Friday, February 11, 2011


So I heard on TV that Monday is Love Day or something. The special-day when humans give flowers and chocolate and stuff that says "I love you". I don't know why anyone would want to get a bunch of flowers when they grow, like, everywhere. And I don't know how chocolate says I love you because I'm a dog and chocolate can kill me. But human special-days never really make any sense so I guess this one is no different.

Since my human's gimpiness has gotten in the way of my blogging, I was able to guilt her into making this year's Love Day more dog-friendly. Y'know, since we can't eat chocolate and flowers are only good for peeing on. And what better way is there to say I love you than with cookies??

Even though my human always says food is not love whenever I try to guilt her into giving me an extra snack or two (or five), she's not a pug. Or a beagle. Or a golden retriever. Or even a kitty. To us, food is totally love. So it only makes sense that celebrate Love Day with food. Right?


So. To celebrate Love Day, I'm going to give some lucky someone their very own Bubba Rose cookie book. We'll use the Randomizer thing again to pick the winner because random = fair. If you already have one, or are a kitty - you can still enter to win it for a hungry, cookie loving friend.

** Just make sure you comment on this post by Midnight, February 14th **

If you forget how the Randomizer works, here's the lowdown:

I'm going to use this cool Randomizer thing to pick a winner from everyone who leaves a comment. You don't have to say anything special - you just have to say something so the Randomizer knows you were here. Don't ask me how it works, but my human says it's super fair and kinda scientific (?).


1) Randomizer will pick a winner based on the number of comments on this post. Please leave only ONE comment so my human doesn't have to do any counting. Trust me, we don't want her to do any counting.

2) You don't have to say anything special in your comment, but if you're an anonymous commenter - please leave your name or at least some kind of alias so we know what to call you if you get picked.

3) Winner will be picked from all comments received by San Francisco midnight on February 14th and posted February 15th.

Telling me how cute I am in your comments would be nice, but won't make the Randomizer pick you because the Randomizer is 100% totally random.

PS: I will read everyone's comments (like I always do) but won't comment back so I don't throw off the Randomizer. I told you - very scientific.


Chaz the Pug said...

Puglet... I want my human to make me cookies... Random thing, please pick me!!!

blissfulsally said...

Normally I don't find Pugs that cute, but you are cuteness personified! Your human takes some wonderful pictures of you.

Laura said...

You are so cute! (Did the bribery work?!)

Anonymous said...

Puglet, my human & my Pug sister & i think you're the BEST!! We LOVE YOU!!! :)

With all my puggie love,
Pumpkin (&Carole the human) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Great pic!! And yes, Grant the pug agrees-- food is love.

Unknown said...

I think my gang guilted me into posting on this, they want cookies.

Unknown said...

Puglet you very cute and I love reading your blog

aleiva said...

Puglet my puppy Sarge would love a cookbook. We enjoy reading your blog everyday. Always a nice little break from school. Makes it a lot easier being away from Sarge while I am at school and he is back at home with the family. Thanks :D

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Puglet our mom said that she'll bake us and you included any treat in the cookbook. And food totally = LOVE.

Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
You tell that human of yours to take care of herself and feel better. Maybe a trip out to see the cows will help her gimpiness. Fresh air, sunshine and baby-cow pies - sounds like the prescripion to heal all that ails ya.

Although guilting her into making the Love Day more dog-friendly = great idea.

Food definiately is love. You've sure got that right.

Here's hoping the randomizer picks me.


Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Ohhh we can't wait to find out what kind of cookies your human is going to make you!

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Chicos!!
We do think Food is LOVE, but la Mamma thinks it not, she has us on a Diet(how dare she), but well, We also think your Cute!
Happy Valentine's Day
Spongy & Licky

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug - hope your eye is feeling better. I think your vet needs to get her eyes checked - you are not fat, doesn't she realize it's muscle! So... would you like to be my Valentine, if you are into older ladies that is!

Molly (Frodo & Cleo's sister)

Unknown said...

Hi Grand Master P. Believe it or not, your human probably cooks more than mine, but maybe the cookbook would be an inspiration to use the kitchen for more than just a room to tell me to get out of.

Wish me luck!


LisaMJ74 said...

Hi Puglet!

I hear ya on the food Pugsley LOVES treats(even cat treats..LOL)!

