Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hi everybody, it's Dutch. Pug needed some time to get ready for another date with the Twizzle girl so he said I could be the blog today. Hope you don't mind.

I'm very glad Pug told you how fabulous The Sams Clinic is. He doesn't always tell the whole truth. The trip he took to the supermarket, for example? Yes, there was meat. And bacon. And maybe even Golden Chickens. But there was also this one little thing Pug forgot to mention:

Yes. A sign that says no dogs/animals. To be fair, my human didn't see the sign either. When we were visiting the cheese, a nice man stopped and asked if it was ok to pet me. He said he used to have a Dalmatian (this happens a lot) and didn't want to bother me if I was working. At first I thought maybe he meant modeling (I hate cameras!!) but he meant being a service dog.


My human explained to the nice man that we were just there to visit the cheese and take pictures. She told him about Pug's meat tour and his blog and they talked about how crazy it is they let so many non-service dogs into
our supermarket. That's when the man told her about the sign.


Luckily I do have one of the special tags so we -- I -- didn't break any laws. But my human said our adventures in the supermarket are officially over. She hasn't mentioned this to Pug yet, so please don't tell him. I think he's hoping there might be a sequel or something?

Supermarket Adventure 2: the inner aisles.

I'd never hear the end of it if he thinks I ruined his chances of making this happen.

The scent of Golden Chickens.

To all the who law-abiding dogs who will never set paw inside a supermarket, there is a moral to this story. In pet food stores you get cookies, in human food stores you get nothing AND might get arrested.

PS: I didn't get to see the Golden Chickens, and that made me a little sad. But I did get to smell them and am very grateful for that.


Payton said...

Aww, that is so sad. Dutch, you and Puglet were living the dream for so many of us...and now it over. But you have a point about the cookies. Also, glad to hear you have a great doc. Hope your itchy situation is resolved soon! Tell Puglet we wish him the best on date #2.
PS. Hey, everyone, my mom helped me finish my very own blog last night. We'd be honored if you'd stop by and check it out. Pugnacious P...tales of Payton the Pug - pugnaciousp 'dot' blogspot 'dot' com.

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Brother Dutch,
So good to see you on the blog's been too long since you've shared your wisdom with us. I long to go into a supermarket, and feel you guys are the luckiest to have set foot in one. It's really cool that you have a special tag to go into stores with your mom, I've seen dogs helping humans before. Mom is always dragging me away from them though, because all I want to do is play with them, and I guess they are "working".
I hope your itching is getting better. See ya's been too long since I've attacked you over a treat. I miss your sexy ass....hehe

Barbara said...

Oh Dutch, I'm so sorry that the Golden Chicken's weren't ready for you to see, but mom can always buy one and bring it home to show you.

Sorry you got busted in the store, but we don't want you going off and getting arrested, so be careful!

PS: Have you heard from your foster brother?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,
Sorry you could only smell the chickens and not actually sniff them in person. We can never go into grocery stores just dog food stores and Lowes. Who wants to go to a hard ware store...nothing to sniff but plants and paint. Yuck!

Poor Puglet, his bubble will burst once he finds out he can't go back to the food store in his sack. Who gets to tell him???

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from hot hot hot San Antonio.. we are sweating our butts off down here.

Kitty+Coco said...

For the record, it is a shame we aren't allowed in there. You are right though, that it is SOOO much better to go to the pup store. It practically rains treats in there.
What was up with no golden chickens though?? Maybe since Pug has found the treat counter at your vet he won't be too disappointed. Maybe.

Kitty and Coco

I Love Lucy said...

You are such a terrific sport, and I am glad we got to hear about your adventure today. What are you going to tell Puglet when he gets an itch to visit the Golden Chickens again?? Uh Oh!

Love ya'


dw said...

There are some places that dogs aren't allowed that I just don't understand! I mean all that food and no pups allowed??? That's just not right! And you know that St. Francis of Assisi, the animal loving saint (you may or may not have heard of him)? Well there are no dogs allowed in his church in Assisi! The nerve!

Spotted lover said...

Oh,Dutch, you are so formal! We love when you post, so proper and all... "am very grateful for that" that killed me! lol

Treat Lover said...

Dear Dutch,
Maybe Libya ate all the golden chickens?! I'm pretty sure Libya is hogging all the pug treats...
It was nice of the man to assume that you were working, and Chili and I are glad that no one went to jail. Thanks for posting Dutch!


Noodle said...

OMP! Do you think Pug really could've been arrested?! How horrible! He's too pretty to go to jail!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hello everyone! Thank you for not minding if I blog.

Oh. Right. I forget you can't see me...this is still Dutch.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from hot hot hot San Antonio ~

I've not been to a Lowes but Home Depot can be good if you know where to look. Ask your people to take you to the slug bait section. You can't eat it because I think you would die, but it smells AMAZING.

Hello Coco ~

Libya must get up very early, we visited the Homemade Goodness department at 8am and the chicken shelves were completely bare. Only their golden scent remained...

Anonymous said...

Slug bait...ok its on the list of things to smell but not eat because we could die!

The 3 E's

THE PUGLET said...

Yes. Enjoy with your nose, not with your tongue.

This is Pug's first trip to the Depot:

Unknown said...

Hi Dutch. I love Home Depot! It has counters with people who give me cookies! Plus I get lots of love as I wander up and down the aisles looking cute :)


Anonymous said...

Unless your handler is disabled you are not a service dog and there is no such thing as a "special tag" to allow you into stores. There are health codes there so only service dogs may go in. I am a service dog so I know the rules. Try to spend some time in dog-friendly places where your owner can't be fined or arrested. It's better that way.

THE PUGLET said...

RE: special tag...

Actually, that's not true. Here in CA there's also a designation for *assistance* animals. These are not service animals in the traditional sense (ie; guide dogs) in that they receive no special training and are not certified in any way. Instead, they are meant to provide support & companionship to people with non-traditional disabilities (PTSD, anxiety disorders, etc).

The "special tag" is issued by the state and essentially grants the average dog service dog status. Unfortunately, the system has been overused/abused because tags are very easy to obtain.