Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Abandoned at birth, Mr. Poops could not understand why no one would want him. Alone, in the hot sun, he was left to dry out with no hope of survival. With each passing dog he hoped that he would not be so dried out that no one would recognize him as they sniffed looking to find their own family.

Good fortune fell upon Mr. Poops when a rain storm washed him into a storm drain where we was able to float his way to a store. The Slimmer pugs (George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi) rescued Mr. Poops and sent him to a friend who loves putting poops in their mouth (that's me!) and will squeak Mr Poops with the unconditional love only a dog can give.

How freaking cool is that? A giant poop I'm totally allowed to eat! AND it squeaks! Dutch doesn't like poop the way I like poop, but even he likes Mr Poops. And he never likes anything.

Thanks Slimmer pugs! Maybe now I won't get yelled at so much for being "gross' with the poop!


Oisín said...

Puglet that has to be the coolest thing I have EVER seen... :)
I want one now


Anonymous said...

Get out of town...a freaking hunk of poop that you are actually allowed to chew on. SIGN ME UP WHERE CAN I GET ONE!!!! I have this bad habit of eating cat poop right out of the cats litter box and it makes my mother go balistic, I swear the woman gets so mad smoke comes out of her ears!
Where can I get one Puglet..I'll make mom get one TODAY!
Eli from San Antonio
the best cat poop eating pug on the planet.

DMBY said...

Oh man Puglet, that is still kind of gross. But funny. :)

Molly in PA said...


I was so bummed when I saw this that I thought *I* had to eat poop in order to get one. *Then* your buddy, Google, told my human where to order one of these and she totally did (even though she was dis-gusted by it)!

Nice find, Slimmer Pugs!

Molly in PA

Minnie and Mack said...

That is the funniest thing we've ever seen!
Happy fun!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

PeeS: Love the lonesome poop story!

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet - that is hilarious! What a cool present... and it squeeks too?! Lucky pug! I need one of those!

Eli - I make my humans go crazy too when I get in the kitty litter box! OMD... such drama!

Edward the pug said...

YAY for a poop you can eat! We might have to search for one online now! :)

Noodles said...

I mean, I admit snuffling in the cat box BUT I DON'T EAT POOP Mommy!!!!! Really!!!!!
I still love you Puglet.
Love Noodles

Wilma said...

Oh wow! Thatnis both fabulous and a bummer at the same time. Mom had this dream of making a dog toy in the shape of poop. Looks like someone beat her to it! Best gift ever!
From Brigitte, Wilma's poop obsessed sister.

Anonymous said...

I'm having mom Google is right now cause I want one. It just better taste as good as cat poop with all them littls sparkles from the litter box!

Spencer B- we cat poop eating pugs need to stick together.. no pun intended.


Noodle said...

Oh my DOG!! That's A-mazing! AND, the hooogest poop I've ever seen!! What a perfect gift for the poop-addicted pug. Good job, Slimmer pugs!

Sue Van said...

Romeo will absolutely fall in love with this. He loves his poop, but is picky who it comes from. Grosssss.

Salinger The Pug said...

Dude...I just threw up in my mouth!



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. I love to shake my toys and hit my humans really hard with them. I especially like to hit them with Platypus, because he has a heavy tail filled with beans. My humans groan when I come running with Platy, so they got me Kitty, who has no stuffing at all! I'm not sure how they'll feel about being whacked with Mr. Poop, but he looks like the perfect shape for some good shaking and human smacking!


Ollie said...

Best toy ever!! Oh, what a dream come true it would be to find Mr. Poops under the Christmas tree this year.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...


~The Monster Crew

Percy coco said...

Enjoy your poop!


Crabbie Chris said...

He he funniest gift ever for sure. Now maybe you won't want to eat any mysterious poops while on your walks. So nice of the slimmer pugs to think of you and your "habits".

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
That is hilarious! I must have one! Maybe Santa will bring me one.


THE PUGLET said...

I know! Isn't Mr Poops the bomb? The only problem is that Dutch likes him a little TOO much and is being a total poops hog. He even wants to bring Mr Poops with us to Pug Sunday this weekend - and he *always* takes Henrietta.

I give Mr Poops 4 paws up. And even if your human is totally grossed out by the thought of a poop-esque toy, they will still laugh at Mr Poops. At least mine did. In between all the EEEWS!! there was much laughing.

Google can tell you where to get your own Mr Poops. There's even a mini-Mr Poops if a 10" long poop is too, uh, poopy for your human to take.

Joan Princing Art said...

Oh My Gosh, that is so Gross. It definitely goes under the category of: What will they think of next!! And to think, someone is making $$ off this 'stinky business'. LOL

THE PUGLET said...

Not stinky - squeaky!

Squeaky poops!


Anonymous said...

Puglet, your pop-eating friend would definitely benefit from this poopy toy

; )

Anonymous said...

"poop-eating" not pop-eating

Anonymous said...

Our human looked on line, found all kinds of poopy toys...including a furry one that is sort of "pile" shaped...she says we might get one of each...heaven.

Pearl and Tessa

Margie said...

Oh, my four so need a Mr. Poops in their stockings this year.

Anonymous said...

puglet, why no post today? miss you.

Kitty+Coco said...

Mom is gagging and saying NO NO NO, but I will pray every day from now until Christmas for Santapaws to bring me one. I had no idea Mr. Poops was so large! I mean, was he modeled after a great dane poops? I think the petit princess poop might be more appropriate for us. What a gift.

Kitty and Coco