And on the snow, well I think snow on the Golden Gate would be kinda odd. LOL

Lost in 30 Something said...

Oh Pug- You're the best! Thanks for a fantastic Love Day give away!

Sheila said...

Bella Mia here...I would love to win my very own Bubba Rose cook book...I couldn't agree more that food is LOVE! Hope I win...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ya Puglet,
The Love Day is a special day...specially for pugs. What better way to say I Love You than to give a pug a huge wet sloppy kiss right on the pug mug!
Tell your mom you need a pug mug kiss!
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Happy Love Day Pug!

<3 Kirbie & Izzy

Buford T. Justice said...

Cookies and food are TOTALLY Love to us Pugs!!!!!! There is never enough "love" in a Pugs day!!!!!!!!

Happy LOVE Day to you and yours.

Buford T. Justice, Bambi, Peggy, Per-Li-Mae and Miss Lacy

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my human can make any cookies, but h*ll... I got to try !

Love you, Puglet!


Anonymous said...

My mommy could totally use a cookbook for cookies. I am a little pug and NEED more snacks. My sister is a pug too but she is tubby, so I will eat more for her!! Thanks for all the good posts.

Prancer (and my sister Prunie) Garrett!

Crabbie Chris said...

Really someone thinks love doesn't equal food? If I could I would make out with food, maybe let it go to second base. You look so happy in your pic, like totally excited food is coming your way! I hope it's real food and not a carrot.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh cookies! I want my human to make cookies for me for Love Day. I'm going to my doggy day care on Monday while the humans are at work. They want me to find something called a Valentine while I am there? I am not sure who or what a Valentine is but I think it has to do with Pug love... Human's and their holidays I tell ya... Rumor is that the lovely Scoutie, who comments on your blog, also attends my day care... Maybe she will be there? I'll keep you posted Dude!
- Reggie

Noodles said...

PUGLET- Wow this is so cool. I totally agree that FOOD equals LOVE (along with a little chin scritchin'). And GUESS WHAT? I heard that food made with LOVE has like ZERO CALORIES!!!!
Love Noodles

Salinger The Pug said... = love! DUH!!!

Mom says if you break the cookies into pieces, all the calories leak out and then you can eat as many as you want to!

We LOOOOVE cookbooks!


Pearl and Tessa said...

Oh Puglet, Valentines is a special day...and how we wish we could spend it with a big hunk like you!

Pearl and Tessa

Laurie said...

Hi, Puglet...the Spike Monster here!

My human has been calling me a chunky-monkey, but I sure do love my treats! If this helps with the randomizer, my human is also a gimpy brain. Fortunately, the new man in the house can cook so he could use the book!

Love you work!

Willie In Oregon said...

My pug says "Treats would be awesome!"

I Love Lucy said...

Puglet, you and your human are just so generous. I hope you love day is special.

Love ya'


Barbara said...

Oh please, oh please, oh please!

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

I think Pug the pug could use this cookbook. He lost 3 whole pounds, he deserves a treat!

pugsx4 said...

Hi pug let from the four of us in MD. Our mommy loves to make us fresh baked goods but needs some motivation.
We love you. Happy valentines day

Holly Joy said...

Linus THE Pug would love this cookb ook!!!!! :)

Ollie said...

I need that cookbook! Our kitchen is a dead zone. Except for the coffee maker thing-y, nothing happens in there. The oven is lonely and negelected. It wants to bake something.
Happy Love Day to you & your pack. And a special big beagle love lick to your human!

pepper the pugalier said...

COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES!!!!! thanks, puglet (and human!), for this give away!

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

We love you Puglet! That means we deserve COOKIES! We'll love you even if we don't get cookies...but can we have some cookies? Please?

Kitty and Coco said...

Hi Puglet,

We are wondering if you've received our e-mail..?

Kitty & Coco

Ashley said...

Puglet, you're the best! Happy love day!

Anonymous said...

If she had a cookbook, maybe she'd use the kitchen for more than making coffee. It's worth a try!

Bebop, and the one with thumbs (diana)

Anonymous said...

Dude, My humans dropped me of at the "sitter" last Saturday and went on a cruise. I am having fun here but don't tell them that because I am totally going to guilt them into cookies when they get back. Ya know, its fun here and all but I saw on a commercial, where they are, they have these endless buffets and 24 hour ice cream. What the heck? How am I not cruising too???? Its even too cold here for rabbit poo. So I called my aunt to use her thumbs and send this message. (I hope they don't find out) Even if I don't win from your cool randomizer thing, I am still Totally going to guilt them when they get back.
Stan Milhaus

Fatpug said...


