Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Uhm, I have a Christmas question. I asked my human to get me one of those stocking things a few of you mentioned. Y'know, the thing that get stuffed with, uh, stuff? So she took us shopping to get stockings.

I'd never seen a stocking before and was kinda don't get it. I mean, the thing just looks like a giant sock. My sock has a deer on it and Dutch picked out a pink one (of course). Cool enough, I guess. But they're just.... socks. They're not stuffed with anything, are too big too wear on your feet (even for my human and her feet are HUGE), and we each only got one of them anyway.

So confusing.

I asked Google about it and apparently you're supposed to hang them by the chimney with care and hope for some dude name Nicholas to come. Uhhhh, ok. So once Google explained what a chimney is and I figured out it's where my human keeps the plants, I hung my sock there next to Dutch's.
And waited.

And waited some more. I waited all night long for the sock-stuffing dude to come and the dude never came. Dutch gave up and went to sleep with my human, so I spent the whole night *alone* in front of the chimney and my sock is still empty.


So here's my question (I mean questions): how long do I have to wait for my sock or stocking or whatever to get stuffed and what's up with this Nicholas guy??


dw said...

Oh Puglet, you've got a while to wait! (Either that or your mom missed the whole thing! St. Nicholas Day was Monday!) Usually those stockings hung with care get filled on December 24th, the day before Christmas. But, see, the St. Nick guy that comes then, well, he won't come while you're awake. You have to be cuddled up in bed, asleep, with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. Yeah, I have no idea what a farkakte sugarplum is either, but that's what the legend says. Anyways, I know the Elgin pugs have been waiting...and waiting....and waiting... Maybe they might have a different story; this is just the one that I've heard, but what do I know, I'm just a weak-brained human. :p

Molly in PA said...

Hey Pug!

Boy, do I hear this -- our socks are empty too. The good news is that the Nicholas dude *never* forgets to stuff the socks. He comes at the night before the whole Christmas Day thing, and he only comes if you are *sleeping*. He doesn't like to be looked at or whatever.

So, by my calculations, you have 17 more nights of the empty socks. It's *totally* worth the wait, trust me!

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug,
I know it's sometimes hard for us pugs to count a large number of days. But this is what I can tell you....... your last day of antler wearing for this year should also be the day you wake up to find your stocking stuffed with, stuff.

Molly and DW are right, that St. Nicholas guy is very particular about you being in bed sleeping. he's so good, you will neither hear or smell him coming. Seems impossible, I know.
Oh, and he likes if you leave some cookies out for him the night before his arrival. I hear he brings even better stuff if you feed him.

So much information to remember. My mum assures me it will all be worth it on Christmas morning.

Pug snuggles,

Crabbie Chris said...

Pug, my dad got me a stocking last year with a black pug on it! I hung it by the chimney and on Christmas morning it was filled with so many goodies!! Bullysticks, and treats, and stufties and squeekie toys! I was in pug heaven. I don't know who this "Nicholas" person is, but I know he gives good toys. I bet he's a pug owner....he totally gets us! I bet you're going to have soooooo many yummy things in your stocking, you've been such a good pug this year!!

agent99 said...

Puglet, if you were only Jewish - you'd be in luck. Eight days of merri..what am I talking about....Eight days of getting sox and other useful items. And maybe a latke or two. On 2nd thought, I'd wait it out till Dec 25, dude!
Hope the big guy fills your socx with yummy (lo cal) treats!

Ollie said...

What about the twelve days of Christmas? Lords a-leaping, maids a-milking a couple turtle doves (do they taste like chicken?) and a partridge in a pear tree: are any of them related to the guy in the red suit who delivers presents?
By the way, we have a fake tree because of building rules but we have a couple real Christmas trees outside. These trees don't get lights because my human doesn't want to "stress them out" (they live way up off the ground in giant pots where it's kind of windy).
I don't mind the fake tree, as long as the turkey is real. That's where I draw the line.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Don't worry Puglet... It will all be worth it in a few weeks!!!

~The Monster Crew

THE PUGLET said...

Wow. There sure are a lot of rules. I have to wait AND be asleep AND be good all year AND give the dude cookies??

I really don't like the sound of that last part.

This stocking stuff better be worth it!

Anonymous said...

Ok Puglet, we asked our mom about Nicholas, or St. Nicholas as she called him.

