Thursday, February 24, 2011


Uhm, I'm not feeling so good today. I felt fine when I woke up, but when we got back from our morning walk I started to feel sick. Not too sick to eat breakfast, but close.

It might have something to do with all the junk I ate at the park:
  • a pawful of small rocks
  • two sticks
  • one Eucalypto-pod-thingy (no idea what they are but they fall from the trees and smell like armpits)
  • a few unknown items I hoovered up too fast to identify
Don't tell my human, but I always eat junk and don't walk around feeling sick all the time. I better feel better before the snow comes. If it comes (the weather people keep changing their minds). So. Can you all do me a huge favor and think feel-better thoughts AND snowy thoughts?

** UPDATE **

Huge pukey thanks to everyone who thought me better! I guess my stomach didn't like something I ate and decided to send it back. In puke form (that's the brown stuff in the picture.

Luckily it happened in the middle of the sidewalk and not on the carpet. My human was mad enough about the "large indigestible objects" she detected in my puke, if she had to clean carpet too I'd be wearing a Bee Hat for sure :(


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Right now I'm doing nothing but feel-better thoughts and snowy thoughts !!! Everything for you Puglet:) Get better PLEASE !!!!

Mark Nardecchia said...

AWWWW Puglet knock it off with the hoovering its not good for you. Which reminds me of an old joke about eating things your not supposed to.

A man walked into a bar with his pet monkey.

The bartender said, "You can't bring that monkey in here!" The man replied, "Don't worry, he won't cause any trouble."

Within seconds the monkey jumped on the pool table and swallowed the cue ball. The bartender yelled, "Hey, he just ate my cue ball. No one can play pool anymore! Get out!" So the monkey and the man left.

The man left but came back one week later with his monkey. He apologized to the bartender and promised no more trouble. The bartender let him and the monkey stay.

Later that night, the monkey walked over to a bowl of grapes, put one in his ass, and then ate it. The bartender said, "That's disgusting! Why did he do that!"

The man said, "Since he swallowed the cue ball, he sizes everything up before he eats it."

pepper the pugalier said...

i get like that too, pulget. the other day i barfed twice (don't worry, i did it on the carpet!) from eating junk. mommy was muttering about mysterious stuff in it while she was cleaning it up. i offered to do it but she told me to get the H-E-double hockey sticks out of the living room. i felt better after that and wanted more supper, but mommy said no. i whined a bit and gave the "sad eyes" a bit and laid around, trying my best to look like a poor starving puppy, and got a handful of diet food for my troubles.

i hope you feel better, puglet. you should try a good rug barf. it always works!

pepper the (pukey) pugalier

I Love Lucy said...
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Minnie and Mack said...

Awwww Puglet. A little green around the gills are you? Hope you feel better soon. (maybe not hoovering so much, might be a good idea!)

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

I Love Lucy said...

Poor Puglet,

You look so sad. My human and I are feeling really sad that you are feeling bad. We are sending you happy, feel-better-soon thoughts, and definitely hoping the snow comes.

Love ya',

Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' you need the bee hat on a permanent must control your urges lest they control you!
Sending healing vibes anyway.
Kris in Oklahoma

Pearl and Tessa said...

Oh Puglet, you don't look like you feel good. Neither one of us seems to be tempted by the things you do (especially the stinky armpit things) so usually we do ok...once in a while we overindulge.

From what the lady on TV says, it's not really even a question...where we are (Auburn-Grass Valley)snow's a coming. Maybe you should come up here, you are welcome (uh, as long as you aren't doing the carpet uppy things).

Pearl and Tessa

Unknown said...

Get well soon Puglet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having a Blech-y day. It snowed in Portland, oReGoN and I am trying to send it your way so it will cheer you up. I didn't get much time to play in it as my human had to go to work but I am hoping she will use her thumbs to build a snowPug out of snow with me after work. She says that is the best thing to do with snow. I don't know what a snowPug is yet. Sounds kind of scary!
- Reggie Pug

Sabrina said...

Thank doG you were still able to eat breakfast! We don't want you wasting away!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Gee, almost like instant replay! We are glad you missed the floors! Hopefully feeling better and will be able to enjoy the whitestuff.

Pearl and Tessa

Sheila said...

Hi Puglet - Glad you are feeling better after your puke...With my cigarette butt habit, I too have to up-chuck now and then. I'm really good about not doing it on the bed, but I often hit the carpet. My Mom doesn't like that very much.

I'm so happy today. My Bubba Rose cookie cook book arrive in the mail from you. Thank you so much for that and for the nice note that you sent me. I agree with you, "Food is Love."

I was wondering which is your favorite cookie? My Mom is going to go out and get some of the ingredients and bake something for me this weekend. I was thinking that I'd like the Shamrock cookies for St Paddy's day, but I might like to try your favorite one first.

Puglet, you might think twice about "SNOW." I was up in Twain Harte for Xmas and a pile of snow was on the ground, when I left the next day. It's something that scares me. It was all over the stairs leading to our car, so Mom had to carry me down the stairs. There was no way that I was going to walk in that stuff.

Still it would be fun to see SNOW in the Bay Area, maybe through the window....

Stay well, Bella Mia

Pugs2Luv said...

Oh Pug, please get this habit under control-you are one trip to the vet or carpet cleaning away from your human ordering a bee hat. On the plus side glad that it's out of your system. Feel better. Think snowy thoughts.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Salinger The Pug said...

For crying out PUG, Puglet dude!!! WTH are you thinking hoovering up all that crap???

Mom is laughing herself stupid at the puke picture! Good boy not hoovering THAT up, because that's just gross!