By the way Puglet, know any dog-friend hiking trails that won't bore my parents to death-- but won't kill me at the same time?

BadAnnie said...

I am a chef and I would LOVE to bake puppy friendly treats for my babies!

AllyB said...

Puglet, you are the coolest pug ever. It'd be nice if my human could bake me and those other two dogs that live her some cookies. I'm feeling lucky!
You rock,

Gabby "The Gabbinator" said...

Thank you for including the fabulous felines!

We love cookies too!!!

Bella said...

Count me in, Puglet! I want a cookie book!

Snorts and snarfles,


Puglet-what a delightfully loving thing to do for your puggie friends on V-Day!
Pete, Ben and Odie's Mom Robin

Anonymous said...

Puglet and Human,
I think Boxers love food as much as Pugs! I would love it if my human would make some cookies out of that book. My paws are crossed that the Randomizer picked me!

Allie Bear, a hungry Boxer

Anonymous said...


We love reading your blog but love treats even more!
Toast, Milton and Oscar

Unknown said...

Puglet and Dutch,
Happy hearts day. My human says she would like to have a special person to send hearts to or get hearts from, but since there is no one, us pugs get all the hearts. (that includes you two) PLEASE tell me they are eatable!!!!!
Phoebe in Oregon

Buffy said...

Well I need cookies on love day because I dug deep deep deep into Mumma's craft bag and tore open specially sealed bags to get to
some chocolate she had been teaching people to make a craft project with. I didn't get sick, just really silly and Mumma told me I might die but the doggy doctor gave me a valium shot and Mumma took the day off work to stay home all day with me to make sure I was ok. She was so worried but I was ok and now we don't keep dark chocolate in the house because Mumma knows how sneaky I can be but I would love some home baked cookies!

Unknown said...

Poogus the pug loves cookies, all cookies, treats and food. And licking the computer. She would love for Amy to make some treats!

Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Poogus and Amy in Seattle

Suki said...

Hi Pug!
You have the best ideas! This one is great!


Anonymous said...

Pugsley would love some cookies from Puglet :)
Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Anonymous said...

Wow Puglet! Put in a good word to the randomizer thingie for us. :)

Emmett, Rosie, Madgie, and Forrest
plus their human Megan Haskins

Alicia said...

Puglet... you are adorable.
My dachshund would love you... although he would love the cookies from the book possibly a little more!

Alicia A.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet. My mom says she'll make us cookies if we win the book. Good luck to everyone (but I hope we win!)

-Tobee (and Zoe)

Pugs2Luv said...

We hope that you get a little love(we really mean food but don't tell anybody) this coming Love day. It's only right. Well we love you so we decided since we're on a hunger strike we're going to pretend to eat our treats and hoard them up for the next time we see you...our human says we're enablers and that's not healthy for any of us but that sounds like something that only applies to humans and not pugs. Happy Love(Food) Day!
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Sue VDB said...

I sent an email earlier, it was approved, it posted, but now it's not here. Romeo will be very disappointed if he thinks I didn't post for the cookie book.

Anonymous said...

I recently took a trip outside of the country and came back with an evil and itchy case of mange.My mom says that after a couple more dip treatments and a few more shots I will be back to tip top shape. She says my fur will be as pretty as yours. Keep your fingers crossed. I miss my pretty fur.

Billy Blue(and Vanessa)

citydog said...

Hi, Puglet.

I used to agree that feeding totally means loving until a friend recycled a Puggle who was *30lbs* overweight! He had to lose more than half his bodyweight because he could hardly breathe or move and hurt all the time from arthritis and he wasn't even three years old yet!

So I think food = love to a point (a point I am currently *very* far away from, so come on, Randomizer, pick me!).

Tell your human we hope she feels less gimpy.

Your Pug pal in Vermont,

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Coookkkiiiieeessss! WE so need that cookie book Puglet! Mom thinks food equals love but she isn't a healthy she is loving and we love her plump so food equals love in our home!!!
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

Mimi, Diva Dog extraordinare said...

cookies totally= love.

Eddie Mommy Tina said...

