity these days! But you can design your own collars, harnesses, and leashes on they're website. They are so adorable. We cary some in store, but not enough. You get to pick either a fabric or ribbon and then your size and closure type, etc. It's really cool. You can monogram it too! And even if you get stuck you can call the factory in Essex and they can help you, like a real live person, not a machine. I truely love this company! But if your feeling kinda macho, they have leather dog collars too, and they also have skull and bone in a few collars. I hope this helps on your quest to find Dutch a present! The website is Elizab.com .

Minnie Moo said...

My favorite used to be a rhinestone pink one...but then I got a "fat" neck too. Whatever. Now I have an awesome purple polka dot one.

Lincoln just has a blue one but he doesn't seem to mind. I wish I had a brother who had great style like Dutch.

Pugs2Luv said...

We have the fat neck issue as well. So we don't wear collars but we do have an array of bandannas. Our harnesses are plain, boring black but we do have quite a wardrobe of shirts, jackets, tanks & even some dresses. We really would like new fun, fancy harnesses but we don't think it will happen any time soon.
We think the perfect collor for Dutch could be his favorite color pink leather with spikes to "man" it up a little for you. Happy hunting.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

THE PUGLET said...

We just got back from the beach and it's HOT. Like, real world HOT - not just San Francisco HOT.

I can't believe there are so many collar options. I'm totally not buying the fat neck excuse anymore! I think my human just hates to shop.

You all had some superawesome ideas about where to find Mr. Skinny Neck some new neckwear for his birthday. I guess one cool thing about being black and white (with a skinny neck) is you can pretty much wear anything.

THE PUGLET said...

PS: Mathilde in Switzerland ~ we're totally going to Chengoo! Because how can we *not* go to a store named Chengoo?!?

Gunnie the Kitty said...

Mr. Puglet,

Looks like I started a trend, I see lots of kitties in the dailypuglet gallery- Yipee for kitties!

Anyway's my human reads your blog every day (and all the comments) and when you went to Pugnacious she went to the website and saw some totally cool collars she ordered for myself and my "pain in the tail" sister Gabby.

The collars are beautiful, mine has a colorful peace signs and the Gabbinator has beautiful hearts. Unfortunately Gabby lives up to her destructive name and has figured out how to remove the collar by wiggling it under her mouth and biting the release. So no sooner does the human get in on, then it is off!

Being a very helpful cat she also bites on my collars release and off it comes too....she drives my human crazy and she has just about given up on us wearing them! Good thing we are inside kitties and don't really need them for identification.

I am totally cool with Gabbies "no collar rule" as they tend to wrinkle the fur around my neck and as you can tell from my photo - I love to be beautiful!

My the way - for a dog you are sooooo handsome! Maybe we can start a new breed and name it PUGCAT? What do you think?

Miss Gunnie

Anonymous said...

Mocha and Latte each have coach leashes and collars... they are SPOILED!

Noodle said...

Hey Pug!
Well, you've seen me in my purple Puppia. I don't really like it. I try to avoid having it pulled over my head. I usually give in pretty easily because putting it on means we're going somewhere! Unfortunately, the harness is clipped into the car seat when we do go out. Boy, I hate that! I spin around and around trying to get loose. Somehow, this makes it tighter.... Apparently, my humans like purple. When I first got here they gave me a purple polka-dotted collar too, but it made me itch too much so now I run around the house naked. The leash says "Vikings" and has some horn things on it. Strangers often make comments. Either they're happy and excited or they give my humans a hard time. (The man human is very into "football" and this leash is apparently football related.)

P.S. Today, I wanted to wear nothing 'cause like SF, it was HOT here!!! *pant, pant*

Mimi, Diva Dog extraordinare said...

puglet- i have many harnesses AND collars even though i gots a fat neck too. i have a pink one like dutche's blue one, a gold glitter one, a green glitter one, a red rhinestone one, a green leather one with blue white and purple stripes, a yellow one with red flowers, a pink glitter harness, a plum puppia with black trim and a green puppia. my mom even saved my very first harness and collar cuz she's sappy. and puppia makes harnesses with adjustable necks now so theres no excuse for you not to have a dandy new super cool puppia harness. they are the very best for pugs you know. since she's spending time at frolic giving cookies to alll those other doggies, she should have plenty of money to deck you out!

i think you'd look 'fetching' in the red and black one!

Anonymous said...

hi puglet,
my collar is black and it says "I will not chase squirrels!" but its funny cuz i do chase squirrels. i cant help it im a beagle and its super fun! I do think you should get brother dutch a more manly collar for his bday.