He comes just like Santa on the night before Christmas when all good kids and in our cases *PUGS* are fast asleep in their beds. This does not mean sleeping in front of the potted plants in the fireplace just to clarify.

Now this is the other part, mom says St. Nicholas gives you good stuff if you've been good all year and bad get the picture.

Our mom is from Pennsylvania and when she was a kid her grandmother told her something about good kids getting oranges and bad kids getting coal. What the fuff is coal anyway??

We've been extra special all year so we know our socks will be filled with all the stuff that pugs like us deserve! Penis things, omegas, crack balls and Mr. Poop.. load up the socks we're ready for Christmas.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

THE PUGLET said...

Agent 99 -

Eight days of stuff? Really? Can I be Christmas *and* Jewish?

Lori @ According to Gus said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. Love the photos. You have quite the adorable puglet, especially with reindeer antlers :)

Beatrix's Mom said...

Hi Puglet

My parents are all about the holidays, so we do both the 8 days of Hanukkah AND Christmas. It's so much fun! They put my stocking up super early and it's basically stuffed with goodies for days! I can't wait for you to find your stocking stuffed with treats and toys!

That said, since I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, my parents and grandparents have been a little obsessed with my health. You can guess that all my goodies this year were ... well, healthy. Seriously, my abuela gave me carrots. Carrots! I was GOOD this year! Mostly.

Good luck with your stockings!

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh no Beatrix!! I hope you're ok. Let us know if there is anything we can do, let us know!!

Anonymous said...

My human also told us if we are bad we might get reindeer doo doo in our stockings. Now, for those of you who like poo, it might seem attractive. But we are being super duper good just in case.

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

Pug - besides leaving the Christmas Dude some cookies, you have to remember to feed his reindeer carrots. They get hungry too pulling the sled all over the world in one night!


Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Besides leaving out a plate of cookie & a glass of milk for Santa, his reindeer love treats (just like you). Don't worry, you don't have to share your treats. I always leave out an apple & a few big carrots. I think I score more stuff in my stocking by looking out for them too.


Anonymous said...

It's called 'patience'. And dogs and kids alike don't seem to like it. Sigh. As for this Nicholas dude, we're still trying to figure that one out...weird

Bella said...

Hey Puglet! My sister Luna (she's a skinny neck, long-earred bed hog like Dutch) and I both have those giant socks hanging on that chimney thingy too but ours are next two these two other littler ones that our human says are for those two other furry things that live with us. They're lucky because they don't have to pee outside in the cold cause our humans let them do it in a box full of sand! SO unfair. And you know what else is unfair? They get tuna fish cans in their socks! Last year Luna and I tried to steal them when our humans weren't looking but they're kinda too big for my mouth. We're plotting ahead of time this year to try to figure out how to break into them without anyone finding out but the only problem is that when I steal those other furry creatures' food, my humans know 'cause my breath smells stinks. I hope you get some cool stuff in your big socks! Love, Bella

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We have stockings too - you have to wait until Christmas which just doesn't seem fair does it! It will be worth it in the end though - maybe you will get some of those yummy yak chews or bully sticks in your stocking :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Frodo,

What do you mean I have to give away my cookies AND carrots?? Seriously??

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh, Bella. I want some of that stinky Tuna you're talking about. I've heard some really good things about having kitties in the house. Maybe if I'm really good, I'll get one for Christmas.

THE PUGLET said...


You're superlucky to be Christmas and Jewish. I asked Google about it and I think Jewish sounds a whole lot more fun than Christmas... and when you're Jewish there aren't any stupid deer ears!

anti snore said...

I honestly believe yours is one of
the best blogs on the web.Love, Bella.

Beatrix's Mom said...

Hey Puglet

Don't hold your breath on the no deer ears thing when you're Jewish. I overhead my parents talking about getting me a Christmas "thing" last night, and I distinctly heard antlers, jingle bells and a Santa hat being discussed. I was not amused. So I took up more than half the bed last night.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

WHOA! Ummm we have a bit of a problem! What does our mom need to do with the big socks if we don't have one of those chimney things! My sister told me that last christmas she had a big sock at the chimney and she told me stories of all the yummy things she found when she woke up one morning. Now after reading this, we are worried that our big socks won't be full of anything this year because we just moved and our new home doesn't have one of those chimney things. This is my first christmas and I really want my big sock to be filled.

Please help,
Maslow and Gizmo