Hey hey, I am Eddie from Germany and I reeeaaaaally need that book because my Mommy says the only cookies she will ever make for me are the ones from this super extraordinary cookbook. you know..such great books don't exist in Germany!

thanks from Germany for your great blog!


CeilMary said...

I am writing because I really would like a cookbook; my mom just adopted 3 (yes THREE) cats and my life is unbearable. Just unbearable. Cookies would help. Guy Noir the Pug

Lisamacnewton said...

Frankie from Michigan says:

Yeah, I'm with you on the goofy hoomin thing. They're a weird bunch. But treats? I'm with you 100%. Make them BACON TREATS, pleeeeeaze? :oP

Amy- Mushu's Mom said...

Mushu would LOVE me to bake him some cookies too! (Especially if they contain peanut butter.)

Anonymous said...

What a great pug blog! You're quite the attractive pug...regardless of the vet's rudeness (and obvious need for an eye exam)

If you get the chance, check out my photo blog:



Deb and Daisy said...

Hey Puglet! Your mommy is so good to you! She really knows how to read your expressions and make them come alive through words. I hope you stay as cute as you are forever!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, your face looks so adorable in this picture I have to say!

Isabella the pug said...

Oh! I need to get this cookbook! Really badly. My human put me on a rabbit food diet consisting of carrots, peas, and other veggies. I need some cookies. Badly.

Fritter the Puggle said...

Puglet darlin'
Some flowers are eat-able, and sweet! My mama always shows her love with num nums and she's a good wrasseler. She never kicks me out of bed. For snoring and let's me take her warm spot when she has to get up early and let's me sleep longer. She would love to have this book so she can love me even more (as if that's possible). We love your blog!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Ooh, we love cookies!! We even get mom to make cookies for the local pug rescue fundraiser and this would be perfect to help :)

What a cool giveaway!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Caroline said...

Who doesn't love cookies? You're the best Puglet!

Wayne said...

Chang from Chicago sez: Puglet, I enjoy your blog. I hope the random-thingy picks me!

Kulik Photography said...

ooooh, my puggers would love me so much more if I won this book!

Annabelle said...

Happy Valentines Day Puglet!

Anonymous said...

I agree that food is love. How can it not be???
Happy Valentines Day

~Frankie from Seattle

A said...

Ohhhhh, Happy Valentine's Day darling Puglet! It's the perfect holiday for someone so full of love as you!

Rena said...

Puglet you are awesome! It would be wonderful to have this book to make cookies for my little doggie :)

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I've been following your blog forever & I think you are one of the cutest pugs I've ever seen/most talented! I'm hoping to rescue a little pug soon in Florida & this cookbook would fulfill its every food desire... Happy Hearts Day!

-Sarah from Florida

Alma Bocanegra said...

I want in! Puglet you make my mornings fabulous! Keep your posts coming!!!!

oochmpgnoo said...

Hi Puglet,
My pug passed away on Christmas Day and I miss her very much... but I'm keeping her spirit alive but spreading the pug love. Have a good vday!

Nicole said...

I would love to get the book and give even more *love* to my Puggy. Please choose me :)

OCD-ACD said...

Wow there are a lot of comments for the lovely Puglet. Well here goes nothing.

Love your blog puglet. My humand uses her thumbs to blog for me too. I just want her to tell you how much I love you and dutch. Don't worry I go poodle sometimes too.

chewy the pug said...

I need food puglet uncle melvin has no treats i just have to stick with puppy food and table scraps and without treats how can a pug live

PinkPug,INK. said...

Hi Puglet! I just so happened to be born on this "Love Day" so it's very pug-friendly at my house. I get tons of treats & toys & hugs & I even heard my momma ordering me a cake! I wish every dog was as lucky to have their own holiday!

P.S. It's very nice of you to do a giveaway- thanks! :)

Sabrina said...

Hi Puglet!

Food is Love! That's why Beulah and Barney and Marble are going to share a can of tuna for Love Day, then go out for an evening snowshoe (well, probably not Marble owing to cats not loving the snow, but dogs do!) because fun times=love too!

Greg said...

Hello Puglet, and thanks for the regular words of pug wisdom. Our family pug, Pollie, is unfortunately not so wise, although she excels (understatement) at sleeping, demanding to be on my lap for hours at a time, eating, begging for treats, making very odd sounds when we are trying to sleep, emitting odors that sometimes cause my bride and I to hurriedly exit the room in search of air, and climbing on the steering wheel when we go for rides.

