Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It sounds like everyone ended up having an awesome Christmas. Except maybe Ollie in Canada (who got a snowsuit but no food) and Frodo, Molly and Cleo in Nj who got like a million feet of snow. Well. For everyone out there who didn't exactly get what they wanted under the tree or in their giant sock, this is for you.

Because even though I got loads of cool stuff in my sock (and one of the best presents ever) I also got shampoo. And you know what shampoo means. Uh huh. Baths.

Thanks Santa dude.

It's been really rainy lately, which means it's been really muddy. Really muddy means really dirty, and really dirty means... yup. Baths. I guess that's why the Santa dude put the shampoo in my sock. He must have gotten me confused with some other pug who likes baths, because I really don't mind being dirty.

Hear that Santa? Really. I don't like baths.

But I guess my human does, because she was all excited to try out my new shampoo. I've been kinda itchy, so she used the Oatmeal + Aloe on me, even though I thought the 'Mango Tango' flavor sounded much more fun (Dutch got the Mango). My human thinks the Oatmeal + Aloe smells better than the Mango, so I guess I'm glad I itch. The Earthbath stuff is totally natural, so at least Santa got that part right.

Anyway. To be totally honest I don't really mind baths. I just pretend I do so my human will feed me cookies in the bath tub (totally works, try it). And I guess if I'm going to have to be clean, I might was well be un-itchy, nice to the planet and smell good when it's over.


Ollie said...

Oh nooooo...not Mango Tango! That's the stuff they use on me when I'm taken/kidnapped for my monthly bath (yes, I'm on a schedule!).
I feel your pain, Puglet. Like you my favourite colour is brown-as in dirt.
It is totally not cool for Santa to give your bath products! I'm feeling better about the snowsuit now :)

Noodle said...

Oh Pug, you're preachin' to the choir! I not only HATE baths (and water in general), but, because of my skin allergies, I get bathed up to 2 times a week!!! Arrrgghhh!! The good news is my human found me an awesome shampoo that has helped extend the time between baths. We were using a prescription medicated shampoo, but it didn't actually clean all that well and was very expensive. Since finding Shea Butter Shampoo (and conditioner) from Shea Pet of Santa Cruz (yay, local!) I've gone almost 2 WHOLE weeks between baths!! Now, we use mostly this stuff with the medicated stuff reserved for "problem areas." I'm happier than I've ever been because my skin is less itchy AND I don't have to get wet as often!!

My human wanted me to mention that she really likes that Earthbath stuff too. She used to use it on other dogs(?) and says it's an awesome line. Whatever. It's still bath-stuff.

Crabbie Chris said...

Holy crap Pug, how do you not love baths?? I jump in the tub when I feel dirty and orb mom into bathing me. I love it so much!! Maybe you're not getting the right kind of bath. Mom gets into my skin and really massages me and uses her nails on me. It's blissful.
Mom got me the same shampoo, and my coat is so soft and shiny. I've had the worse dry skin this winter, so that aloe shampoo really helps.
I think you need to re-think the bath, maybe I should orb my mom into giving you one?

Anonymous said...

A clean Pug is a healthy and happy Pug! Just think of it as another chance to get extra special attention from your human. You smell better too...I can smell you all the way in Oklahoma.
Kris in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Puglet, at least your mom doesn't paint your toenails bright pink!! Oh, I hate standing still while i get beautified. Baths aren't too bad.
It's so snowy here in New Jersey, 2 feet of snow! I am not fond of the snow, at all!
Stay nice and clean for a while, so you don't need a bath for bit.

Honey the Pug in New Jersey

Anonymous said...

We manage to avoid baths as much as possible, and when we do get one, we avoid our human as much as possible for the next few days to punish her. We got one last week at the groomers, and had, umm, all the body parts clipped and cleaned, particularly the "gland" part, which is not as nice as when mom gives us a bath.

You looke very cute wet Puglet...

Pearl and Tessa

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
I Loves Loves Loves baths, just like Bellatrix. I can't wait for that noisy pipe thingy to drop enough H2O in the tub for me to enjoy! I've been a bit itchy, too, which freaks out Mommys following a close encounter with a FLEA-kind. So they head for the bathtub WITH ME in tow whenever I scratch more than one time. Perhaps this oatmeal-aloe shampoo like you got will ease my itches AND their anxiety?!? I am gonna have to explore this item more in depth.
Love Noodles

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Oh Puglet, you look sooo cute in the tubby!!!!
I am so glad you reminded me... I need to give Lola and Hunter baths today... Now that the mud is drying up, it's time!

