Friday, August 6, 2010



Seems like all I've done all week is talk about pictures. So I'm going to skip Freeze Frame Friday and talk about Pug Sunday instead. Because my human can give away my cookies and take pictures of stranger dogs, but this is still my blog and I can break the rules if I want to.

Uhm sorry. The whole acceptance thing takes a little getting used to.

Anyway. If you aren't lucky enough to have a Pug Sunday near you (or just aren't a pug), it's all about 3 things: food, friends and fun. Probably in that order.

Pug Sunday is an awesome place to score lots of snacks. Pug people understand the importance of food, so there's always lots of stuff to eat.

I'm taller than the average pug, so I usually do pretty good when it comes to begg- uhm, I mean asking politely for food.

There's also usually a few non-pug people who know nothing about the importance of food and make the mistake of trying to picnic. In the middle of Pug Sunday. If you're not shy and put on your best supercute face, you can usually score snacks from them too.

Pug Sunday is also a good place to make friends. I've met lots of cool pugs from all over the place just by showing up and being puggy. My human says I should also mention there is "always at least one ridiculously cute puppy to gush over".


Last weekend I got to hang out with lots of old friends. Like Phoebe + Zoey, who are both so stealth, they escaped the camera. And Wendell, another woodchip eater.


And Tucker + his sister Matilda. They both always wear the coolest outfits. I think Tucker likes the camera as much as I do, and Matilda's got this supercute poncho thing that I would totally wear. If I wasn't a boy, I mean.

Matilda + Tucker

My man Noodle came all the way up from Monterrey to get puggy. He was also wearing a cool outfit. I don't know why my human buys me those dorky sweaters when they make pug-sized Hawaiian shirts. She has no sense of style.

Noodle wearing the coolest shirt ever (hint, hint human)

Even though it's called Pug Sunday, you don't have to be a pug to enjoy it. And it's not like they don't let you in if you're not a pug. Just be prepared to run around in butt tuck position or wrestle like a sumo, because that's what pugs do. Except Dutch doesn't do any of those things, and he has more fun at Pug Sunday than me!

San Francisco Pug Sunday
WHEN: 1st Sunday of every month (1:30 - 3:30ish)
WHERE: Alta Plaza
* the park is not enclosed, but pugs tend to stick with the herd

* * * OH OH OH! * * *
I totally almost forgot. Your positive thinking fixed Fred! My human got a message last night that some special vet report thing said 'benign', which means Fred's tumor wasn't cancer after all! How freaking cool is that??

We should seriously figure a way to bottle this positive thinking stuff. Imagine all the good it could do...


Granite State Pet Sitting said...

How fun does that Look! Pug Sunday is also a very cute name for the event. Your Friend Noodle is a very cute Pug! Have a Great weekend
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Odey said...

I totally agree with you Puglet. The power of positive thinking can literally change the world! I'm a believer! Hands down!

Pug Sunday sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing with us. Totally cool pictures, and it sounds like you're getting better! with the whole acceptance thing : )

Odey said...

Puglet, I've been seriously thinking (okay, for maybe about the last five minutes), about a way to bottle this positive thinking stuff. What if there was a place on the internet where people could go to positive think for each other?? Hmm, I wonder if there is something out there like that...

Maybe we could do some more experiments on this blog... : )

Anonymous said...

LOL. That "whatever" mark was the funniest thing ever. Good to see we still have our Puglet.

Luna said...

Pug Sunday looks like a blast! I wish there was one where I live :(

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Another Noodles! My Mom loves the name Noodles for a pug and now we have seen 2 Noodle pugs.

Yeah for Fred we are glad he is ok.

We wish we could join in your Pug Sunday, your group looks like lots of fun. And Puglet we think you are a super cute pug and can totally compete against any pug puppy!

Sequoia and Tuni

DMBY said...

Hey Puglet,
Do you think I could come visit Pug Sunday? I don't have my own pug - no doggies are allowed at my house. :( But I am a HUGE fan of getting puggy. In fact, I might fall over from all the cute pugginess.
Cookies for all!

THE PUGLET said...

Hmmm. A positive thinking experiment? Sounds like a good idea to me!

Does anyone here have anything that needs fixing? Speak now or forever be, uhm... broken?

THE PUGLET said...


You should totally come to Pug Sunday (and I'm not just saying that to score more snacks). Lots of people come pugless, just to get a pug fix.

Be warned though: a few people who *used* to come pugless now come with pug. My human says we're contagious.

Crabbie Chris said...

I love Pug Sunday, but mom has mini heart attacks when I go running around off-leash. I don't know why, I listen to her like 90% of the time, and she knows I'm a social butterfly who has to spread my wings. Shesh! I had fun when I went on July 4th playing with you Pug and Phoebe's/Zoey's mom brought treats for me.
Mom says everytime she goes to a Pug Sunday, she starts dreaming of owning a fawn pug. I'm going to make sure that ain't never going to happen. I'm willing to share mom temporarily with other pugs, but not all the time.
Maybe next month Spencer and I will head over the bridge to you and Brother Dutch.

Anonymous said...

So good to hear the news about Fred! We want so bad to come down on a Sunday and go to Pug Sunday (oops, we just type Pub Sunday by mistake, mom says their must be something Freudian about that, whatever that means), mom says we can if we really practice coming when we are called (we are used to a fenced in dog park), and not running away when its time to go home...might be tuff.

Pearl and Tessa

Noodle said...

Tee, hee... That's me... hee, hee *SNORT*... in your blog today!!

I sure do love going to SF for Pug Sunday. It's the only time I get to be around other pugs!! Also, you have the coolest friends!!

Bella, I'd love to meet you in the fur. You'd help represent the black puggies!! Yeah, I don't normally come when my humans call me either. It drives them crazy. I can't help it. I like to explore. They watch me like a hawk! The most humiliating thing is, they always CARRY me back to the group. You know, like a BABY!!! Sheesh... I hope I can make it sometime when you go...

Awesome news about Fred!! This is a great day!!

3pugs2luv said...

We love that we are stealth. Our human hates because she has a really hard time taking pictures of us. Phoebe is so stealth, she's in the corner of the 3rd picture - of course waiting for a treat. We did notice a certain spotted dog who loves a certain rubber chicken sneaking into some of the pictures.
As for humans who have certain reservations about the no fence situation; the park is up on a hill away from the street & Pug is right we mainly stick with the herd.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

You are so wouldn't be wearing that attire where we live...during the summer we have to wait till 7:00 to go to the doggie park, and its usually still in the 90's...not a whole lot of romping going around! (but lots of swimming!).

We will have to make a plan for it...probably not this month (Labor Day, whatever that is)weekend might be month for sure.

Pearl and Tessa

Keiki and Ruby said...

We love Pug Sunday and seeing Dutch & you on Pug Sunday in Walnut Creek. Speaking of, are you coming up this weekend for Pug Sunday?

Sue VDB said...

Pug Sunday, great fun.

Yay for Fred. Prayer doesn't hurt either.

Odey said...

Puglet, my human said she'd go first, with the positive thinking thing. She said there's something she's been working on personally that she could use some support with. Send positive energy and strength, she told me. She said she would go first, then someone else can take a turn. Hey, if we can fix Fred, maybe we can help with fixing each other. She said we could be onto something really cool here, or at least it's worth trying out. What do you think? : }

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Odey ~

Cool. Your human can be the first guinea pig in our positive-thinking experiment. I'm thinking right now. Just for her :)

Odey said...

Hey thanks. Puggies unite!