Maxwell okanagan boston beagle :)

P.s my ma is a gibble and cant figure out how to put a picture to the e-mail for pug/other dog sunday :( but on a high note she bought me a rubber chicken to make up for it!

Crabbie Chris said...

Man Pug we're like sharing a brain today. Mom totally got me a new collar and I was going to share my story on my blog. My old style was a pink collar with flowers, but now that I'm almost 1, I got a new fancy all grown up collar. I can't wait to show you.

Simply Pug said...

I saw the virtual pug thing. I dunno why my pug's picture turned out so small. I'm sowee for that. =( His name is Baby. The pug picture of him standing on a log in the woods.

THE PUGLET said...

Haye Noodle --

Frank feels the same way about his Puppia. My human has no patience to chase him around the house so whenever he visits he gets to wear my skulls. It's a step in :)

It is stillllll HOT HOT HOT. Ugh Ugh Ugh.ring on the fog!

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh - Maxwell the boston beagle,

Your collar would be perfect for Dutch. He chases invisibile squirrels all the time. I've never seen them, but he swears they are there. And apparently worth chasing.

THE PUGLET said...

Gabbinator :) hee hee.

Dutch says he's going to hijack the blog and do a kitty post. He says before me, there were kittens???

THE PUGLET said...

Simply Pug ~

My human de-mysteryfied Baby's name but can't so anything about the picture size. It's just a very small photo.

THE PUGLET said...

Wow. The Lilly Pulitzer collars are very "Euro" and cool. But I'm going to see if I can get Dutch, my BROTHER, to wear something a little more... macho?

And Dana was right -- Elizab.com has loads of cool stuff. Including hot pink skull and cross bones! The only not-perfect thing is the collars for big dogs are 1" wide. Since Dutch has such a skinny neck, my human likes to get him the 3/4 inch kind. They used to be pretty easy to find, but it's getting harder for some reason. Doggie obesity maybe??

Anonymous said...

Hey there Puglet.. our mom has a ton of collars & leashes for us and she is anal so everything has to match. Ellie - pink collar, pink leash, blue & beige leather braided collar leash that matches, you get the picture. Blue harness & leash. Emmitt has even more cause he does agility, red collar & leash, purple collar & matching tri color short lead, red agility collar w/red leash, tri color braided slip leads and more, Eli has a cool yellow & black braided collar & leash, blue agility collar & leash. Even more but then the note would be wonkin long. Tell your human to check out sitstay.com for some really cool stuff and yep mom gets us coordinating everything. And Puglet the best part, when the box arrives at your house the folks at SitStay include *cookies* paw shapped cookies. To die for.
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli from San Antonio Oh and we don't think Dutch is whimpy, he's just doesn't have the fashion sense that pugs have.

Anonymous said...

hey puglet
my ma says that the " I will not chase squirrels" collar is made by the company RC pets if you wanna look at a picture.


Anonymous said...

Okay, yet another FAB place to buy collars, etc., is George. Yup, in San Fran. But p'raps someone already mentioned this upthread...

Woofs and licks,
Flora, Butters, and their servants--um, parents

Kitty+Coco said...

We both wear black patent leather collars with rhinestone buckles. Great mix of sexy and cute. I'm afraid that on dutch this collar would come off a little kinky.
Unfortunately Coco has decided to chew off the end of Kitty's collar, forcing us to search for new ones. In the meantime the stones are also falling out and we are looking a hot mess.

Kitty and Coco

THE PUGLET said...

'I'm afraid that on dutch this collar would come off a little kinky.'

Kinky? Is that kinda the same as European?

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Flora + Butters,

My human's working on some stupid Frolic thing and made list of all the A-list pet stores in SF. George is totally on it. And so is my new favorite word: Chengoo!

We're visiting both this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dutch (and of course the infamous Puglet)! I wear a rhinestone collar identical to yours. My owner got mine from a great pet supply website, www.petedge.com. I asked Google and it said PetEdge still carries them - in all kinds of fancy colors too! So if you need a replacement, check there!

Keep it real,


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I almost for got to mention to check out Earthdog.com! This company make high-quality hemp doggie products and some especially super-cute collars and harnesses. The couple who run the business have a pack of some 16 recycled dogs, like you, Pug.

I'm saving up my treat money for one of those fancy hemp collars...

Indi (Not to be confused with Earthdog's Indi)

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Indi ~

Thanks for the shopping tip! Don't tell Dutch, but I found his blue sparkly collar from a store on ebay. We got 2, so he'll always have one.

Petedge does have really good prices on Henriettas, so we'll be ordering them here from now on.

Ooooh - and Earthdog.com. Cool. Today I heard a pet store lady tell my human I should have my own 'signature look'. Hemp was mentioned. But so was a top hat?!?