~The Mama Monster

Anonymous said...

Hellooo Puglet!

Our mom has this regular monthly appointment for us at the doggie country club for our baths, nail trim, ear cleaning and that anal glad squeeze thing..now thats gross!

She takes our oatmeal-aloe shampoo & conditioner..something about being better for our skin. Who cares, as soon as we get home all three of us rub in the grass and worms if we can find them.

You get cookies in the tub, we have to talk to the lady that bathes us...we never get cookies in the tub.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from SA Texas

Ollie said...

For all the ichy pooches out there looking to decrease their bath time, I recommend Halo's 'Dream Coat' supplement. I've been taking this stuff for years and it really helps decrease dandruff and it makes your coat shinier.

Lola said...

Hey there pug! I hate the tub too! My mom uses earthbath too, but now I have medicated stuff for atopic dermatitis. Sucks. Im all itchy and flaky and mom says I smell too. I have to take benadryl,atoica ex a d fish oil pills. Glad you had a nice holiday and that santa filled your sock.
lafayette lola

Noodle said...

Hey Lola!

I take fish oil (and coconut oil) and claritin also. Our vet recommended a probiotic for skin allergies. The one that works best for me is called Spunk by Equerry's. Boy, has it done wonders!! No more bald patches and funky smell! It even has glucosamine in it which helps with my (of all things) bladder problems!! Yay! Food for thought....

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

We get baths A LOT. Spending time in dirty, smelly agility arenas makes us stink! We love the Mango Tango (mom first got it because we had a Boxer brother, now at the bridge, named Tango.)

The flavor we use now is the peppermint kind. Whenever we get our bath, mom loves to smell our peppermint goodness until it wears off.

Gracie the agility pug

Anonymous said...

Gracie the Agility Pug,
We're agility pugs too...Where are you from and have you ever been to Pug Nationals?
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Pugs2Luv said...

We're like you when it comes to baths; we act miserable and then we get spoiled. If our humans only knew. We were wondering if you could use your famousness to make all this rain go away or at least give us a suggestion of where to go to have a little fun because we are about to drive our human completely crazy.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Ellie, Emmit and Eli - I just moved to Fort Worth!!! We have to plan a Pug agility meetup.

I've not only been to the Nationals, my mom was agility chairperson of the very first one (in WA) and the one in, wait for it - San Antonio. I personally went to the one in CA. We were going to go to OH, but it didn't work out with the move.

Sorry, Puglet, for highjacking your blog. Love your "wet fur-shirt" shot.

Gracie the agility pug

Molly in PA said...

Hey Pug!

Ah crap.

Now I'm going to get a stupid bath because my Miss Yellow Hair (thank you Salon) will now have to try a *new* shampoo. Here I thought all of this stupid snow cleaned me up!

The good news is that she is going away .. only for two nights to go snow(!)mobiling with the hubs in NY. Since my Grandma is staying here I am pretty sure that Penny Lane and I will be *way* above "acceptable weight" status, if you know what I mean, and totally safe from the bathtub.

Lotsa snowy licks,
Molly in PA

PS: I will be MIA since my non-thumbs don't work, but I will check in ASAP once thumb chic gets back :)

gini said...

Well, I love my bath! In fact, I jump in the shower when my human is taking one (that's if I sneak in unnoticed!) and I just sort of, ya know, stand around the side of that huge tub...and jump on the side...and then jump in... and then get that great water massage and scrubbing with mom's Yes to Carrots! shampoo...but now...she is going to try your new oatmeal shampoo...! I can't wait! I love to be clean and smell good....Winston loves it when I smell nice :) He isn't one for baths too much yet, but he will get use to it...I know because my human gives me one about every 4 weeks...toe nails clipped, wrinkles cleaned...wish she'd brush my teeth, they are not so great...some are missing and my breath (Winston said this) needs some freshening up!

DMBY said...

You know Puglet, when you are all wet, you look quite slim. I think you could use that to your advantage!

Anonymous said...

My human feeds me cookies in the bathtub too, I guess she thinks then I will like taking them. I have to say I need one, my human dropped glaze on my head &neck XMAS eve and although she cleaned me off the best she could, my fur is all crunchy & stiff. She doesn't want to give me a bath yet because I will get a chill when I have to go out into the mounds & mounds of snow!