Hope your tummy feels better!


Pee S. How the HELL do you eat 2 sticks???? I'm kind of interested in hearing about this.

Unknown said...

Poor Puglet. We hope you feel better soon.

Jes, Memphis and Missy

Anonymous said...

Looks like huge stash of poo came out of your mouth !! Puglet !!!!!

Still love you,


Noodle said...

Holy Moly, Puglet! No wonder you weren't feeling well! I think we need to have an intervention. You need to stop trying to eatible the inedibles! We worry about you....

Sue VDB said...

Oh Puglet, you do look better than your first, picture, but still don't look up to par, and is it really worth eating all that yucky stuff that makes you feel so bad?

Bella said...

I'm sorry you felt Blech-y today, Puglet, but that's one big pile 'o puke there! I'm glad gettin' that out made you feel better. A few weeks ago, my sister, Luna, got puke-y all over mom and dad's a HUMONGOUS pile right next to dad's head and one little pile UNDER THE COVERS by mom's feet. SO GROSS. At least it wasn't me, but if it had been, the piles would have been a lot smaller.

I'm going to make a wish for you that you get some snow! I hope you do because then you can make and eat your very own snow cones!

Snorts and Snarfles,

Isabella the pug & Franklin the lab said...

Wow. I SO feel for you. Sometimes I don't feel good either. Well, at least you don't have to wear a bee hat! =)
Just hope your human doesn't take out THE HAT. That happened to me once after I had to have surgery because I swallowed a sewing needle. That was a week full of torture.

Isabella & Franklin

Crabbie Chris said...

Wow you puked up something nasty! It's a total bummer being a slave to the belly, but you have to be careful. It's no fun having to go to the vet to have them make you puke. I'm glad you're feeling better though.

Mel said...

Wow that's an extra-super ewww blog entry Puglet, but I'm really glad to here you got it out of your tum and you're feeling better now. :)

Peggy2957 said...

Hi Puglet,

My human has been worried about you ALL day and is so glad you are feeling better. I'm real glad too!! She is extra happy that you puked OUTSIDE so your human wouldn't have to clean it up. My human HATES puke and is real happy about the fact that all the rocks, sticks and other stuff I scarf up comes out the other end. I do have to admit that I do NOT like it when the stick gets stuck on the way out and my human has to pull it out of me. She and the vet say I am darn lucky I have never perforated my bowel or had an obstruction. I think if you google those two things you might think twice about you eat. On second thought it hasn't stopped me which is why talk of the bee hat thingy keeps coming up.......

BTW did you get snow??? I hope you did and you got to feast on the white stuff. It's super cold, SAFE to eat and you can eat ALL you want :)


Anonymous said...

Puglet, how many times have we told you to stop eating inedibles! Sheesh! one of these days...we're just glad you're alright, but please, for the sake of your life span, stop eating rocks/twigs/poo!

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Dude, Puglet. Did you learn NOTHING from my earplug-eating experiment? Eating foreign objects gets you a trip to the vet. At the vet, they will make you puke up not only the delicious (but evil) earplugs...they will make you puke up your BREAKFAST!!! And they will not replace it!!! I had to wait ALL DAY to eat again! Oh Puglet...don't do what I have done. :(

A forlorn Klaus

Helio from Nebraska said...

Helio from Nebraska:
Glad to hear things got better for you, Puglet. My pug comrade, Raven, likes to eat the bark mulch our human puts in our garden. Then she makes wood poops. It's icky. Our mommy thinks one of those bee hats would be a good thing for Raven. The Cone of Shame did not work....she figured out how to eat wood even while wearing it. Raven is smart about some things but not smart about others.

Gabby "Fabulous Feline in MD" said...


Glad to hear your tummy is better. Smart thinking to do your tummy business outdoors.

I just got busted and am in a whole lot of trouble. My human was cleaning the litter box and she found a mini Milky Way wrapper embeded in my poop.

Not only am I in trouble for eating the Milky Way, but I am also super duper in trouble for eating the wrapper too.

Wish I could go outside and take care of my business away from prying eyes! Dog's have it so lucky!


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
My mom yells at me for eating lizards, little frogs, spiders, baby scorpions, sticks, worms, bugs no matter what kind, grass hoppers I could go on and on OH...and I eat rocks. Yep rocks are the bomb.

Puglet, how come you don't respond to us anymore, we always look forward to your comments after we post stuff. Just wondering dude. We miss your banter.

Eli the iron gutted pug in San Antonio, TX

holdin27 said...

Congrats on the puke Puglet! I had to perform the Heimlich on a certain little pug affiliate in my house yesterday when you literally bit off more than he could chew. Three quick pumps right under the rib cage and then a projectile vomit.

Let me know if you ever need me to do it for you!

Coco the pug said...

Dear Puglet,
I eat all kinds of stuff too! Just like Eli in San Antonio. I forage around our yard for what my human calls slugs and stuff. I also like to eat those rolly polly bugs, but not before they roll all over my gorgeous face and make me chase them with my tongue. Sticks are yummy, but cat hairballs are my FAVORITE! There's nothing like the texture of matted hair to really delight a discriminating pug palate like mine. I think my human likes them too, because she always tries to race me to get to the hairball first, but I'm pretty fast and wiley. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, and we can share more stories about TREATS!


Lucie said...

I adore this blog... since Ive discovered it tweo months ago it brightens up all of my days... may you and your puglet be blessed for all this awesomeness and cuteness you bring into our lifes! In this crazy world, a daily dose of pug cuteness is just what I need.