Friday, December 10, 2010

FFF: the sweater test

So, this whole maybe-thumb discovery got me really curious: can my maybe-thumbs be useful? Or opposable or whatever? I mean, maybe my thumb-nubs just sit there and do nothing because I've never tried to do anything with them.

Possible, right?

So I asked my human to give my maybe-thumbs a test. Y'know, give
them something to do and see what happens. Well. Here's what happened when I tried to put my favorite sweater on. With my stupid maybe-thumbs...

Hellloooo, who turned out the lights?

Uhm, kinda stuck.

Stilllllllll stuck.

Totally stuck. Can someone with real thumbs please help me?

Don't get too excited by this last picture. I never did get the sweater over my own head. My human and her super-human thumbs totally had to do it for me. I'm kinda bummed about this, but wonder if maybe that Nicholas dude could bring me some REAL thumbs for Christmas??


Gabbie "The Gabbinator" said...


You look like ET in the second photo. You have us felines totally in kitty stiches.

Good luck with getting thumbs from St. Nicholas, we are hoping for some new toys!!!


Suki said...

Hi Pug,
You're so funny. Great sweater, do they make it in pink?


Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet - There is one thing you can definitely do with our maybe-thumbs: take sweaters OFF! I do it all the time. Beatrix

Noodles said...

Puglet! If you had REAL thumbs and could be as independent as you talk of being, you'd have to get a job to support yourself.
Of course, you are a supermodel so maybe this wouldn't be so bad.
Love Noodles

Bella said...

Oh, Puglet! I'm sorry the maybe thumbs didn't help you with your mom makes me wear those things all the time, but my sister takes them off of me when we wrastle...she has maybe thumbs too, but she uses her teeth to tear it off me, then mom gets mad when she has to go fetch it from the pile of leaves in the back yard. Oh, well...that's what she has real thumbs for!

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug - I had my 'thumbs' removed when I was a little tiny baby pug of only 1 month old, they did this when they removed my boy parts too! This was before my human mom & dad got me. My fur sisters still have theirs - that's not fair, although I don't think they can do anything with them either.


THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, I wouldn't worry about losing your thumbs, Frodo. They are *totally* useless and it sounds like they can even be dangerous. Caught on fences... scratch your eyes... sounds like a vet visit waiting to happen!

THE PUGLET said...

Suki ~

Noodle's human made the awesome skull sweater for me, so I guess it could come in any color she can think of :)

Anonymous said...

Pearl and Tessa's human here...when I got Pearl I was so excited, she needed sweaters in the cold, and I love to knit...who would know...she hates any type of coat, Tessa as well. When I put them on them, they just sit and mope. Good for taking pictures! Maybe I'll make one for another good little pug! You look adorable in your sweater.

Pearl and Tessa's mom

Wilma said...

Oh Puglet! Your face. Too adorable all stuck up in the sweater. It's good to have a staff to get you dressed and pour your kibble and stuff. Think of all the things you may be required to do for yourself if you had real thumbs as opposed to maybe thumbs.

Suki said...

Wow, what a cool present. Noodle's human is very talented.

Anonymous said...

So cute. Love that last photo cause you look like a handsome male model, but the others ones are too funny! Awesome sweater too!

THE PUGLET said...

Noodle's human's thumbs are supertalented. And she is supernice too :)

Noodle said...

Awww... You're too kind, Puglet! My human is totally over the moon to see a picture of you in your skull sweater!! Looks pretty good, if you ask me! She's made me a few sweaters and I love them. I go to work with her everyday and it gets really cold in the office trailer where *I* work. Though some of the people she works with laugh, the sweaters stop the shivers!
Suki, my human would be superhappy to knit you a pink one. She thinks it'd be cool to see a pink skull & crossbones sweater!! Maybe Puglet can give you my human's email?
As for the thumbs thing, my human has to be very careful when helping me into my sweaters because my (stupid, useless) thumbs get stuck on the sleeves. *sigh*

Minnie and Mack said...

Great sweater, great pictures. Those thumb-nubs cause trouble, too. Some how Mack snared his on something and it was enough to make hu-mom queasy....lots of blood, and he scored a trip to the vet person--so be careful with those thumb-nubs, Dude!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Suki said...

OH OH OH! I'm so excited! You should see my Mom dancing around the room. She's so goofy. Pug's Human can give you my Mom's email address.

Hugs to you Noodle & your Human!

Anonymous said...

Keep practicing! bad@ss sweater!

health quotes said...

Sweater is good and looking beautiful.The photos are really amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your picture with plants are sooooooo beautiful!!!!
Awwwwnnnn!! I love you, Puglet!!!"you are sooo "fofo"(we says this in Brazil when one is sooo cute-beautiful-etc!). You with this sweater look soo "lovely pirate".
Estelita and the Pug Fred.

Anonymous said...

They call those nubs "dew claws", but to my knowledge, dey don't do anythin., hugs P

Pug Slope said...

We refer to Sid's dew claws as his "dude" claws. He does not like to have his trimmed. It's his way of rebelling - he like to keep 'em long because he thinks it's cool. The only time we can successfully trim them is when he's totally asleep - and even them he has like a sixth sense about what we're trying to do. That second photo is amazing.

Anonymous said...

That skull sweater is indeed pretty awesome. It makes you look, dare I say it, bad-ass.
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julie said...

this is just to funny love these photos made me laugh a sweater and a pug good entertainment lol.

Darwin said...

I love your sweater design! Darwin also needs a lot of help by super thumbs to help pull on his sweater too!