Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Phew! Thanks for all the alibi ideas. And for mentioning that a poostashe could give away my poo stash. I totally never thought of that. From now on I'll be sure to lick off all evidence before coming inside.

I'm pretty sure if I take your advice and don't get caught with poo on my face, Miss Gimpy Brain will forget all about my 2am "pee trips" in a few days.
I'm so glad I have you guys to help me out with this stuff! Dutch is such a goody-goodie, he never has any good ideas.

Anyway. I was so freaked about needing an alibi, I totally forgot to talk about snowmageddon. From what you all said, it doesn't sound like I really want snow. For more than a few minutes of playing/yellow snow making, anyway.

Even though we have no snow, the weather here has been super crazy lately. This is what it was like on Sunday:

It was 81 degrees outside and my human had to turn on the A/C to keep me from melting. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen in the middle of winter. At least not in San Francisco.


pepper the pugalier said...

puglet, if there's anything i dislike more than cold, it's hot. that's a darn hot day for winter time. that's almost as hot as it gets here in summer!!!

i have to say, i'm super jealous of your open all the time door. i never really developed a taste for turds myself, but i'm a midnight pooper. no matter what time my last meal was, i like to save a bit so someone (mommy) has to get up in the middle of the night to let me out. imagine if i could let myself out. and then, no one would give me trouble for barking at ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

you're full of such great ideas, pug.

pepper the (little less pudgy) pugalier

Molly in PA said...

Cool picture, Puglet!

81*?!?!?! I would die for 81* right now - that's *perfect* mulch eating, pee outside, walking weather!

Molly in PA

Sabrina said...

Puglet, I'm not sure if anyone mentioned the best part of snow (at least according to Beulah): it makes for a giant outdoor buffet! Whenever we get new snow, I can look down the street and see chin prints beside the paw prints!

Noodles said...

Being that I live in San Jose where it is hotter, my Mommy put on the AC on Saturday when the temps climbed over 75. Yikes!
But with enough shade, I had a great time walking to the dog park and chilling under my Mommy's chair.
I'm working on my social skills - really.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

81 isn't even supposed to happen in the summer in San Francisco!

Wilma said...

Puglet, I have to tell you that when my Mom read about your midnight snack runs, she nearly fell off her chair. Then she made a mental note never to install a doggy door. Bad enough Brigitte has a poop snow parfait in the back yard with all the layers of snow and poop, she would be making two and three runs a night. Good luck with keeping poostache-free. Maybe you could have your neighbor pick you up some breath mints too, seeing as he totally narced you out and stuff.

Kitty+Coco said...

Welcome to the Brown Frown club my friend. Try not to eat poo for a little while. See, your mom will be all"Oh Pug, you are so good and haven't eaten poo in such a long time", and she will open the door again. Score!

81 degrees..ahh..perfect


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Let's see, it was 38 degrees 6am Sunday when we started our trip to San Marcos, we went to an agility competition. We get there and its 36. By noon it was 62, by 3pm is was 82 so on the way home mom put the A/C on and wished she had one of them window shades to keep us out of the sun. Us black pugs get hot fast and mom feels sorry for us cause we pant, tongues flap up & down then do the potato chip curl!

Eli eats cat poop..disgusting little imp which really ticks mom off, she calls him "cat sh** eating pug". His breath smells like kitty litter.

Puglet, your mom will know when you eat poop cause your breath will smell...like POOP!
Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet, please send some warm air here. It is only 15 degrees here, with wind it feels like 3. This is during the afternoon. And I can't eat poo...it's poosicles now. Yuck. But the WHITE snow is pretty tasty. Your Friend Guy Noir

Anonymous said...

Puglet..maybe you need to Narc on the neighbor...is he sneaking outside to have a smoke in secret? maybe you can use it against him.

It was really nice here this weekend, in the 70's...but it is super windy today, our human is sneezing and coughing.

Pearl and Tessa

Sue VDB said...

I will be happy to take your 81 degree temp. Today it was 8, with wind chills zero to 8 below...brrr. Makes a pug shiver.

Sorry to hear you are getting all the poop support. Like I said yesterday if Romeo didn't eat poop, he would get a lot more lovin.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sal! My Rocky LOVES Poo-snacks. He is so addicted to pooo-snacks he even finds the ones in the cat's litter box! I tell him they only LOOK like tootsie rolls but he doesn't listen!

Rocky's human in Colorado!

Barbara said...

It was hot here too in NorCal...77 degrees! But the wind is back today, so it's colder...

You like poop? Better than treats?

Anonymous said...

Puglet, maybe the end is near...part deux

Dusty Rose said...

Hey Puglet, at least you don't have a cat for a brother. I am always getting in trouble for eating the poo out of his litter box. My human gets really mad and tells me that I should no better. I think that there should be a poo eating support group. It would help so us poo eaters wouldn't get in trouble so much. Hear in Hillsboro Oregon it really cool even though the sun has been out there is no cloud cover to it makes it cooler here so says the weather man ????? All I know is that I am wearing my jacket when I got out tonight!! Pugs and Kisses Dusty Rose

Anonymous said...

My what a large tongue you have. Any luck with the weight loss?

Rocky said...

Psst Puglet.. I have an idea. Why don't you convince your human to get a cat? Then you can have a box of poop right in your house, just like I do, and you won't have to sneak around at night and risk getting ratted out by the neighbours. Mmm... delicious cat poop...