Emily said...

Oh I would love to win this so I can bake more treats for my girls; Chewie and Penny!

Lola said...

Pick me Great Randomizer.....please!
Lafayette Lola

Joleen said...

My dog Riley will absolutely LOVE you Puglet if we win!

Peggy2957 said...

Hi Puglet,

My human says the last thing I need to have is a book loaded with dog treat recipes. She thinks I'm chubby enough but since she never wins anything she figures the Randomizer will pass right over her. She will enter to keep me happy and she'll be happy since she won't have to make me treats. I'll continue to eat all the snow I want and once in a while she'll give me a carrot slice to snack on.


Darwin said...

OMP! I'd love to have more homemade treats! Hopefully I'll get picked!

Puppy Luv, Darwin

Molly in PA said...

I agree, Puglet - food *is* love. Unless you're in my house and you're on a stupid diet.

Ugh. I'm thinking that if Randomizer picks me it will give my Human an excuse to give me some (homemade, organic) snacks! Wish me luck!

Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest Pug I've ever "met".

Molly in PA

Janine said...

I read your blog everyday, Puglet, thanks for keeping me laughing!! My 2 Boston terriers are jealous of your doggy door freedom.

<3 Janine in NJ

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Puglet!!

Trunks from FL

Anonymous said...

Ohh Puglet!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!! With some organic cookies, I will search if had in Brazil cookbooks. Yesterday my mom gave me a gift and leaveme swimming on lagoon...I loved and after I eat some cookies soooo delicious!!!For me, the love also is food!!!

Fred (from Rio)

Gabby "The Gabbinator" said...


Still thankful you included the felines in your contest! Even though we get treats twice a day, homemade treats sound even better. I am sure my human can convert the receipes to include things that us kitties love.

Fabulous Felines deserve incredible eatables too!

Love You!

Anonymous said...

I'm part labradorable and I agree that food totally = love. I hope the randomizer picks me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug,

Sign me up, please!

Penny Lane Puggle

Kizzy said...

hi puglet
it's kizzy in oregon and i wanna join your contest

kizzy oxox

chubbypug said...

What a great idea Puglet! I've been trying to convince my human that food=love too. She says I have to stay fit by NOT living up to my name...Chubby.

Kelso said...

Puglet, my mom made those beet cookies with bacon in them for our love day. They were scrumptious! Thanks for sharing. I hope we win so our mommy can make tons of more cookies for us!
With lots of Puggle Love, Tiger & Tallulah

moPSY+MISIOber said...

I'm a lazy girl, but one day I'll try to make these cookies for my pugie babies :) Love you Puglet :) Gosia

ie said...

My mom would love to find an organic, grain-free recipe for me and my pal, Bella.

Love from NY,

Margie said...

My four pugs would love a chance for me to win a doggie cookbook so I can make things for them.

Georzetta said...

My human has me on a diet too but this book could convince her to cheat a little.

You're my favorite pug other than me.

Annie Pug

Mary said...

Wow Puglet! I totally want this cookbook, so our Mom can make us some new cookies. Mom says, dogs are opportunistic eaters, well, I think me 'n Bear need some new opportunities. So thank you and please thank your human! Mom's e-mail mary6850 at

Anonymous said...

Hi, Puglet & Dutch

I Agree with you Food = Love. and how do i know? well im part Beagle!!! and my tummy loves food!

Maxwell the boston beagle from pg bc canada

Skippitydodaday said...

Hi Puglet,

I agree food is love, bring on the love!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, wellll.... I have lost 10 pounds so far on my diet and my human and the vet are super proud! So I'd love to win Puglet, because I'm SICK of getting baby carrots instead of *real* treats!!! Pity me, Randomizer!!!

- Mariah (the now skinnier mutt)

(having glitchy computer erros, must be my lack of thumbs, so I'm super sorry if this posts twice!)

Kimmy B said...

Dear Puglet & Dutch: From our dog house to yours, we hope you have a super special Valentine's Day and get lots of special love and cookies. Especially cookies.
Hugs from Tink, Beans and Mick

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet!!!

I hope that you and Dutch was had a super big special with sooo delicious cookies on Valentine's Day.
Hugs from Fred (pug) and mom Estelita